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Ok to parbake stuffed mushrooms a day ahead?

Thank you!

Dec 24, 2013
amies in Home Cooking

Ok to parbake stuffed mushrooms a day ahead?

Hi! I am preparing stuffed mushrooms today, to serve tomorrow. I know these can be made a day ahead, but I like to par-bake my mushrooms before stuffing them. Will my mushrooms be ok tomorrow if I parbake and then stuff them today, and then fully bake them tomorrow?

Alternately... has anyone tried putting in a bottom layer of breadcrumbs, and then the stuffing on top of the crumbs, all inside the mushroom cap? Since my reason for par-baking is to remove some of the liquid, if I can't par-bake, I'm wondering if the layer of crumbs would work to absorb the liquid. (The base of my stuffing is cream cheese.) Thanks!

Dec 24, 2013
amies in Home Cooking

desperately seeking kari kari ume

Hi! I am trying to locate kari kari ume in the Vancouver area (green preferred over red, but I'll take anything at this point). Has anyone seen them? I've tried Fujiya, Sakuraya, T&T, Konbiniya (Konbiniya even had them on their website but it turns out they don't carry them).

Yaohan is next on my list but I'd love to know if anyone knows for sure that they have them.

All online sources I've found are either sold out or don't ship to Canada.

Kari kari ume:


Dec 06, 2012
amies in B.C. (inc. Vancouver)