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Advice on Bar Boulud sought

I was mulling the prospect of going in here next week to try the oft discussed burgers.Can any kind person tell me whether walk- ins are likely to be ok at this time of year or not? Good time to go?

Also is it quite relaxed - or a bit high brow? The posh looking photos and dress code are a bit of a worry for a scruff like me. ;)


Dec 10, 2012
salthouse in U.K./Ireland

Bocca Di Lupo: ordering help!

>I hope that helps.<

It sure does, bc, thanks. This would be my understanding too - I was just a bit confused when I saw a few blogs mixing in the small pastas with their antipastis. Overall, I am liking the idea of the two different dish sizes - at the very least it helps one try new things without too heavy an investment. It just threw me a little on first glance. I will play it like you suggest though.

Thanks again.

Dec 09, 2012
salthouse in U.K./Ireland

Bocca Di Lupo: ordering help!

I am sure this will come across as
perfectly daft! I have booked to go here
for a meal next week, and having just
paroused the menu online, I am wondering
if anyone can enlighten me as to how it
works here.

Specifically, on how I order and when
they bring the food? I am a bit thrown off
by the small and large dish sizes for
example. Not to mention the lack of anti
pasti/primi/secondi/dolci sectioning I am
used to.

Any pointers would be swell. Help me not
look like a doofus! :)

Dec 07, 2012
salthouse in U.K./Ireland