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Most Overrated/Underrated Fine Dining in Halifax

Out of all of my fine/r dining experiences in Halifax over the last 6 years, I would have to say that Gio has been consistently the best food+service experience for us. It's definitely our favourite restaurant.

Oct 11, 2013
timriley in Atlantic Canada

Guy Savoy - anyone know if €100 lunch menu still available?

Was able to cpnfirm a lunch menu reservation by email for June - thanks for everyone 's help!

Mar 08, 2011
timriley in France

Guy Savoy - anyone know if €100 lunch menu still available?

Ah you're right, thanks for the info! I just got an email reply from their reservation desk confirming the 110 euros pricing...

Mar 07, 2011
timriley in France

Guy Savoy - anyone know if €100 lunch menu still available?

Will be visiting Paris for the first time this June and was wondering if anyone here might know if Guy Savoy is still offering their €100 menu Lunch Special Discovery Menu? A search on the forums here turned up confirmation of their lunch menu in late 2010, but I havn't seen any more posts about it this year so far. I emailed their reservations and have not heard back from them; unfortunately I don't think my French is good enough to carry on a conversation so I'm a bit hesitant to call....

Barring that, we would consider Guy Savoy for dinner instead, but we're planning on doing Le Cinq for lunch the next day and are worried that back-to-back highend meals like that might be a bit overwhelming...

Mar 06, 2011
timriley in France

Veritas terrible management, but a happy ending (The Modern)

Hey Miss Needle - probably the reason our dishes at Wu Liang Ye weren't as saly was because we didn't order any Szechuan dishes there (it was so hot outside we decided to stick with something nonspicey like their HoFun/ChowFun noodle dishes). Guess we should've done the reverse and ordered the HoFun at Amazing66 and Szechuan at Wu Liang Ye instead :)

Wu Liang Ye
36 W 48th St, New York, NY 10036

Aug 31, 2010
timriley in Manhattan

Veritas terrible management, but a happy ending (The Modern)

OK, was JUST about to post this but read the news that Veritas has fired its staff and closed their doors, so this story pales in comparison to what the poor kitchen staff are having to deal with, but thought I'd share anyways:

Made advance reservations at Veritas for Saturday night for first ever trip to NYC. Reconfirmed the reservation by phone the day before and was assured by a cheery agent that all was set. Received a phone call from Veritas on Saturday noontime little more than 7 hours before our dinner reservation that Veritas would be cancelling our reservation because they have decided to undergo renovations. Agent said that she had no more information beyond that and that she was 'just the messenger'. Chowhounders can appreciate how impossible it is to get Saturday night reservations in Manhattan at a top-tier restaurant, not to mention the day of. EMP/etc. practically laughed at us as we called around frantically to make the best of what was to be our dining highlight of our trip.

Fortunately we followed the suggestions made by previous chowhounders to check out the (underrated) The Modern resto. Though we couldn't get a time we preferred, The Modern were able to accomodate us at an early timespot in their dining area. What can I say? It was an amazing dinner, fantastic attentive staff without being overly pushy or haughty, every dish was wonderful and unique. Wonderful ambience. The manager (we are pretty sure that's who she was) was out to greet with the staff both when we checked in and when we exited. We did their $135 Summer set menu and can highly recommend it. The only thing I could possibly complain of was the olive bread (a bit too hard) but otherwise, we were floored. Definitely ranks among the top 3 resto experiences we've ever had and we'll be back.

I have no idea what Veritas' explanation will be for their sudden closure, but the fact they are suggesting on their website that they will reopen is laughable. I would never ever again trust a reservation at Veritas (or whatever reincarnation they become) especially given how far in advance one needs to book a good meal in Manhattan. Never again.

Among some of our other memorable foodie experiences in Manhatten over the weekend:

- Amazing 66 for Saturday lunch. Great wholesome Chinese. Szechuan sliced chicken dish though was terribly underspiced - in fact it was like the few pieces of whole chilis in the dish were laughing at us because a Big Mac would've been spicier. I suspect it may have been because my dining partner / husband is Caucasian and had asked for water when we sat down so maybe they took that as a hint to water down their Szechuan dish to nothingness.

