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Pasadena is weak!

My favorite Pasadena joint right now ( I don't do Restaurants) is Dog Haus. It's a Hamburger & Hot Dog joint that serves amazing food. Been going there the last two weekends and haven't been disappointed. They serve their hot dogs on King Hawaiian bread, which is a sweet dinner roll. You'd be surprised as to the taste it adds to the dogs, I was. Even their Hamburgers are served on the rolls. It's a little messy due to the softness of the rolls but so what. I can say that the meat (dogs and burgers) is top notch. The menu is very adventurous, plenty of combinations to try.
Corner of Union and Hill one block north of Colorado Blvd. and the Pasadena City College Campus.

Dog Haus
105 N Hill Ave, Pasadena, CA 91106

Nov 25, 2010
nrique in Los Angeles Area

Annual Broguiere's Egg Nog Sighting Thread

More than likely you'll get it a little cheaper and the dairy offers other products you don't know about. Like the Chocolate milk, which is from ANOTHER WORLD. And if your store is out of it the dairy is sure to have it.

Nov 25, 2010
nrique in Los Angeles Area

Annual Broguiere's Egg Nog Sighting Thread

Hmmm, I know it's GOT TO BE AT Broguiere's Dairy in Montebello by now! (sarcasm) Worth the trip you might want to take home a bottle of the Chocolate milk.

505 S Maple Ave
Montebello, CA 90640
(323) 726-0524


Mon-Fri 7 am - 7 pm

Sat 7 am - 6 pm

Sun 8 am - 2 pm

Nov 21, 2010
nrique in Los Angeles Area

Five Guys Burgers & Fries Opens in Cerritos

Any one interested I did a video review on the Cerritos location a while back. It's was my first time trying 5g's.


And if you've never seen a Big Mike's burger I have a video on that too.


Big Mike's
17845 Clark Ave, Bellflower, CA 90706

Nov 18, 2010
nrique in Los Angeles Area

New Hot Dog Joint in South Gate

Not sure.... next time I'm down there I'll ask the owner.
And Monku, nah I'm not with the South Gate Chamber of Commerce... yet! JK ;)

Aug 08, 2010
nrique in Los Angeles Area

New Hot Dog Joint in South Gate

Went back this afternoon for my 3rd round of PDogs, this time I tired the PDog combo. That's a good dog!
It's a quarter pound dog wrapped in bacon grilled. I got it with the crinkle cut fries, I think I'm addicted to the fries. Back to the dog.... on top of the dog there is a nice mixture of bell peppers & onions (sauteed), the original PDog chili, the 3 cheese blend (Shredded) and a blast of Mexican cream. Which is not the cream we're all used to... it's more like a sauce and adds a nice soft flavor.
This dog is a meal, and worth the 7 dollars for the combo.
Talked to the owner Alex and he told me business has really picked up lately that he's probably taking Monday August 9th off. So I would call first if your planning a monday visit.
I asked him about his other menu items and his P Burger has sparked my interest. So ANOTHER review might be in order.

Aug 07, 2010
nrique in Los Angeles Area

New Hot Dog Joint in South Gate

" Between the bun" that's the place ! I remember the owner saying he was going to move out to Chino/ Chino Hills area.
He quickly boiled the dog for a minute and then finished off on the grill. PDogs grills the dog the WHOLE way, a difference I can taste.

Jul 31, 2010
nrique in Los Angeles Area

New Hot Dog Joint in South Gate

I just got back from PDogs and had a Dodger Dog Combo which was around 6 and some change. Combo includes your choice of French Fries (crinkle cut) or Macaroni Salad and something else. I ordered the French Fries and a typical Dodger Dog (mustard, ketchup, relish and chopped onions).
The dog is a Farmer John Dodger Dog GRILLED (not boiled) on a classic white bun. The dog is grilled whole, not split like the larger dog. The first bite reminded my of when I was a kid going to Dodger stadium with my parents. Grilling the dog REALLY brings out all the great flavors.
The fries where crinkle cut, nice and crunchy not to salty and fresh.
When you order the Dodger Dog they'll ask you what you want on it, so you can be adventurous if you want.This is the second item I've tried from this stand and it's a winner.
I think next time I'm definitely trying the PDog!

