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Green Egg

Are these things that badley built that a warranty is that important? It is not like it has many moving parts or any electronics in it... To me if it lasted 2years it should last another 10 more...

anyone else visit multiple stores to complete shopping trip?

Good points, "Cost of eating" should be all meals not just ones made at home as I can say I can eat for a $1 a week if I eat out 7 days a week. As Prima pointed out if you eat out and get doggy bags, or go out for desert a few times a week that really adds up to your weekly food "cost" but not your grocery bill.

anyone else visit multiple stores to complete shopping trip?

just looking at the price of milk if you have one glass with your meal you are looking at 35 cents out of your $1 add in fruit and veg and fish or meat.. you see where I am going...

anyone else visit multiple stores to complete shopping trip?

So you don't spend more than $1 per person per meal? I call BS

$60 per week / 3 people = $20 per person / 7 days = $2.86 per day / 3 meals = $0.95 per meal

And that includes milk and fish and 96% organic produce... No way...

Ribs that don't fall off the bone

There are many BBQ joints that have opened in the city in the last couple of years and I do not think that any of them cook the ribs so they fall off the bone. They range from high end places like Carbon Bar to little hole in the wall places... Here is a BBQ thread for you.. http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/8038...

2014 Restaurant and Food Store CHANGES and CLOSINGS

Gourmet Burger Company outlet on Charles St just West of Yonge has 3 big "For Lease" signs on it.

They still seem to be adding more locations around town though...

2014 Restaurant and Food Store CHANGES and CLOSINGS

Craft Dog at King & Church is closed...

They lasted just over a year... walked by today and there was a closed sign on the door and when I looked in the window they were totally cleared out.. all the equipment gone..

Craft Dogs - 95 King Street East

Well they lasted just over a year... walked by today and there was a closed sign on the door and when I looked in the window they were totally cleared out.. all the equipment gone..

Colette - Thompson Hotel

Has anyone actually eaten at the restaurant?

Queen Margherita Pizza

if they charge for bread and there are 10 people at the table $10 is not outrageous... if they charge for bread and it is one guest and they charge $10 it is insane highway robbery... so yes the number at the table do matter in my opinion...

Queen Margherita Pizza

How many people were at your table? is it a per person charge maybe? Did you specifically ask for bread?

Momofuku restaurants at ShangriLa - why no prices on on line menus?

Not as easy as you think (I do it for a living) problem is that there are so many items and so many similar prices it is easy to mistype.. And as items change or things like wine get sold out are the vintage changes... just a pain in the butt

Momofuku restaurants at ShangriLa - why no prices on on line menus?

Yes perfect world everything would be easy and all information would be online but even the biggest corporations with IT departments have a hard time doing it so a lttle mom and pop can be given some slack...

To me if the restaurant has their "base menu" online with prices that is all I need...

so my list would be:

1) list name
2) list address
3) list hours and days open
4) list phone number / email address / twitter / facebook
5) list if they take reservations or not
6) base (standard) food menu w/ prices
7) list payment options (only if they do NOT take mjor cedit cards)

Momofuku restaurants at ShangriLa - why no prices on on line menus?

Millar Tavern does not list beer, liquor or cocktail prices on their online menus so I would not say that "All prices for both food and alcohol are meticulously listed, and promptly changed when necessary". Also they only list the wine prices of the bottles that they serve by the glass. I know they have a larger wine selection than that at the Bay St location let alone their advertised "over 100 whiskeys" none of which prices are listed online. They do not even mention the prices of their oysters for the oyster bar.

I agree that food menus should list prices where appropriate I do not think that liquor prices, specials or "market" price items need to be updated. This is not online shopping, to me a restaurant website is to give you a feel for the place type of food location etc. AND yes an idea of the food prices... but I know that if a place has mains over $40 that their drink prices will also be high..

But really if you go to a restaurant and they charge you $7 for a cocktail vs $6 does it really change your experience that much? These people are in the food business I would rather them spend their time, energy & money on the food than on updating their website.

Help me find great Filet Mignon at St. Lawrence Market

No Witteveen is the second shop.. I am talking about the first one as you come in the doors... just before them... same side

Help me find great Filet Mignon at St. Lawrence Market

Go to the first Butcher on the right as you walk in the main entrance and ask for Sydney, she is their main butcher for several years and is always there. Tell her what you need and she will hook you up. And yes that is a big order and you will need to arrange it ahead of time.

2014 Ontario Sweet Corn

You cannot store corn on the cob for more than a few days to 1 week depending on storage conditions. I think the OP put in the year to distinguish the post from previous years posts.

I had fresh local corn 2 weeks ago at my parents in Hamilton they got it from a farmer in SW Ontario and it was AMAZING. It was Peaches & Cream (white and yellow kernels). I used to work on a Sweet Corn farm as a kid (30 some years ago) and the best corn was actually white corn (all white small kernels, very tender and still a great corn taste). But people would not buy it because they thought it was "not ripe", thinking corn turns from white to yellow as it ripens.. which it does not...

