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Suggestions for Restaurant Week dinner on Sunday Sept 6th

Great- thanks for the tip! We were also looking at Marseille. I'll have to decide between the two since there were no other suggestions! hehe

Sep 02, 2010
miffyrabbit in Manhattan

Suggestions for Restaurant Week dinner on Sunday Sept 6th

Hi all - was hoping to get a few recommendations for this coming Sunday. Hoping to get a dinner reservation during Restaurant Week but since i'm not from the area (South Jersey), i'm not familiar with most of the restaurants. Can you guys recommend the best restaurants that are participating?
One thing i should mention is, my boyfriend doesn't eat seafood. I do, however, and as long as there is something else for him to eat, we could go there. Last year we went to Aquavit and it was amazing.
Thanks, and i look forward to your suggestions!

Sep 01, 2010
miffyrabbit in Manhattan

Place for dinner near the Hudson Hotel? (58th between 8th & 9th)

hi all - staying at the Hudson Hotel this weekend (near Central Park)- was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for the area, esp for dinner. Can't get too pricey, was looking to keep the dinner under $100.00 for 2 of us. (is this possible???) since you guys are the foodies, i will bow to you. We like pretty much anything except the bf doesn't dig on seafood, but i do. We welcome farm fresh/local stuff/organic but really, good yummy food is all we're asking for. thanks for any and all input!! :)

Feb 27, 2009
miffyrabbit in Manhattan

Romantic Restaurant Close to Rittenhouse Sq.

ever been to Tequilla's? super yummy upscale mexican. really nice waitstaff and candlelight. not too pricey either. :)

Nov 07, 2007
miffyrabbit in Pennsylvania