Jul 31, 2010
nrique in Los Angeles Area

Chili Dogs


You'll find my review of a new hot dog stand in South Gate. Give it a read and Go try this place. It's not everyday someone opens a new stand trying for the title of best dog around.

It's called P Dogs.

Jul 25, 2010
nrique in Los Angeles Area

New Hot Dog Joint in South Gate

P Dogs
13610 South Garfield Ave.
South Gate, Ca.

1_562_630_PDOG (7364)

In the old Hollydale area.

I was taking my usual sunday cruise down Garfield Ave. headed towards Long Beach for the last month and noticed this new stand pop up, so toady I decided to stop in and give it a try.

The owners name is Alex a cool guy to talk to. We discussed various hot dog joints around L.A. and he told me his story on why he decided to start his own stand. I asked him about his chili dog and he told me it's his own take, a very unique take. I would say he's added an extra dimension to the chili dog.

First off it's NOT your classic chili dog. The dog is a quarter pound skinless dog split and grilled for you fresh. The bun is one of the larger sesame seed buns you find on most specialty dogs. That's what this chili dog is really - a SPECIALTY dog. The cheese is 3 types shredded and layered on top of the chili.

I think I've tasted the dog before from a stand that used to be in East Los Angeles before the Metro line moved in. It was near the corner of 3rd and Arizona, too bad I can't remember the name.


The Chili is not your typical gravy type chili you find at other places like Pinks, Larry's, or Chronies. The chili consist of pulled (shredded) beef in a seasoned yet light au juis. On top of the dog the chili adds a dimension that I've never tasted on a chili dog before. The chili meat is moist and flaky and doesn't break apart the bun with it's juices.

This stand has been open for around 1 month, the menu includes Dodger dogs, bacon wrapped dogs (the T.J. dog) included in a full menu. I believe this stand is going to get another couple visits in the next few Sundays by me so I can further dwell into the menu.
I understand from talking to the owner Alex that he's looking into finding a source that can provide an old fashion dog with its skin on. Hopefully sooner than later.

I would definitely recommend a TRY IT for all the chowhounds into hot dogs.

Jul 25, 2010
nrique in Los Angeles Area

Salty Crunchy Almond Duck Squares at Canton City in Montebello

Another Bob's Big Boy location that is in the works is in Downey. The old Johnny's Broiler is being rebuilt from the ground up. The original plans have been located and sometime this year it should reopen in all it's GOOGIE architectural glory.
There is also another Bob's in Signal Hill on Cherry Ave. and Willow right in back of the Chevron station.
And as for Canton City, I thought that place closed up.... good to see it's still around. Going to have to check it out soon.

Jul 03, 2009
nrique in Los Angeles Area

Tail O' Pup

Well, if you do a search on this board I do believe you will find a few post about what happened to this landmark. In short they lost the right to use the parking lot so the owner put it in storage with the hopes of finding a new location. But since then nothing has happened, which is a shame.
As to the reason why it had to go...plain and simple... RENT increases!

Feb 05, 2009
nrique in Los Angeles Area

Where to get Mexican bottled Coke

One thing you should know is that if the bottled states "Sugar" it is using Corn Syrup as the sweetener. This started a year or two ago in the Mexican bottling plants. If the bottled states "Cane Sugar" then you have the better quality coke.
Hints to help you find the Cane Sugar bottles - Most of the NEWER looking bottles are label as "SUGAR".
If you can find the local Mexican Markets & Restaurants you will probably find the bottles marked "CANE SUGAR".

Jan 28, 2009
nrique in Los Angeles Area

Burgers flat-grilled, not charbroiled

Oops... got my streets mixed up. On Atlantic Blvd. just South of Olympic right next door to the Midas muffler shop. Run by a lovely Korean family for the past 20 or so years.

Dec 23, 2008
nrique in Los Angeles Area

Burgers flat-grilled, not charbroiled

Well I got two good places for you...

