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CSA 2014

We're Hog's Back Farm members, returning for our second year. I don't know if there are still shares open, but if there are, run and sign up NOW. It's that good.

In addition to insanely great produce, the newsletter and recipes are terrific.

Couldn't more highly recommend it!

St. Paul Whole Foods is moving to the corner of Snelling and Selby.

As a Fairview/Randolph neighbor, it would be lovely to have something in the Mississippi Market space.

But I disagree that St. Paul Academy is a "lousy landlord." I understand that the school has - as you said - a long-term development plan, and that they're not renting the spot as a result. So it's not as if new stores/restaurants/markets aren't choosing to rent that space due to some view of the school as a bad landlord, it's that the space is not on the rental market at all.

As to WF, very bummed that it is moving. I hate the corner of Snelling and Selby - too busy and no easy parking.

Scotch tasting dinner?

Hi all - long time lurker, new member with a question:

My husband is a relatively new scotch enthusiast and so I was thinking it might be fun to take him to a scotch tasting dinner as a holiday gift. From my internet browsings, I can see that Butcher and Boar has an extensive bourbon list (with flights), and that the St. Paul Grill has a huge scotch list, but I can't find any place doing a dinner.

Any ideas? Anyone done a bourbon flight at Butcher and Boar or is in the scotch club at St. Paul Grill? Thanks in advance!