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Ramen Yamadaya coming to SF Japantown

LA-based Ramen Yamadaya is opening in the former Iroha space above Shabu-Sen in Japantown. Thursday, December 19 is the planned opening date on the banner out front.

1728 Buchanan St. San Francisco, CA 94115

With Waraku and Underground opening earlier this year, 2013 has been a good year for ramen options in the neighborhood.

New Ramen Joint in J-Town (Waraku) [San Francisco]

Last weekend I ordered tsukemen at Waraku. The rich dipping broth had complex peppery notes and the thick noodles were pleasantly chewy. The half egg was cooked the way I like it, exactly as greymalkin described. The chashu looked dry at room temperature on the platter, but miraculously softened and separated into tender pieces as soon as it hit the hot broth.

Where to buy Okinawan Sweet Potato

Sweet potatoes labeled "Japanese" are usually white inside and "Okinawan" ones are purple inside.

Where to buy Okinawan Sweet Potato

Last weekend I bought some at Nijiya in San Francisco to make purple sweet potato lattes.