First- The Burger Basket in East Los Angeles. Whittier Blvd. just south of Olympic right next door the the Midas Muffler shop. They make a home style burger cooked on a griddle with onions pressed in by the cooks own hand. The buns are a little soft and might break up on you. But it's cooked to order!

Second is Big Mikes in Bellflower. Clark st. and Rose just south of Artesia Blvd. Yes this is the hood, North Long Beach is a few blocks away. The place is owned by a guy named BIG MIKE, 6 ft 2 or 3 inches and a master cook. The BIG MIKE burger is a half pound patty hand formed and cooked on a griddle to order. Included in the BIG MIKE is a Louisianan Sausage link or Bacon (if you prefer) lettuce, onions and tomato. He also sells a Little Mike burger that is a quarter pound hand formed patty if a HALF POUND is out of your league.

I recommend a visit to both places just remember BIG MIKES is in a league of HIS own.

Dec 21, 2008
nrique in Los Angeles Area

Chili Dogs

Has any one tried MUSTARDS in North Long Beach on the corner of Long Beach Ave and Wardlow. I pass it now and then but never had the chance to go in. Supposed to be Chicago Style dogs.

Nov 25, 2008
nrique in Los Angeles Area

Heading for Knott's SCARY farm this Friday

Been there done that THOUSANDS of times as a kid. Don't get me wrong but things have changed down there since the family left. No matter how hard the corporate types try it's not the same. I tried it once after the last left and to me there was a big drop off. But that's just me because I have been going there since the early 70's.
I go to Knotts for the fun not for the food.

Oct 10, 2008
nrique in Los Angeles Area

Heading for Knott's SCARY farm this Friday

AND need a good place to eat near by.

Prefer joints over restaurants.
Hamburgers to Pizza type of guy going to be doing a lot of walking.
Beer is good- Imported is better.
BUDGET minded but not cheap IF there is a GOOD serving of food.

So if you know ANY good joints in the AREA let me know, please include address and contact info.

Oct 08, 2008
nrique in Los Angeles Area

Lotsa New Burgers Around--Best Classic Style

Classic Burgers are hard to find these days, but I get mine at one of L.A.'s oldest stands.

Nick & George Chronis in East L.A.

Fresh ingredients!

Aug 29, 2008
nrique in Los Angeles Area

Americanized Chinese near Cerritos/Bellflower

I second Ming's in Bellflower. Tried it for the 1st time 2 weeks ago and I was very impressed with the food.

On Bellflower Blvd. just south of the 92 freeway.

Aug 19, 2008
nrique in Los Angeles Area

Almost Jay's Jay Burgers

WOW, it's been a LONG time since I posted about this place on one of the MANY best burger post. But I'm glad some one happened upon it.

Art is owned and operated by a guy named Art. Yes he makes his chili but don't know if he'll put an egg in the burger. They do have a breakfast menu so I don't see any reason why he wouldn't.

Maybe you guys should ask him if he will make a JAY's version for you guys who make the travel. Maybe keep it on a secret menu like In N out.

I ONLY eat the chili Cheese burger . . . it's good. And every once in awhile I'll get the chili cheese dog with plenty of ONIONS. He slices them slender and long so every bite is just FULL of taste.

I just can't believe all these years I've been blessed to know Art's . . . I've been going to this place since the 80's (different name back then) and it's ALWAYS been as good or better than In N out. The chili, dogs and Onion Rings give it the leg up over In N Out, any day.

Jul 23, 2008
nrique in Los Angeles Area

Valley Blvd, Alhambra: taco stand still there?

The taco joint where you drive through one side and then turn left in the alley and pick up your order on the other side ? They have a small patio in front RIGHT SMACK in the middle of both driveways so when it's busy at lunch you get a REAL dose of tail pipe with your food. If that sound familiar then YEP! it's still there. Head south on Garfield and then a left on Valley, go half a mile or so and it's on your left. If you pass Atlantic then you've gone too far.

Jul 23, 2008
nrique in Los Angeles Area

Favourite Cheeseburger in LA

Any chance somebody has the address or cross streets to the location of the BBQ King?

