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late night Baltimore

Hi hounds,
I am goin to be in the baltimore area, near owings mill/pikesville late Saturday night. We are driving down from NY and would like to be able to sit down somewhere when we arrive and eat something. Nothing fancy necessary, but we'd prefer something that doesn't involve a drive through or a warming lamp. A diner would be great, a chain would be be good, but preferably not fast food!
So, around midnight, on a saturday night within 15 minutes of pikesville- do I have any options?

williamsburg question

I'm going to be in Williamsburg next week, and am looking for some food finds with some annoyingly specific food oddities

I don't eat meat, which means beef or chicken, or shellfish, but do eat other fish, and like all manner of fish/dairy/veggie/starch

Happy to go somewhere that has an emphasis on meat, but has not to be missed non meat sides,

Feb 09, 2013
soupygirl in Mid-Atlantic