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Lunch near Flying Fish Brewery Cherry Hill

My husband and I are heading to Flying Fish Brewery in Cherry Hill for a tour. We have eaten at a couple of diners in the area but would be interested in something a little lighter. Maybe Korean, Sushi etc. Any suggestions?

Mar 21, 2009
salvarez in Mid-Atlantic

Philly must-eats?

If you are staying in the historic district all of the following are within walking distance:

Romantic dinner spots:
Amada - Jose Garces first spot and still my favorite. Tapas bar, killer sangria.
Vetri - One of the best if not the best restaurant in the city. Very romantic, a pricey and worth it.
Ansill - Interesting small plates, great happy hour deals.
Southwark - Local/Seasonal - May would be a great time to go. Amazing bar program. Romantic patio, if it is warm enough to sit outside.
Chick's - Tiny bar, great bar tender, small plates, cheeses, charcuterie. Dark and romantic

Royal Tavern - Good example of a philly gastropub, interesting local beers, well executed bar food.
Eulogy - for 100's of beers and mussels. The beer and mussel thing is big in town.

Lunch and/or brunch
Sarcone's - A must - hole in the wall sandwich place and the beginning of the Italian Market.
Sabrina's - Very long lines, huge menu. Put your name in, walk around the Italian Market, grab a coffee, check out the offerings.
Reading Terminal Market - As some one mentioned before - great breakfast places, John's Roast Pork, Amish Pretzel and a great place to stock up for the drive, flight, train ride etc back.

Something a little different:
Horizon's - Vegan. Very, very good vegan.

There are also tons of great ethic stops around this area of town - mexican, vietnamese etc.

And of course - Capogiro!

Have fun.

Mar 04, 2009
salvarez in Pennsylvania

Rec's for nice dinner with visiting hubby new to Philly

Southwark - Local/Seasonal, great bar program, romantic.
Ansill - Small plates, yummy, open late, great bar/happy hour
Chick's - Small Plates - great bar, tiny and romantic
Little Fish - BYOB - Very tiny, might be too late for a reservation. Amazing seafood.
Cochon - BYOB - French country, emphasis on the piggy. Kind of loud. Great meal.
Amada - Spanish Tapas, great sangria.

Mar 03, 2009
salvarez in Pennsylvania

Coolest looking bar in Philly is....

Chicks and Southwark

Feb 17, 2009
salvarez in Pennsylvania

Chow around Temple Med?

Heading up to meet my husband at Temple med school/hospital. Are there any good eats around the area? Have never seen anything before but was just wondering if there was a gem of a place that I didn't know about. It must be casual and reasonable. Thanks!

Feb 13, 2009
salvarez in Pennsylvania

Where can I get fresh Ackee?

I was wondering the same thing. After spending Christmas at home in the Caribbean and yamming serious portions of Ackee and saltfish I wish I could find the fresh stuff here. The can just isn't the same - so mushy!

Jan 10, 2009
salvarez in Philadelphia

Grand Cayman dining

I am from Cayman.... here are some of the local favourites.

Fine Dining - The Brasserie. Exceptional food, great wine list, charming atmosphere. Google search or ask your concierge how to get there. Not on the beach.

Vivine's Kitchen in East End - Similar vibe to Roland's Garden but all Local food. We always take visiting foodies up there, both for the drive along the coast and the delicous food. You are served in the Vivine's back yard and she only makes a couple things a day.

I think Calypso grill isn't as good as it once was BUT right next door is Morgan's Harbor. Very simply prepared food with a great atmosphere. This is the ONLY place that my father will eat fish that he hasn't prepared. It is fresh, fresh, fresh! And the Chef is very willing to accommodate any requests. Only down fall, they don't have a great wine list, but very yummy margaritas.

Sunset House is a local bar with a great atmosphere and solid food. I LOVE the blackened dolphin (mahi mahi) sandwich there. Great place to spend the whole day staring at the water, playing some dominoes - there is a dive shop on site if you scuba dive.

Welly's has been mentioned a couple times - very local - very good. I even had them cater my wedding which was a pretty formal affair.

Stop at any gas station for a beef patty and some ting!

The restaurants at the RItz are good. My dinners there have ranged between excellent to passable. Good place to celebrate an occassion.

Williams and Sonoma GC

Thanks for the suggestions. I am a pastry chef and a newlywed - the combo has resulted in a well stocked collection of cookware/bakeware/glassware etc. I think I may spread it around on some of those small ticket items I would never buy for myself - fancy hand soap/lotion, some exotic salts etc. Thanks!

Jan 05, 2009
salvarez in Cookware

Williams and Sonoma GC

I received a generous gift card to Williams and Sonoma this holiday season and I am having a hard time deciding what to buy with it. I have a very well stocked kitchen when it comes to utensils and cookware and I am a firm believer in the classics - not a huge fan of trendy or one use only items. I find W & S so overpriced that I never shop there so I am a little overwhelmed. If you had $200 to spend what would you buy?

