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Early Eulogy for Henry's Tacos?

According to the establishment's owner, Henry's Tacos will be shuttering its windows December 31, barring "a Christmas miracle." Although it figures among "the most divisive" restaurants among the culinary cognoscenti (i.e., those with the taste and wisdom to post upon these boards), to this Knight of the 'Hound Table it is a vintage Los AngeleƱo icon, and would be a loss felt just as keenly as that of Tail o' the Pup or the Brown Derby.

Say what you will about the cuisine...and I for one will say that Henry's tacos are nearly worthy of idolatry, as the veritable godhead of the Gringo Taco and the progenitor of hundreds of imitators from Taco Bell to your mom's family Taco Night: the shell always reliably crisp, the sweetly oniony ground beef moist and juicy without being greasy, the shredded lettuce cool and crisp, and the always-fresh tomato perfectly sliced and ripened; I will say further that Henry's bean and cheese burrito is among the best of its genre, dusky and savory with a tortilla of admirable constitution; with the addition of the aforementioned ground beef it becomes an equally definitive iteration of the increasingly rare ground beef and bean "combo" burrito...say what you will, but even if you choose not to dine there, surely merely motoring past it and seeing its incomparable Googie signage must raise in you a feeling of heart-lightening admiration, if not outright worshipfulness, for the prowess of our humble megalopolis's midcentury designers? And for that reason if no other, the corner of Tujunga and Moorpark should surely remain unmarred, unstained, unchanged, just as we remember it from our gauzy youth?

Perhaps, now that Elijah Wood--he who fictionally carried the One Ring to the Cracks of Doom against all odds--has become involved in a last-minute campaign to save Henry's, a miracle is possible, and the ancient and noble line of Gringo Tacos will not fade and dwindle in the next Age of this world. I, Don MIguel de Los Angeles no McDonalds, will be among those proselytizing and praying for such a miracle until the bitter end.

Dec 10, 2012
DonMiguel in Los Angeles Area

Little Saigon? Little Vietnam? Little help?

Thanks Dave, we will!

Dec 09, 2012
DonMiguel in Los Angeles Area

Where Can I Buy Rabbit in Los Angeles?

This is a question I often ask myself. Why, in a land once teeming and still healthily populated with fine and edible examples of Leporidae, is it so difficult and pecunious a Quest to procure rabbit meat at one's local butcher, let alone in a restaurant? Just two valleys Northwest from our Los Angeles Basin, there is the Conejo Valley, and yet I wonder if there is even a single dining establishment within its confines that offers the noble and ubiquitous conejo on its every day menu.

Yes, one may purchase shrink wrapped slabs of the wee beasties at Marconda's, but at $14-19 a pound!? This, for the creature currently wiggling its nose at you from the nearest hllside in your field of view?

This is, I suppose, one of the nonsensicalities of corporate foodism, the invisible hand of the market holding us, like a small-fist-flailing tyke, arm's distance from what should be an abundant local source of meat.

I am resigned to find Sylvilagus-y solace in the Thursday night special of lapin in shallot/mustard sauce at Taix, and the taquitos de conejo I prepare for myself the next day: shred meat, heat on griddle adding cumin and chili powder, roll in corn tortilla, fry in canola oil, serve with guacamole and salsa picante.

Dec 05, 2012
DonMiguel in Los Angeles Area