When selecting cobs I always go for the ones that are not fully developed right to the silk as they are younger and more tender than cobs that have big kernels right to the end.

Actinolite: earnest or pretentious?

So is it the food or the thought of the food that you like? What if it was not chef owned? what if it was a dish at a SirCorp restaurant where the waiter just plopped down the same 1/4 cucumber and walked away? is it still worth $10?

Actinolite: earnest or pretentious?

How much would you pay for a "four-inch quarter of a cucumber, adorned with berries and herbs" how "well" can that be prepared that it is worth $10 unless you are in a setting where you get the eloquent chefs description of the dish?

If you were to walk down the street and someone popped out of a new unknown (to you) restaurant door and offered that to you and you had no clue who the chef was or what went into that dish and you could not see if the restaurant was a greasy spoon or fine dining you just saw the cucumber and herbs on a paper plate. Would you hand over $10 to try it?

And PS this is a "Foodie" website that you post so much on.. You may not consider yourself a Foodie but I bet many other people you know would call you that..

Actinolite: earnest or pretentious?

I disagree,I feel like that is the most valid statement to explain the current Toronto foodie culture...

Bad Service - Libretto's on Ossington

Current state of our education system I guess... Just like saving a Billion dollars for taxpayers but still having to raise taxes..

The Toronto Chef Following

Answer is... It depends...

Does the new restaurant's menu have things on it that I like to eat? Is the new location convenient for me? Are the prices fair?

It is like dating, if you say you prefer to date blond women that does not mean you would each and every woman that just happens to be blond.

Bad Service - Libretto's on Ossington

A colleague just recently got a new machine that was per-configured with tip percentages. They did not notice at first but started to realize that their tips seemed lower.. they looked at the machine and noticed that it was set to 15%. the old machine had no presets and they were averaging 20% after tax. They figured out how to turn it off as they feel if you give someone an easy option they will take it. If you do not you get a fairer reflection of what they thought (or just rely on their bad math and hope it is in your favour!)

New Califonia Sandwiches on Yonge @ Carlton

No, I traveled less then 20 minutes and I did not think it held up.. Bun was falling apart and like I said the coating slid right off the veal and the meat seemed chewy. Not sure how it would have been if I ate it in the shop.. but I will wait for others to give their verdict before I try again.

Ripley's Acquarium

"At" the aquarium or "near" the aquarium.. form the sounds of it they just have typical snack-bar food... burgers chicken fingers etc on site.

Bad Service - Libretto's on Ossington

Have not been to Libretto but I know in some places they have servers who explain the menu and are very knowledgeable about wines etc and then they have "food runners" whos only job is to bring out the food and clear tables. In high volume places this tends to work more efficiently. This sounds like what you experienced.

New Califonia Sandwiches on Yonge @ Carlton

Stopped in here after work the other day for a sandwich to go. The space is very modern looking with a real "fast food" vibe. They were almost empty at 6pm and one couple had ordered ahead of me but it still seemed to take a quite while to get my veal sandwich. When I got home the coating just fell off of the meat and the meat itself looked gray and was a bit chewy. I doubt I will go back.

Toronto’s Best Butter Tarts Aren’t in Toronto

I found Andreas tarts to be too big resulting in too high a ratio of runny sweet filling to pastry crust for my liking.

Bad Service - Libretto's on Ossington

And how many times have you heard someone say "Shit the wifi is down" with all of the separate rooms, patios, kitchens covered in stainless steel, wifi is a huge pain in the butt especially when you are talking about a restaurant of the size that needs multiple machines.

Cellular is the most reliable (after land line).

Moneris (a very common payment processor) is cellular on their terminal: http://www.moneris.com/en/Products-Se...

and even their "short range" system does not use wifi but instead uses Bluetooth to a local base station.

Bad Service - Libretto's on Ossington

16 of us went out for a staff lunch from work when a colleague was leaving and everyone except me paid by debit or credit. which meant that for those 15 minutes that the waitress was brining the machine over to those 15 people she was not looking after other tables and no one else could pay because she had the machine!. Before these machines people would just throw down the cash and you would be out in 3 minutes...

Also as it was lunch pretty much everyone else in the restaurant was also trying to pay at the same time as they all had to be back to the office by 1. Same thing happens at bars at the end of the night.

Until the point when each staff member has their own machine this will continue to be a problem. And right now these machines are cellular and pretty expensive as each one actually requires its own phone number & sim card to communicate.

So moral of the story is that if you are getting ignored by your server at the end of your meal it may just be that at large group of people are all trying to pay by card at the same time and not that there is some conspiracy against letting you leave.