Jan 05, 2009
salvarez in Cookware

Quiet bars

I second Chick's wholeheartedly, It is my favorite bar in the city, Amazing cocktails, great food and romantic atmosphere. I would also add Southwark for classic cocktails, Dark Horse/ Black Sheep for a pub atmosphere and Xochitl for killer margaritas to the list. I also live in this neck of the woods so my bias is clear.

Sep 21, 2008
salvarez in Pennsylvania

ideas for boneless pork loin?

That sounds really good. Thanks for the new idea!

Sep 03, 2008
salvarez in Home Cooking

ideas for boneless pork loin?

I am making one now! Butterfly and season all over with salt, pepper and rub with olive oil I stuffed with a paste of fresh herbs - basil, thyme & oregano - garlic and shallots. Tie it back up. Brown all over on high heat in an oven proof skillet. Put in 250 oven until internal temp of 150.

Aug 27, 2008
salvarez in Home Cooking

New to Philly (downtown & society hill)

Society Hill/Queen Village is home to some of the best restaurants in Philly and great BYOB's that are affordable and delicious.

Little Fish - Seafood - They have a $28 5 Course prix fix on Sunday's
Dimitri's - Greek
Kanella - Cypriot
Tamarind - Thai
Cochon - French Comfort

Gastro Pub Fare
Royal Tavern
POPE - Pub on East Passyunk
Eulogy - In a world of it's own - 300 beers and Mussels and Frites
New Wave Cafe

Also near by but a little pricier or not BYOB:
Chick's - Small plates, amazing bartender, open late
Zahav - Israeli haven't been but good reviews.
Ansill - small plates, interesting preparations good happy hour
Southwark again: amazing bartender - seasonal, local ingredients
Amada - Jose Garces tapas spot (he just beat Bobby Flay on Iron Chef!)
Horizons - Inventive delicious vegan restaurant

Other Stuff -
Famous Fourth St Deli - Huge NY style deli sandwiches
The Italian Market - On 9th St starting at Christian - Hoagies - Sarcone's is a necessary stop - amazing Vietnamese and Mexican food - plus great grocery shopping for everyday and specialty items.
Headhouse Square Farmers Market - On Sundays. Get a taco al pastor!

Most of these are South of South Street but still very to you. This is my neck of the woods so I will leave Center City proper to someone else.

Enjoy Philly!!

Aug 22, 2008
salvarez in Pennsylvania

Frozen Yogurt in Philly

It seems there will be one opening on South Street. I can't remember the name but it is some sort of play on Philly. I think it is between 4th and 5th.

Aug 21, 2008
salvarez in Pennsylvania

Pls share your absolute favorite casual but delicious Philly rest in the historic district. Thanks! We're only there for one night but want a great meal.

If you are into beer ... Eulogy is awesome. Huge beer list, mussels & frites. Cozy, casual, Yummy. If you are willing to go a a little further south - Ansill is at 3rd and Bainbridge, amazing small plates, great bar... one of Philly's finest.

Jul 25, 2008
salvarez in Pennsylvania

Baking Chicken

Just like City Kid said - One of my easy minimal clean up meals - Baked "BBQ" chicken.

Season the chicken breasts with salt and pepper, sear to golden brown on both sides (beautiful) color and nice crust) in a hot cast iron skillet with a few tablespoons of oil. Pour in a jar of sauce (I LOVE Bone suckin' Spicy BBQ Sauce - no hfc's!) The sauce should cover at least 3/4 of the chicken. Top with slices of onion and tomato (grape tomatoes/cherry tomatoes even easier) Put the pan into a 375 oven and bake. Turn chicken once and move the onions and tomatoes around to coat with sauce. Bake for 35 mins. Sauce keeps the chicken moist and allows you to bake for even longer with out ruining the dish. Serve over rice or with crusty bread to soak up the yummy sauce and sweet onions and tomatoes.

Replace the BBQ sauce with any other type of sauce you like. marinara with zucchini and squash. Or a curry sauce with bamboo shoots and bell peppers. Or Mojo sauce with onions served with black beans and rice. Or chicken broth with white wine garlic and leeks. Of course if you have time, all of these sauces are better if home made, but Trader Joes and Whole foods have some great quality, all natural versions. Good Luck!

Jul 21, 2008
salvarez in Home Cooking

Your week of easy dinner meals please

I love doing the big shopping trip once a week. Just did our yesterday! My strategy is to load up on tons of veggies that can be thrown into stews, make up various sides or can go into a salad or onto a homemade pizza. Then pick up 3 or 4 types of protein. I find that even without a specific menu I have enough components to put together quick, healthy, veggie heavy meals. This week's loose plan is:

Yesterday - Pan roasted tilapia with a warm shallot tomato vinaigrette, curry roasted cauliflower and collard greens with roasted garlic and red pepper flakes

Tonight: Home made pizza. One four cheese and one veggie (roasted red peppers, artichokes, broccoli. Caeser salad.

Tuesday: (I have class until 10 and husband normally works late) I will toss chicken breasts or skirt steak in a chimmi chuuri ish marinade (cilantro, parsley, garlic, olive oil, red wine vinager, salt & pepper) in the morning. Who ever gets home first can put them on the grill with asparagus, finish the curried cauliflower. The extra protein from this meal is used to make salads or sandwiches for lunch.

