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The Toronto Wahlburger Makes the Dumb

I would love to go in there and ask them to remove the auto tip from the bill then when I pay to tip them $18 anyway.. just to freak with their mind :-)

Wife planning surprise guys weekend in Toronto

OK my last word: The only Cheap drinks they have is $3 Tequila and one out of the 7 drafts is $5 a pint. All other beer & liquor is standard prices for Toronto (you are again making assumptions with no basis in reality). You had the food 2 times & loved the ribs until you showed up on a busy night during a snow storm. Any place can have an off night especially during extreme weather.

Power sparked because one table took a bunch of snow covered boots and stacked them against the wall and as the snow melted water went into the electrical outlet and shorted it out (remember you were there during a snow storm).

"Run down" you were there 4 months after a full gut renovation. You mistake rustic for rundown it is clear you dislike that style but that is the choice of décor they made. Reclaimed wood, distressed metal, vintage finds on the wall.

I could go on but I have wasted too much time on this already.. so that is my last word.

Wife planning surprise guys weekend in Toronto

justxpete: what was the avg per person cost of BI on your most recent visit including Tax & Tip? it may help the OP.

PS. what you call a "dive bar" others call a "true Texas BBQ joint"... if you travel to Austin sometime you should check some out..

Wife planning surprise guys weekend in Toronto

Blind taste test was also for brisket a year later: Post City Magazine - Winner Best Brisket in Toronto - July 2, 2014: http://www.postcity.com/Eat-Shop-Do/E... (blind taste test by Grant van Gameren & Zane Caplansky )

What assumptions did I make that do not make sense? It seems you are the one picking "one issue" and ignoring the rest of what I said?

Wife planning surprise guys weekend in Toronto

Ok here I go:

The avg price at BI is not $14 unless you think a guy is going to be eating one plate of peppers and a vegan salad... For the 7 dishes on the "meats & seafood" section the prices range from $20 to over $50 and 6 are over $25 and 4 are over $30...

That you are assuming these people have money (maybe the OP is paying for the meals?). Also it is probably a half hour or more cab ride from the ACC to BI on a Saturday night as a hockey game is let out which will cost an additional $50 (2 cabs for 6 guys) as opposed to walking distance to AAA.

YOU had a bad experience at AAA the one time you came in part because your expectations of what it was were wrong. You ate at AAA only once, almost a year ago, during the Arctic Vortex in a snow storm so you could not drink on a hectic Friday night and were pissed that it was more bar than "dining room" so you were already in a bad mood by the time you got your food.

And if you think that Bar Isabel is great and the chef knows what he is doing then it makes sense that he knows good food and he says that what you call "mediocre fare" is in his opinion the best BBQ in the city. But yet you dismiss that as "who cares"

Does that cover everything you said?

Wife planning surprise guys weekend in Toronto

And is it not ironic then that Grant van Gameren (the chef & owner of Bar Isabel) has TWICE picked AAA's BBQ as best in the city in a blind taste test for Post City Magazine?

Wife planning surprise guys weekend in Toronto

OK Pete, I am "sure" their birthday plan is to go there for a glass of coke! Everything on the menu is $15 and under whereas at your suggestion, Bar Isabel, you have items up to $42 and probably will not get a reservation on a Saturday night.

AAA is not fine dining it is laid back BBQ. Instead of white cloth napkins you get blue disposable "shop towels". It is not the place to go for a quiet dinner with perfect service but if you want to have a good time late at night after a hockey game and fill up on BBQ without breaking the bank it fits the bill. It is also a 5 min car ride from the ACC (or a 15 min walk). I think it will be perfect for the guys on a Saturday night

But like I said I am friends with the owner so maybe look at what others are saying:

NOW Magazines 2014 Best of Toronto Readers Poll - Best Bar & Best BBQ Restaurant - November 6, 2014: http://bestof.nowtoronto.com/2014/win...

Notable.ca - Winner Best BBQ in Toronto - Aug 12, 2014: http://notable.ca/toronto/restaurants...