- Wu Liang Ye near Rockefeller. We were really pleasantly surprised. The Szechuan steamed pork buns were really good. Chinese food here, as with at Amazing66, had FAR less sodium than in any other Chinese restaurant we'd ever eaten at. We think that's a good thing but took a little getting used to - felt a lot healthier after eating there. Coincidence? Or part of NYC's reported push for lower sodium in restos?

- Had great drinks at Wallse in the West village area, just sitting out on their sidewalk tables.

43 East 20th St., New York, NY 10003

Aug 30, 2010
timriley in Manhattan

Barcelona tapas at Paco Meralgo - wow. Photo of menu included.

Visited Barcelona for this first time this past June as part of our honeymoon, and thank to the advice on this board had the BEST tapas (and restaurant in general) experience of our trip at Paco Meralgo. We went for dinner early (between 8pm and 9pm) before the crowds usually got there so never had the wait. The smoking and non-smoking halves of the restaurant separated by the chef's area was perfect for us as non-smokers (a rarity in Europe). We were so enthralled with the quality of the tapas and the unrushed experience that we went back a second time during our short 3day stay in Barcelona just to try a host of other items on the menu. Almost everything was so good we don't even have a favourite. The only wrinkle in our experience was a single large staple we found in the baked scallops dish which was served in clam shells - we brought it up with the server just to let him know but he just laughed it off (so make sure you watch before you eat!).

Anyways, on another note, don't make the same mistake we did and expect to go to Cacao Sampaka for their amazing Azteca hot chocolate afterwards for dessert, because they will likely be closed already - rather you will have to go to Cacao Sampaka pre-dinner, afternoon break , or breakfast.

Here is a link to the photo we took of the menu (as of our visit in June 2008) in case anyone wants a gander at the tapas menu.


- James

Dec 26, 2008
timriley in Spain/Portugal

Best Singapore vermicelli in Halifax?

Thanks for the reply. Yes, I agree - many of the noodle dishes I've had at Zen are quite tasty but sometimes come through a bit oily (I havn't had the Singapore Vermicelli though). I think I'll probably have to just order the same dish from three or so of these places and just taste them for myself. I know the owners of Zen so I'll have to ask them to try to cook it with less oil...

Jun 09, 2008
timriley in Atlantic Canada

Halifax Restaurants

I've been to FiD 3 times so far with my partner (most recently last fall) and except for the first time, we really weren't that impressed with it. We had a wonderful experience at Da Maurizio before they sold it - we havn't been back since so I can't vouch for it. Our favourite place by far for the last year has been Gio Restaurant at the Prince George hotel. We have been so thoroughly impressed with the consistency of the food and the waiting staff attentiveness, that we have chosen to hold our wedding rehearsal dinner there to show off contemporary Atlantic Canadian fare to our many out-of-town guests that will be coming.

May 30, 2008
timriley in Atlantic Canada

Best Singapore vermicelli in Halifax?

Sortof a strange question, but I was wondering if anyone here has had any outstanding experiences with Singapore vermicelli in Halifax? I'm hosting my own wedding banquet this summer in Halifax and Singapore vermicelli would fit perfectly as a Chinese-fare addon to a summer-BBQ menu. I was hoping someone here might have had some experience with Singapore vermicelli in Halifax to save me from having to go out and try it at every restaurant (I've heard decent stuff about North Sea Restaurant, Zen Cuisine, and Great Wall but have never tried their singapore vermicelli to date)... Thanks!

May 30, 2008
timriley in Atlantic Canada

L'Auberge Sedona - recent experiences or other recs for Sunday dinner?

Been readying this board and am looking for somewhere to go with my husband for dinner this Sunday in Sedona. It will be my first time in Sedona. We were initially planning dinner at L'Auberge but I'm a bit hesitant now given the rash of recent bad reviews and rumours/news that it coincided with new owners. Last in-depth review I could find was from back in the spring though. Has anyone here been there recently? Or could recommend a good alternative? We're open to any food style (except probably Japanese or Chinese - we can get phenomenal Asian in any of our trips to Toronto or Vancouver)... I had my hopes up for Cafe Elote at King's Ransom, but their website states that they are closed on Sundays. Tried to call the hotel to confirm but was on hold for 5mins and gave up.


- Tim

Nov 07, 2007
timriley in Southwest