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Mexican Adobo Sauce

Jun 19, 2015
phoenixrising in Recipes

Pasadena Whole Foods - wow!

They've had one of these mega Whole Foods in El Segundo for like 6mo now, get with the program! ;) j/k
If this identical to the one down here in South Bay though (and sounds like it is) they are unbelievable. Hands down the most fun grocery store ever.

Need Party Location Advice!!

I dont know how formal/fancy you want things... but bang for your buck and fun C&O's Trattoria in Venice Beach. Really good food, excellent value, fun atmosphere. There's even a couple of Martinni bars and dive bars on the same block so you have your options of how people want to get crazy afterwards. Good luck.

the best SANDWICH in (Los Angeles) period.

I know its been covered, but I'd walk over my mother for a Godmother with fresh bread from Bay Cities. :)

The Great French Fry Debate

tough one...

1) I go back and forth between CJ's criss cut fries and Jack in the Box's curly fries.

2) Fathers Office

3) Meh

4) Wow. Garlic fries at Big Mikes. Garlic Fries at Nick & Stef's. Cheese Fries at Islands.