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The Roy

Lol "Living Wage"... most servers I know, ESPECIALLY in pubs, probably pull in $60k a year which would equal $100k for you and me (because they do not pay tax on the tips which is 90% of their income).

To get $60K they only need to make $200 a shift in tips which at an average of %15 (+ tipout) would mean their tables would only need to spend around $1,500 split that over an 8 hour shift with 5 tables and they would need to sell $37.50 of food & alcohol per hour.

Do you tip at McDonalds since those staff do not make a "Living Wage"?

The Roy

"After we told the server we weren't drinking she abandoned us and I had to ask the bartender for a food menu." to me that defines truly horrible service... and to me the tip amount is dependent on the level of service. Over the past year I have tipped a differing times 0% up to 33%

The Buna's Kitchen at the Spadina and the Richmond

It would help if you gave some idea as to what kind of food that they have? And what dishes you sampled.

The Roy

To me that is just reinforcing their bad behavior.. "After we told the server we weren't drinking she abandoned us and I had to ask the bartender for a food menu."

Since your not going back who cares if the think you are a cheapscate andif you run into the waitress somewhere else what will she do? Abandon you for being a cheapscate? Oh Wait she already did that the first time she met you...

The Roy

Why did you tip?

Weezies for sale

Not my "cause" I have no affiliation with the place and in fact have only eaten there a handful of times. It was posted on Facebook so I thought it would be of interest to people here.

Weezies for sale

Yes the location is so bad that the restaurant only lasted 9 years and many of thousands of people have just moved in within a few blocks in the new Condos.

Weezies for sale

Or thinking of it the other way - if things stay the same there is no need to post updates.. many times it is only if things go downhill that people tend to post.

Scarmouche has only had one post talking about it in the past 3 years.... just saying..

Weezies for sale

Takes no time at all, just typed "weezies" in the search box, then copied and pasted the results.. takes about as much time as it did for you to write your post...

Weezies for sale

Not sure where you were looking Charles.. if you do a search for Weezies you get many threads over the years (including one from June of this year and 4 from 2013). Here are a sample of 15 from only the first page of results:


Pre-Theatre Dinner close to Berkley St. Theatre
Last Updated 12/16/13, 9 Replies
Went to Weezies last night based on this posting and had a lovely bistro meal. Pickerel was cooked to perfection and SO had a yummy...

Distillery District Saturday night ... which of the restos is best?
Last Updated 12/16/13, 4 Replies
... com / topics / 885936 I-m with the general consensus which is to either visit Weezies just a bit north at King and Power definitely...

Last Updated 6/21/14, 359 Replies
Utopia The Roxton Harbord Room Weezies Beaconsfield Mitzi-s Sister Swan Under 30 bucks and no suit and tie necessary....

Burger's Priest vs. Holy Chuck vs. Stockyards
Last Updated 11/23/12, 171 Replies
... Apache... Habord Room Nota Bene Bestellen Beast Bymark County General Marben Stockyards The Westerly Weezies etc.......

Ruby Watch Co.
Last Updated 5/21/13, 107 Replies
... and I almost never feel that way in our city ! With some exceptions... Weezies and Sukhothai coming immediately to mind. I plan...

Restos on your "to-do" list
Last Updated 3/27/10, 104 Replies
... is it open for dinner yet? On my list of to eat are : Weezies Black Hoof Harbord Room Splendido but I just did I tasting menu...

Distillery District Recommendations
Last Updated 8/21/13, 29 Replies
I second the challenge BokChoi as I too have been led to NB and Weezies and would appreciate a perfect trio......

Gluten Free Toronto
Last Updated 11/21/12, 87 Replies
... restos. We have had excellent service with lots of options at : The Rosebud Weezies Kultura although they goofed on a dish that...

Weezie's – A breath of fresh air (review + pics)
Last Updated 9/18/10, 108 Replies
... not trust the quality of their butchered and ground meat. Good to hear that Weezies stands by their product....

Nice, romantic restaurant for anniversary with girlfriend.
Last Updated 7/29/12, 78 Replies
... . com / Post-City-Magazines / KatesTop100-2012 / List / index. php / name / Weezies / record / 6953 /...

Last Updated 12/23/11, 8 Replies
... know wha-t is in the area of Queen St E and River basically Fusilli Dominion Weezies and Gilead Cafe / Bistro. The only one I...

[GTA] Looking for something cute, cozy, <$20-25 mains
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... under $ 20-25 since we-re on a tight budget unfortunately. We-ve tried and liked Weezies Le Paradis The Black Hoof which fall...

Dinner for 14 girls
Last Updated 11/14/11, 5 Replies
... church? i have never been has anyone had experiences there? also what about weezies would it be able to accomodate by 14 person...

Weezie's - meh
Last Updated 3/20/12, 22 Replies
I would second the comments from acd. Weezies is an enjoyable spot with good comfort food. It is not what I would consider to be a...

Current 'Top 3' best Bistros?!
Last Updated 5/18/10, 31 Replies
.. . Some of the standouts include Globe Mogette Simple Delux Harbord Room Melanie-s Tatti Citizen Weezies Loire.... This year alone...

Weezies for sale

This is news because it is a well liked restaurant that has been in business for almost a decade. Many people post when restaurants change chefs or owners and there are other threads about restaurants that are for sale / sold (i.e. the "Danforth Pizza House for sale" thread with over 80 replies).