Post City Magazine - Winner Best Brisket in Toronto - July 2, 2014: http://www.postcity.com/Eat-Shop-Do/E... (blind taste test by Grant van Gameren & Zane Caplansky )

Post City Magazine - Winner Best Ribs in Toronto - June 27, 2013: http://www.postcity.com/Eat-Shop-Do/E... (blind taste test by Grant van Gameren)

Wife planning surprise guys weekend in Toronto

For Saturday night I would recommend AAA Bar it does Texas BBQ and has a good local draft beer selection as well as 25 bourbons. It was just named best bbq and best bar by NOW magazine. Kitchen is open till midnight and the bar is open till 2am. Crowd is a good mix of so they will not feel "old".

Disclaimer: The owner is a good friend of mine...

restaurants near Courtyard by Marriott Downtown

You are looking at more like a 20 minute walk to Terroni. Bannock would be 15min. Elm St restos would be a 10 min walk.

Recommendations for restaurants around St Lawrence Market that are open Monday

Triple A BBQ is just north of the Market on Adelaide & Jarvis and is open Mondays.

Note: The owner of Triple A BBQ is a close personal friend.

Lots of high profile new restaurant closings, anyone know why?

did you forget a zero?

Lots of high profile new restaurant closings, anyone know why?

"here, 'sophisticated dining', I am referring to multiple course western style tasting menu."

Yes, I know BUT you have also posted about inconsistent food in the last month in several Chinese restaurants.. my Point is that it is not limited to "Western Fine Dining" but the same inconsistency issue is everywhere in the city at all levels of restaurant and types of cuisine.

Lots of high profile new restaurant closings, anyone know why?

But Charles you say: "I have lowered my 'expectation bar' greatly when it comes to sophisticated dining." and yet you have the exact same issue that you have reported several time in the past month with Chinese restaurants up north.

I do not think this is a product of complicated menus I think it is the "Food Network Effect" many young chefs (and even kitchen workers as well) expect immediate glory without paying their dues of years behind a stove.

Without that hard work and experience they now open up places and don't have the experience to overcome the natural hick ups that happen day after day. Or even get bored as they end up doing the same thing day after day. Plus back in the day a kitchen used to have 10-15-20 people working now some of the new crop of restaurants are lucky to have 5 people..

Toronto Restaurant Recommendations

I disagree I think the volume at most places is fine there are a few "hipster" joints where the music is loud but I did not see any on a quick view of the OP's options that would be an issue.

The Roy

Lol "Living Wage"... most servers I know, ESPECIALLY in pubs, probably pull in $60k a year which would equal $100k for you and me (because they do not pay tax on the tips which is 90% of their income).

To get $60K they only need to make $200 a shift in tips which at an average of %15 (+ tipout) would mean their tables would only need to spend around $1,500 split that over an 8 hour shift with 5 tables and they would need to sell $37.50 of food & alcohol per hour.

Do you tip at McDonalds since those staff do not make a "Living Wage"?

The Roy

"After we told the server we weren't drinking she abandoned us and I had to ask the bartender for a food menu." to me that defines truly horrible service... and to me the tip amount is dependent on the level of service. Over the past year I have tipped a differing times 0% up to 33%

The Buna's Kitchen at the Spadina and the Richmond

It would help if you gave some idea as to what kind of food that they have? And what dishes you sampled.

The Roy

To me that is just reinforcing their bad behavior.. "After we told the server we weren't drinking she abandoned us and I had to ask the bartender for a food menu."

Since your not going back who cares if the think you are a cheapscate andif you run into the waitress somewhere else what will she do? Abandon you for being a cheapscate? Oh Wait she already did that the first time she met you...

The Roy

Why did you tip?

Weezies for sale

Not my "cause" I have no affiliation with the place and in fact have only eaten there a handful of times. It was posted on Facebook so I thought it would be of interest to people here.

Weezies for sale

Yes the location is so bad that the restaurant only lasted 9 years and many of thousands of people have just moved in within a few blocks in the new Condos.

Weezies for sale

Or thinking of it the other way - if things stay the same there is no need to post updates.. many times it is only if things go downhill that people tend to post.

Scarmouche has only had one post talking about it in the past 3 years.... just saying..

Weezies for sale

Takes no time at all, just typed "weezies" in the search box, then copied and pasted the results.. takes about as much time as it did for you to write your post...

Weezies for sale

Not sure where you were looking Charles.. if you do a search for Weezies you get many threads over the years (including one from June of this year and 4 from 2013). Here are a sample of 15 from only the first page of results:


Pre-Theatre Dinner close to Berkley St. Theatre
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Went to Weezies last night based on this posting and had a lovely bistro meal. Pickerel was cooked to perfection and SO had a yummy...

