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Jumbo yakiniku help

I was just there a few days ago.
Suggest going for the jotounge. But I guess you are already there now.

Dec 29, 2012
booffie in Japan

White Smoke Texas smokehouse - anyone been?

only change you listed from when I was there was the one side dish per person. everything else they had already "implemented" when I was there. note that had not been mentioned on the website at the time as well.

would also suggest calling them to see what they will actualy have available from the menu as it seems most items will run out before the main influx of diner people even arrive

Dec 26, 2012
booffie in Japan

White Smoke Texas smokehouse - anyone been?

I had my all you can eat there recently.
Really hit and miss.
as for getting the orders right more miss than hit without a doubt.

by 8:15 they had already run out of the dino ribs. their staple dish really... that is a bit of a joke. So never even tried to them to say if they were any good or not. Instead I preemptivley ordered a rather massive amount to try and ensure that by they time I did want it that they hadnt run out of that. they balked at bit at that but brought it out anyways in the end.

They did try to push us into we will just bring out stuff that I quickly said thanks but no I know what I want.

sasuage - tasted great. actually had a really good taste to it. too bad it was served room tempurature

brisket - cant complain, tasted good and was hot and was a a decent size

pork belly roll. - cant complain, tasted good and was hot and a good amount.

pork ribs - (since they had run out of the beef ribs) sucked. I might as well have gotten a canned ham and microwaved it. same thing. Not much smoke ring going there and it was basicaly cooked to temp but wasnt cooked smoked if that makes sense.

warm german potatos - did nothing for me except fill space in my stomach that could have been used for more sasuage. oh wait no it couldnt have. ill get to that in a minute.

whole chicken - just read what I wrote for the pork ribs. same thing.

cheese burger - not bad, nothing to die for or anything like that.

pork and beans - good. liked that allot.

corn bread - could take it or leave it. wouldnt order it again though.

I got the large portions of all of the above and that was for myself. except the chicken, that was the wife but I tried some.

by this time I was getting more than stuffed but wanted to order one more of something I liked in the small portion. Sasuage was by far the winner so I went with that. except they came back and told me that they had also run out of sasuage. go figure. blondie the waitress said this to me as I watched two people come in and sit downa dn I thought, wow hope they like the cornbread becuase that is about all that I think will be left......

in short, it was hit and miss some food good some food not and running out of multiple items was the killer for me that would not make me recommend the place to people.

Would I go back? Only if:
it was another all you can eat
I didnt make reservations and walked in off the street. (I wouldnt want to actualy make reservations and expect there to be food when I turn up and they are all out of half the menu. )
even then if the offer was every day all day, I might only go once maybe twice a year.

Dec 19, 2012
booffie in Japan

White Smoke Texas smokehouse - anyone been?

Indeed. Seems very straight forward.

".....From Monday, November 19th, until Wednesday December 19th, any guest can come to White Smoke and enjoy dining on as much of our full dinner menu they can eat for ¥5,000. Here are the details:
All You Can Eat for all food on the Dinner Menu
Drinks & Desserts are not included"

I hope they can live up to that offer next week.... i.e if I want the duck and the duck is on the menu, they better be bringing out the duck if they want thier 5000 yen. Someone had said you needed to order it a day or two in advance. That doesnt cut it with the offer they have listed.

It should be really simple. Ill have A B and C with a side of D and E. and then they bring out A B C D and E without stipulations or conditions or excuses that they are out of B and D etc etc...

To be honest some of my coworkers went there for the all you can eat last week and they came away pretty happy. That was different than thier first experince. Their first expericence was in line with my first and only experience. Most of that is reflected in allot of the other peoples posts such as service was lacking, sauce wasnt subtle it was just bland and pretty tasteless, some items were good some were not so good or servered a bit cold etc...

Dec 14, 2012
booffie in Japan

Thoughts on my Tokyo Food List Must trys?

love coco curry. If you like that style might also want to give go-go curry a try as well.

Dec 08, 2012
booffie in Japan

Top Gaijin eats or Non-Japanese foods in Tokyo

Hatos just isn't anything that good that ever made me want to go back. Portions were small taste was meh.
Haven't been to the other place. But that's in Yokohama. If I'm in Yokohama once every three years that would be allot. If I am going that often I'll wait for gates, Auther Bryant's , Hayward's, smokestack, Oklahoma joes. Etc. as I'm more Likley to be in Kansas city than in Yokohama

At the end of the day. The best BBQ I have had here is the meat I smoke at home.

Dec 04, 2012
booffie in Japan

Top Gaijin eats or Non-Japanese foods in Tokyo

That's what I was thinking as well. A very different style of pizza at savoy. It's close enough for me I could eat there everyday if I wanted but it's just not the knd of pizza I'm into.

I would like to try Rocco's but talk about the worst location you can pick. That alone makes me doubtful I will ever give it a try

Dec 04, 2012
booffie in Japan

Top Gaijin eats or Non-Japanese foods in Tokyo

In no particular order some of the places I like.
Teddy's Bigger Burgers

Fellows Burger stand

Munch's Burger shack



La Bisboccia

The French Kitchen (Grand Hyatt Roppongi

as for BBQ and good pizza is a stretch anything resembling BBQ is just nonexistent.......... for pizza in Japan I would have to settle for
Devil Craft


But I cant see myself ever going there if I was in the US.

Dec 03, 2012
booffie in Japan

Burgers in Tokyo

Also liked Fellows burger stand. its close to Teddys so I usualy end up going to teddys but its decent

Dec 03, 2012
booffie in Japan

Burgers in Tokyo

Teddys bigger burger is by far the best I have had in tokyo hands down.

White smoke wouldnt make it on the top 20 of any list.. nothing to write home about and overpriced although I am happy to give them 5000 yen and eat a good 20,000 yen of food.

Dec 03, 2012
booffie in Japan