Jul 16, 2008
nrique in Los Angeles Area

Best Burgers in Los Angeles

Cafe burgers you say?

I recommend the Montebello Country Club. They got a VERY GOOD burger, Fresh patty, cooked to order and toppings by request.

They remodeled the place so it's more restaurant now. But the food is still good!

5 minutes east of Downtown L.A. by the 60 freeway. Look for the big MCC sign and exit. Turn right at the Mobile station and then another right at the MCC entrance. Head to the top of the hill and park and walk past the golf cart rentals.

Jul 14, 2008
nrique in Los Angeles Area

Best Submarine Sandwiches in SGV area?

I second Claro's in San Gabriel. They offer 6 inch and 12 inch sandwiches as pre-made in a cooler in front of the deli counter. Also you can take a number and get a fresh made one for a little wait.

There is also Fromento's on Beverly Blvd. in Montebello. Family run since it started just like Claro's and they offer a wider selection of sandwiches.

Jul 07, 2008
nrique in Los Angeles Area

Best Burger in LA

BIG MIKES in Bellflower !
Read my review here:

And if half pound Patties scare you, there is a Lil Mike burger made with Quarter pound patties.

17845 Clark Ave.
Bellflower, CA.

Apr 24, 2008
nrique in Los Angeles Area

BIG MIKES BURGER in bellflower . . .

I haven't tried those other places you mention, B&R is on my list of must tries.

But I can honestly say BIG MIKES meat is top notch and cooked just perfect.
I didn't taste any special seasonings or such just very tender meat.

Like I noted above BIG MIKES does make a Lil MIKE a normal quarter pound patty. So if you want you can try that.

And as for the Link, it's the best I've had in quite a while. For most people it might be to spicy but I thought the balance was just right. And if you don't like Hot LInks you can get Bacon on the burger instead.

Apr 24, 2008
nrique in Los Angeles Area

The Alhambra Burger

Pharos Burgers -- Is not that much more expensive than the next door In N Out. In fact it probably is a better bargain because you are getting much more food.

The Hat's burgers are underrated. Due to it's heavy hitters like the Pastrami and Chili Cheese Fries. I've eaten them for years and they are very good.

Rick's has just fallen flat these last years. Many years ago they were REALLY good. Now they are just an empty shadow of quality past.

Apr 24, 2008
nrique in Los Angeles Area

Best Burger in LA

Just posted a review of BIG MIKES in bellflower, a should read.

The south bay has some SLAMMING joints!

Apr 23, 2008
nrique in Los Angeles Area

BIG MIKES BURGER in bellflower . . .

So it was last Sunday when I got the chance to head down and try this place. I found this joint from a couple of work friends who described this burger WORD FOR WORD.

So here it is the BIG MIKE BURGER.

Starts with a half pound patty of fresh ground beef.
One half Louisiana hot link.
Cheese, pickles, onions and tomato's.
Mustard and Mayo standard.

BIG MIKE is a gracious fellow and will ask if you don't want anything specific on it. You can substitute bacon for the Hot Link, but WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT?

The low down, I got my burger and the meat is REAL GOOD, cooked just right, the Hot link was outstanding. Plain and simple this is THE BEST BURGER I HAVE HAD IN A LONG TIME. It took a little over 15 minutes to prepare the meal, yeah it's not fast food and when you bite into it you will be thankful.

He has a full menu including Bar-b-cue ribs and Tri tip cooked on an outdoor grill !

His burgers start at the LITTLE MIKE level I believe its a quarter pound patty then goes to the BIG MIKE burger ( half pound patty) and ends at the DOUBLE BIG MIKE burger (TWO half pound patties with one WHOLE hot link).

If you are a PROFESSIONAL eater then I would try the DOUBLE BIG MIKE. But if any of the standard burgers leaves you happy I recommend you start with the LITTLE MIKE.


17845 Clark Ave.
Bellflower CA.

(562) 866 - 6967

On the counter he has business cards that have a special offer on them, buy two BIG MIKES and get 2 XL drinks free. A Good Deal !


Apr 23, 2008
nrique in Los Angeles Area