Distillery District Saturday night ... which of the restos is best?
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... com / topics / 885936 I-m with the general consensus which is to either visit Weezies just a bit north at King and Power definitely...

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Utopia The Roxton Harbord Room Weezies Beaconsfield Mitzi-s Sister Swan Under 30 bucks and no suit and tie necessary....

Burger's Priest vs. Holy Chuck vs. Stockyards
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... Apache... Habord Room Nota Bene Bestellen Beast Bymark County General Marben Stockyards The Westerly Weezies etc.......

Ruby Watch Co.
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... and I almost never feel that way in our city ! With some exceptions... Weezies and Sukhothai coming immediately to mind. I plan...

Restos on your "to-do" list
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... is it open for dinner yet? On my list of to eat are : Weezies Black Hoof Harbord Room Splendido but I just did I tasting menu...

Distillery District Recommendations
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I second the challenge BokChoi as I too have been led to NB and Weezies and would appreciate a perfect trio......

Gluten Free Toronto
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... restos. We have had excellent service with lots of options at : The Rosebud Weezies Kultura although they goofed on a dish that...

Weezie's – A breath of fresh air (review + pics)
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... not trust the quality of their butchered and ground meat. Good to hear that Weezies stands by their product....

Nice, romantic restaurant for anniversary with girlfriend.
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... . com / Post-City-Magazines / KatesTop100-2012 / List / index. php / name / Weezies / record / 6953 /...

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... know wha-t is in the area of Queen St E and River basically Fusilli Dominion Weezies and Gilead Cafe / Bistro. The only one I...

[GTA] Looking for something cute, cozy, <$20-25 mains
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... under $ 20-25 since we-re on a tight budget unfortunately. We-ve tried and liked Weezies Le Paradis The Black Hoof which fall...

Dinner for 14 girls
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... church? i have never been has anyone had experiences there? also what about weezies would it be able to accomodate by 14 person...

Weezie's - meh
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I would second the comments from acd. Weezies is an enjoyable spot with good comfort food. It is not what I would consider to be a...

Current 'Top 3' best Bistros?!
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.. . Some of the standouts include Globe Mogette Simple Delux Harbord Room Melanie-s Tatti Citizen Weezies Loire.... This year alone...

Weezies for sale

This is news because it is a well liked restaurant that has been in business for almost a decade. Many people post when restaurants change chefs or owners and there are other threads about restaurants that are for sale / sold (i.e. the "Danforth Pizza House for sale" thread with over 80 replies).

There are threads about restaurants that are opening & ones that have closed. This did not seem to fit in either as nothing has changed yet so I posted it on its own.

IMHO this is more worthy of a post then a thread about toilet bowl cleaner and canned corn on sale at Costco ( http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/9908... ).

Weezies for sale

Saw this today: Bistro For Sale. 30 licensed seats. Romantic room with floor to ceiling windows overlooking green space. King & Parliament. 4 minute walk to new Pan Am condos, and 3 mins to new 'Globe and Mail' offices. Currently profitable as dinner only spot, demand has developed for lunch & brunch given new condos & businesses. 9 yr old biz, Well reviewed in all medias (search Weezies.ca). Reason for selling: family commitments. Turn-key Operation, "lock, stock & barrel". Asking $85,000. Thx

ISO: Sweetango Apples in the GTA

This thread is set up as "Q&A" not "Discussion" so you cannot reply to others posts specifically...

Buca Yorkville now open

Walked by at lunch, Figured the entrance would be on the "street side" on Scollard ( as address is 53 Scollard St.) but I was wrong there is a door there but blocked by kitchen equipment.. You have to enter from the other side by the Four Seasons gardens. I also figured it would be setup as more of a classed up cafe but it looks more like a fine dining setup with tables and chairs and men in suites manning the "host" stand. The bar was setup with plates and cutlery for lunch which to me says its meant for dining at not drinking at.. The bar was also smaller than I expected and only had less then a dozen pastries shoved to one corner to indicate anything like quick takeout like I understood their other Bar location to be.

2014 Restaurant and Food Store OPENINGS!!

Now Open

Any Word on Buca @ Four Seasons?

Now Open