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Best knishes uptown

I like the ones from Regina's Kitchen at Sheppard W. at Wilmington.

When can we expect fresh strawberries in Toronto

Add some organic sugar!

When can we expect fresh strawberries in Toronto

Missed the party but the Passafiume Family certified organic pick-your-own farm in Markham, ON opens for the season on Friday June 20/14 with $4 a quart strawberries.

When can we expect fresh strawberries in Toronto

Anyone know of a source of organically grown Ontario strawberries? I have a memory of a pick-your-own just northeast of GTA that claimed to be organic but I can't remember its name or precise location.

Toronto's worst dives

Thanks for firing up the memories of the Conroy. So much gets forgotten over time & change...


In a month or so there will be rhubarb growing like weeds. Such an amazingly tasty vegetable. Enjoy it in season.

Sap Run

Yes, this is a content rich & up to date website. Thanks for the link.

My younger days of collecting buckets in deep snow and boiling them down over burning logs, in a home made pan, under the stars, is unfortunately over. But I still pay attention & this year's spring temperatures did not look hopeful for a good sap run.

I keep a list of the Ontario maple syrup festivals and they were all too early this year for the current flow.

Looking for the best smoked meat in Toronto

I'm no connoisseur but I enjoy deli sandwiches. Wolfie's is my local. Great decor too (a coca-cola shrine). I like the smoked meat, cut thin, not too fatty. Often I just buy the meat rather than a sandwich so I can have it on an All Stars Bakery light rye with caraway & my own choice of mustard. I've tried most of the other delis more than once and don't find a lot of difference between them. One recent exception is Ben and Izzy's on Bathurst south of Wilson. Excellent sandwich! Just too far for me to walk and being certified kosher means restrictions on hours of operation.

Maple Syrup.

Poured on top of freshly cooked, hot tuna patties.

Feb 28, 2014
OldEater in General Topics

Toronto's worst dives

Geeze, you're an old fart like me!

you seem to have a better memory than me too - I fight to remember those days so every clue you give me wakens more memories! No way it was the lifestyle, eh?

email & registration hassles means I will soon have to be re-incarnated - but you'll recognize me

Sugar Shack in Ontario

Although it's not yet updated for 2014, I keep a complete list of Ontario syrup festivals at
You might find some leads here.
2014 updates are in progress.

Nice lunch in Dufferin-Finch area of North York...Any Recommendations?

First to mind would be Dr Laffa on 401 Magnetic Dr., Unit 39-40 (just west of Dufferin between Finch & Steeles) but it's not open on Saturdays.

Most of the other suggestions posted are not really close.

It's not an area with much beyond chain restaurants. The few quality independents that have tried have failed.

Do you have any meal or environment preferences?

Cumparis, 3610 Dufferin, south of Wilson

Used to love the Trezzanno meatball sandwiches. Never bothered with Bel Cibo. I'll probably wait for someone else to try Cumparis first.

Best Burger I ever ate!

With my friend Peter, we have been grinding our own meat for burgers for many years. It makes all the difference to taste & texture. We've mostly experimented with locally raised, fully grassfed bison, but the techniques work just as well with beef. Although I don't buy often from butcher shops, I think I'd give Sanagan's a try. Our experiences can be found here:

You have $10 for a meal, where do you go in Toronto?

For those truly broke (yes I am) $10 won't likely get you fries these days. If you can't walk to the restaurant, then your transit fee will wipe out any ability to buy prepared food. I'd suggest a $2 Wendy's burger with bacon, tomato, & lettuce (not much, but will get you through to another day of wondering how to fill a growling stomach).

Shepherd and Allan expressway?

That's a shame. Good people - good homemade food. It's a very tough location and seems to change owners & style every year or so. I better enjoy it while it still exists.

Shepherd and Allan expressway?

I've had excellent Italian sandwiches (meatball & veal) from Papa Zucchero's Italian Eatery on Wilson Heights just north of Sheppard. It's become my favourite local restaurant. See Yelp reviews here:

Bruce Penninsula, Manitoulin Island eats
The spring is at the centre of this google map. There's a small public park & beach too. Just zoom out to see the route in. Take your own water containers. The lake is good for swimming since it warms up faster than the big Lake Huron beaches.

Bruce Penninsula, Manitoulin Island eats

If I can get someone to look after the husky (don't like leaving her in a car) then I'll give them a try. How was your whitefish cooked? Fried, steamed, baked, griddled? Maybe takeout might work for us.

Bruce Penninsula, Manitoulin Island eats

When I visit an area for food, I want what's special for that area. Ribs are really not a Bruce specialty. But whitefish is! That's what I seek out even if I have to cook it myself.

Bruce Penninsula, Manitoulin Island eats

I was nastyman. I always look at Smoking Gun when I pass by - love the name, but never ventured in yet. On a mild evening I do enjoy the Wiarton Inn back patio (with the husky of course). I usually have fish & chips, sometimes whitefish and sometimes English style ocean fish. Always enjoyable. I take my old propane stove on trips to the Bruce and cook fresh whitefish for at least one supper. There are free range eggs to be found off the main highway, free artesian water (details on request), roadside farmer style supermarkets that have excellent local fruit & meat. There's also a great 'hippie' style organic bakery (Harvest Moon) on Hwy 6 about half way between Wiarton & Tobermory Love their butter tarts but not cheap!
The area is more of a DIY destination than fine dining.

Kawartha Dairy ice cream is made with disgusting ingredients now

Glad you posted this. Got my attention.
No way those ingredients are an original family recipe.
Commercial corporate factory ice cream seems to focus on flavour (natural or artificial) at the expense of texture.
Just fluff & foam is not satisfying, especially when I know I'm ingesting multiple gums, glucose, & other gunk.
A good quality ice cream lasts in the mouth.
I did enjoy some Metropolitan vanilla ice cream a while ago but I didn't check ingredients (not on their website either). Think I got it because it was cheaper than Haagen Daaz.

Maple Syrup festivals in GTA with actual locally produced Maple Syrup?

Check this link
for local syrup festivals. Most of the smaller venues will have onsite produced syrup.

Onion Buns Steeles & Bathurst & Area or elsewhere!

I like the onion rolls (chunks of moist onion inside) at Bagel Plus the best, especially if they're still warm. I also prefer when the top is golden rather than brown.

Looking for a smash cake for 1 year old birthday

Just make sure the adults have a good time. A 1 yr old will not remember any of it anyway. If you're not going to eat it,simply buy a box at the supermarket and add an egg & water and stick it in the oven.