Wednesday: Lamb meatballs with a spicy tomato sauce and broccoli rabe with garlic and red pepper.

Thursday - Fisherman Stew (seafood I pick up at the fish place on my way home from class all other ingredients at home) A combo of some of the following - clams, mussels, langostine, shrimp, little lobster tail (for company :) fillet of sturdy fresh fish with chorizo tomatoes, white wine, garlic. Crusty bread for dipping.

Friday - Fish "Cayman Style" Snapper, covered with onions & bell peppers steamed in a spicy liquid made from tomato paste & the vinegar from pickled scotch bonnet peppers. Usually done in a foil packet on the grill - no clean up! Sauteed kale and garden salad with lots of veggies.

Sat: Date Night!

I also try to bake once a week, so we do have something sweet to have after dinner and to practice - (I am in pastry school :)
This week was oatmeal cookies with almonds and dark chocolate chunks. Yum Yum.

Jul 21, 2008
salvarez in Home Cooking

Best Rabbit in Philly?

I second Southwark!

Jul 16, 2008
salvarez in Pennsylvania

Other not-to-miss food related sites

Serious Eats, EGullet, Chez Pim, Orangette, NY Mag food section

Jul 14, 2008
salvarez in Food Media & News

Date Night Philadelphia

Where are your go to spots for "date night" in Philly? Be it your first date or your 20th anniversary; hole in the wall to fine dining - where are your go to spots for romance? Thanks!

Jul 11, 2008
salvarez in Pennsylvania

Need a good lunch suggestion in Philly

Sarcone's 9th & Christian at the entrance to the Italian Market. Hole in the wall, gets crazy at lunch time with locals and pilgrams. Best hoagies (subs/grinders/wedges etc) in the city. I always lean towards the Italian, the Sinatra or The Boss. I have heard great things about the Veggie hoagies as well. Eat and then walk it off in the market, stop for Italian Ice at Johns on 7th and Christian - try the pineapple. Or for a bite of chocolate at Anthony's House of Chocolate in the Italian Market.

Jul 09, 2008
salvarez in Pennsylvania

Somewhere quiet

Chick's definitely isn't just a bar. Most people are eating something, whether some cheese and bread or a full meal. The bar program is very special, with close to 50 unusual wines by the glass, interesting beers on tap and grown up cocktails made with house made mixers including ginger beer. Yum! The crowd is decidedly grown up and it has a great neighborhood vibe. It has been in its current incarnation for about a year now and they are in the process of opening an upstairs piano bar and securing a liquor license for out door seating. Right now the few tables outside are byo until they get that license.

Jun 27, 2008
salvarez in Pennsylvania

Phila coffee houses?

The coffee house at 7th and Bainbridge is The Bean Exchange.

Jun 23, 2008
salvarez in Pennsylvania

Somewhere quiet

Copper is good. However it is not quiet. The open kitchen takes up much of the front room and tables are close together. Chick's cafe on 7th between South and Bainbridge is intimate, lots of interesting wines by the glass and a mixture of small plates, cheeses, cured meats and larger entree style options.

Jun 23, 2008
salvarez in Pennsylvania

Your fave non-American breakfast food/meal?

Saltfish and Ackee with boiled green bananas. Breakfast of Champions!

Jun 20, 2008
salvarez in General Topics

Sarcone's Deli/Italian Market

I love Sarcone's but I rarely stray from the Classic Italian Hoagie, it is just so freaking good.
What do you order at Sarcones?

On a side note what is your favorite lunch in the Italian Market?


Jun 13, 2008
salvarez in Pennsylvania

What are the 10 most essential things in your spice cupboard?

Salt, Black Pepper, Allspice, Cumin, Red Pepper Flakes, a West Indian Spice blend, Cumin Seeds, Sumac, Bay Leaf

May 22, 2008
salvarez in Home Cooking

confession time (phila)

Aunt Annie's pretzel and lemonade. I make way better lemonade AND pretzels, but there is just something magical about having the two together. Phew what a load off.

May 21, 2008
salvarez in Pennsylvania


This morning I poached two perfect eggs. I am a pretty good cook, adventurous with techniques, cuisines and ingredients. For some reason producing perfect poached eggs has alluded me and for someone who has mastered much more difficult tasks in the kitchen, it has been infuriating. This morning the cooking gods came together, my stars were aligned and they came out just right. It will take me a few more goes before I am comfortable incorporating poached eggs into menus for guests but I am relived to have had some measure of success.

What technique, dish or cuisine have you turned out successfully that left you with a particularly proud of yourself?

May 20, 2008
salvarez in Home Cooking

Do babies get spicy food in your "native" cuisine?

I am from the Caribbean and grew up eating very acidic, heavily spiced and spicy (hot) food. I don't know how my parents worked it out but they said that there was never a separate meal for my siblings and I. We ate everything from oxtail and cow foot to every species of seafood available, including whole fish, negotiating the bones from a very early age. I am sure when we were very little my parents shredded the fish and meat off the bones, but we always got the oxtail bones back to suck on, they remain one of my favourite things to this day ;)

Have fun with your little one!

May 19, 2008
salvarez in General Topics