There are threads about restaurants that are opening & ones that have closed. This did not seem to fit in either as nothing has changed yet so I posted it on its own.

IMHO this is more worthy of a post then a thread about toilet bowl cleaner and canned corn on sale at Costco ( http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/9908... ).

Weezies for sale

Saw this today: Bistro For Sale. 30 licensed seats. Romantic room with floor to ceiling windows overlooking green space. King & Parliament. 4 minute walk to new Pan Am condos, and 3 mins to new 'Globe and Mail' offices. Currently profitable as dinner only spot, demand has developed for lunch & brunch given new condos & businesses. 9 yr old biz, Well reviewed in all medias (search Weezies.ca). Reason for selling: family commitments. Turn-key Operation, "lock, stock & barrel". Asking $85,000. Thx

ISO: Sweetango Apples in the GTA

This thread is set up as "Q&A" not "Discussion" so you cannot reply to others posts specifically...

Buca Yorkville now open

Walked by at lunch, Figured the entrance would be on the "street side" on Scollard ( as address is 53 Scollard St.) but I was wrong there is a door there but blocked by kitchen equipment.. You have to enter from the other side by the Four Seasons gardens. I also figured it would be setup as more of a classed up cafe but it looks more like a fine dining setup with tables and chairs and men in suites manning the "host" stand. The bar was setup with plates and cutlery for lunch which to me says its meant for dining at not drinking at.. The bar was also smaller than I expected and only had less then a dozen pastries shoved to one corner to indicate anything like quick takeout like I understood their other Bar location to be.

2014 Restaurant and Food Store OPENINGS!!

Now Open

Any Word on Buca @ Four Seasons?

Now Open

Buca Yorkville now open

From BlogTO: "The much-anticipated Buca Osteria & Bar is finally open at the Four Seasons (53 Scollard St.) in Yorkville. Distinguishing itself from the original King St. location, the new restaurant offers a broader selection of fresh seafood, including house-made salumi di mare, in addition to their much-loved pizzas and pasta dishes."

I have to check it out as I work across the street..

dinner with the family—j'ai besoin de votre assistance

I would not call the Tulip "Warm & Cozy" more like 60s - steakhouse / diner and not in a good way.. not a place I would bring friends for a celebration..

Breakfast/Brunch during the week?

There are two "cafes" on the main floor of Cumberland Terrace that serve breakfast and they are cheap and look pretty good as a quick option. Scrambled eggs with toast kinda places. Holts café in the basement is also open for breakfast as is a few underground cafes. There is also a bagel place in Manulife underground.

2014 Restaurant and Food Store OPENINGS!!

On their Facebook they state "Louis Cifer Brew Works is officially now open!!! Come by for a pint of our lager" - so I would assume they are brewing... What made you think that they were not?

Best bets for Thanksgiving dinner 2014?

Hot House Café at Front & Church has a Thanksgiving buffet for $25 walked by today and it looked good through the window. They had Turkey plus Roast Beef and a ton of other hot plates that I could not see into.

Summer patio private party

Check out Mr Ciao at Gerrard & Broadview they have a 40 seat patio - food is Italian Pizza & Pasta and they are family friendly. It is an easy location to get to as most street cars (King, Queen & Dundas lines) pass that way to Broadview station plus they have free parking for customers in their own lot.

Need Advice from St. Jacob Regulars

But looking at the Taste Real website ( http://www.tastereal.com/about/ ) they only promote "local" they do not mention ethical or organic or even natural. From what they say in their strategic objectives a full on GMO factory farm, as long as is it in in their local area, would be welcome to join.

In fact one of the farms listed on their web site has several articles of their own website talking about how great GMO's are: Direct quote: "Agricultural technologies (GMO’s in this instance) have made the world a better place" ( http://circle-r-livestock.webs.com/ap...


I also find it odd that they "slander" an entire religious community with innuendos and whispers without providing you one piece of proof. Yet hiding the fact that they as an organisation if not support at a minimum turn a blind eye to GMO products.

They may want to change their name to "Tastes Real, but maybe isn't"

Need Advice from St. Jacob Regulars

So competing farmers who may be jealous...

Need Advice from St. Jacob Regulars

Can you provide your sources for this? Are you talking Mennonites in general? or specifically KW Mennonites? as I have not heard this before.

Canned Cooked Lobster Meat

I was told by someone else that it wholesales for about a dollar more than if you bought the same size lobster live. But it comes without all the mess... I am not sure how high the retailers are marking it up though..

Black Irish is using it in their menu.

RIP Johnny K


Says he died from cancer...

Canned Cooked Lobster Meat

In the St Lawrence Market in the back left Seafood dealer they have "Naked Lobster". The company basically use a compression chamber that sucks all the meat out of a raw lobster in one piece. It is then vacuum packed and flash frozen. It can be cooked right in the bag with no mess.

Via Mercanti Pizza - best in Toronto? Really?

Glad you agree.

Via Mercanti Pizza - best in Toronto? Really?

Of course food that needs to be cooked for several HOURS is not expected to be make fresh just like you would not expect Stew to be made per order BUT would you accept the pancakes for you Peking duck being made the day before and then reheated and served to you? Or a stir fry dish made ahead then reheated? I think not...

Charles based on your past posts you are fussy.. maybe just not with "foreign" Italian food... :-)