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Saturday night buy out of restaurant in Toronto?

Vinnie have you ever dealt with a bride planning her wedding? I would charge 200% admin charge if I had to deal with it..

Saturday night buy out of restaurant in Toronto?

You should probably have to draw up a contract for a sat buyout during TIFF in a restaurant downtown. Get it signed, get a deposit. This is for a wedding as mentioned earlier so there has to be meetings to discuss menu, and potentially have a tasting session. Will decorations have to be done? Will you need to allow the organizers in early to set stuff up. Will you need extra staff & management as all guests will be seated and served at the same time.

Lots of Admin things to do so charging is reasonable.. Should t be in the buy out fee? Probably, but it is the same as charging $14.99 for an app instead of $15... it makes it look cheaper!

How To Chose A Restaurant In Toronto (Or Anywhere Else)

So I guess you don't eat out much...

May 10, 2015
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The Costco Thread - Ontario - 2015 - April to June

organic "Ontario" strawberries?

Saturday night buy out of restaurant in Toronto?

So it is for a wedding?

RIP Scott Hunter - Grinder Coffee Shop / House on Parliament

Toronto coffee shop owner murdered on trip to Kentucky Derby


Saturday night buy out of restaurant in Toronto?

You can buy out Khao San Road but everyone would have to be there before they seat you! :-)

Saturday night buy out of restaurant in Toronto?

There is no such thing as a "Normal Saturday Night intake" It will be a lot less in February and maybe a LOT more on a Saturday of TIFF... but even that could be affected by things like weather, premiers that day etc... And really, how would you know what their usual Saturday intake is? are you going to ask to audit their books?

You still have not said the number of seats? is it 100 or 500 you need?

You could look at the Liberty Grand or Casa Loma? Or one of the event spaces in the Distillery... maybe a place like Tappo.. Then again I am sure you could buy out Mr Greek..

How about Canoe? they are usually closed on Saturday so a buyout should be easier

Saturday night buy out of restaurant in Toronto?

Flash enough dough and any resto will do it... Start with ones that are not usual TIFF hotspots...

but not knowing the number of people or how fancy you want to be or your budget or even the reason for your event there is not much help people can give...

Saturday night buy out of restaurant in Toronto?

yes but that min spend will be mega donairs....

Flor de Sal - bistro food/fine dining prices

That is interesting I did not know about Chris... Suresh seems to be everywhere.. but I don't find his reviews compelling... Sheryl & Greg were great I liked TasteTO as a site... and I hope Renee goes far always liked her style...

Flor de Sal - bistro food/fine dining prices

Please name them, giving their previous chow handle and the publications that they make a living writing for now (and the name they write under)? I am sure it would be an inspiration to many here.

Flor de Sal - bistro food/fine dining prices

He did not go bankrupt as his businesses have transformed but have continued.. Thuet Restaurant started producing wholesale bread for others which lead to retail stores which once the restaurant closed the retail and wholesale continued... Many commercial leases are 5+5 ... five years long with a 5 year option.. he went 5 years at 609 King and closed down.. but the retail and wholesale continued... a bankruptcy would have closed it all down and sold the assets to pay the debts

Flor de Sal - bistro food/fine dining prices

Yes Thuet did horribly only being open for 5 years (2005- 2009) and during which time they turned their baking into the largest supplier of baked goods to luxury Hotels in Toronto - Four Seasons, Royal York, Ritz Carlton, Shangri La and the new Delta Hotel and also supplying a range of restaurants including the likes of Porchetta & Co .. plus a TV show for 2 seasons where they trained ex cons ... yup sounds like failure to me...

But I bet you are correct that the amateur posters i.e. detractors are still successfully putting down restaurants 10 years later from their computers... as I have yet to hear of one that has become a professional reviewer...

PS Marc & Biana are friends of mine... And they are doing just fine in business...

Hooray! BC Spotted Prawns Season is here again!

maybe "Vancouver, Washington"... :-)

Is Carman's steakhouse really back?

What differences does his ethnicity make?

40 something bars/restaurants/lounges

Go on a Friday night after 9...

40 something bars/restaurants/lounges

Any place where the Bay Street Boys go... America at Trump Tower would be top of the list along with Ki, Spice Route... Then you have places such as the Tilted Kilt... way to many to mention! :-)

40 something bars/restaurants/lounges

I find the 40 something men tend to hang out where there are 20 something women...

Best Dim Sum in Toronto

Is it still Toronto north of the 401?

Torontonians in Newfoundland

I second Get Stuffed...

Apr 28, 2015
pourboi in Atlantic Canada

Fat City Blues Review

Where is this place located?

Rude treatment at Khao San Road

Clearly the Chowhound community is full of unreasonable people considering how many replies this post has...

Rude treatment at Khao San Road

"You can't prevent idiots from doing everything" BUT then they should also have a rule limiting the amount of time you have to order your food, and a rule stating how long you have to complete your meal and an rule dictating the minimum spend per person..

This way the other customers will not be impacted by idiots...

Rude treatment at Khao San Road

And what if all 5 were there and drinking water for 45 minutes trying to decide what to eat.. do you kick them out? Or what if they order right away but eat very slowly... or just between the 5 of them order 1 bowl of rice to share and sit there for an hour... what do you do?

There is no right or wrong answers here, for every scenario that makes the rule right there is another that makes the rule "wrong"..

2015 RESTAURANT Closings in Toronto? To June 30...

should put this in restaurant openings...

2015 RESTAURANT Closings in Toronto? To June 30...

The block of stores at the south west corner of Yonge & Bloor have now all closed including a couple of restaurants.

Hue's Kitchen has already been gutted. A sign on the door states that they are opening at 480 Parliament @ Carlton.
Burgundy's Bar is also closed and moving to 730 Yonge St

R&D - New update. Photo and menu.

So you say: "we have a pre-conceived notion that chefs that do fusion ... that their product is worse." just after you said "If people don't feel like they're getting value for money then I'll go get some sketchier products and throw enough meat tenderizer and MSG at it until it tastes good."...

I wish I knew who you were because I would never step in a restaurant where you worked! If you have to cheat by using sketchy products to get your food costs down because people feel it is not worth the money with good product then you should close up and go home..

Rude treatment at Khao San Road

Yes I agree, the only people who are offended by racism / sexism / homophobia / etc. are those who take it seriously.... as they should...

Rude treatment at Khao San Road

Oh yes, I forgot, Toronto Life publishes "joke articles" about non-existent restaurants all the time...