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Where can I get Faygo in Toronto?

Saw it a couple of days ago at the Food Depot on Dupont.

Din Tai Fung in Toronto

Showing my food/law geek colours here but it seems the trademark was registered in 1999, and the database makes no reference to connections with others in HK:


Thought I'd reply with some suggestions from a Salvadorean friend:

Mi Pueblo Restaurante – Bradstock and Weston Family friendly atmosphere. Excellent pupusas

Pupuseria Salvadorena – 2459 Finch between Weston & Islington (Also in a plaza) Good pupusas, smaller selection and is a bit more of a salvadorean bar scene. Louder and more karaokeish…

La Pupusa LOCA – 4000 Steeles (Just past Weston RD) – Also good pupusas but a little bit pricier. The place is big and they have lot’sof TV screen with lot’s of soccer matches from all over the place. Family friendly as well but a bit more of a salvaorean sports bar atmosphere.

Mi Pueblo
20 Bradstock Rd, Toronto, ON M9M1M8, CA

Best Subs/6-foot longs for Super Bowl Party

Looking for a 3-6 foot long sandwich for a superbowl party.

Do I have any other options besides quizno's or subway?

Best source for Cheese-steak roll


Given the lack of a decent philly cheesesteak in this city (i.e. cheesesteak related threads: ) and inspired by CH'ers constant requests for slider buns, I have decided to take it upon myself for this task, and am wondering where to get the best roll based on these criteria for "I heart cheese-steaks":

"The biggest reason that the best Cheesesteaks come from the Philly area is the ability to make a great roll. The Rolls should be soft, moist, and springy. The best rolls almost melt into your mouth, blending in with the steak, cheese, and toppings. The crust should be thin and not too flaky."

Any ideas where I can get bread that best suits this description?

Mel's is Gone?

good riddance to bad rubbish.

Need to find a good deli in Downtown Toronto

356 College, rumors suggest sometime in August.

Need to find a good deli in Downtown Toronto

Best bets within those parameters are:
Corned Beef House on Adelaide
Caplansky's at College and Clinton (but moving soon)
Mutual Street Deli at Dundas and Jarvis.

Best Deli Meat?

Had their Montreal Smoked Beef and Corned beef. It's decent but not worth the pricepoint IMO.

The Fifth

I have also enjoyed excellent meals there. I ordered the American Wagyu and my companion had 3 of the biggest cocktail shrimp I have ever along with a classic chopped salad and Filet.


Wow: Semiotics + Poutine. Roland Barthes would be rolling in his grave while eating a cheese curd.

best ice cream & milkshakes in the gta...

hate to be that correction guy, but I believe you are referring to Dutch Dreams. I like their ice cream/fruit combos but I find it a bit pricey compared to comparable offerings.

Greg's Ice Cream has NOT closed

Guilty as charged - but I have since shed a tear for that poor freezer taken too young from this world

In Need of Reliable Restaurant Recommendations

Greg's just closed - there is a tearful "goodbye" message on the door right now.

Diners, drive-ins and dives

People's food is certainly not open till 2 a.m; my experience has been that it closes early supper time. Perhaps you are thinking of nearby (and IMO pretty gross if consumed sober) Vesta lunch.

Best Doughnuts in Toronto

On a recent NY trip I visited donut plant in the L.E.S and it made me drool about fresh made donuts of yore. Anywhere in TO to get something that resembles that delicious product?


Saw a Village Post article on Bamburger and was also a little excited to see the Toby's pedigree. Though I must agree with Davwud that it's pretty weak that they charge for pickles/banana peppers (are their pickles/hot peppers way better than harveys/subway et al who dole em out for free?)

Nice to see the world's tiniest Ice-Cream Sundae back on the menu though, so I think I'll still check this place out.

Great brunch at The Harbord Room

Also had brunch there a couple of weeks back. Perfectly cooked poached eggs with a nice breakfast portion of flat iron steak. Friend got back from dinner there tonight and was still drooling about her friends burger.

Smoked Meat---little gem found

Also there is a location at Bathurst and Bloor... only place where saltpepperketchup is treated as a single word.

Annex Hodge-Podge - new ownership


I recently went to the Annex Hodge Podge for the first time. I had an excellent carrot and ginger soup (I really needed it after the snow) and chicken sandwhich w/ swiss and chipotle mayo. For the area the prices are also refershing. I talked to the owner and she mentioned that they had recently switched from an all vegeterian menu. Defiently good for days I have too much work to make lunch.

Any one else been there?

Late Night - Friday birthday dinner


I am going out for a late night birthday dinner (sheepishly I must admit its my b-day we are celebrating)

My girlfriend gets in at 10 P.M. I'd love to take her to Harlem, but I have found it incredibly difficult to get a reservation there

Any suggestions for a similar, funky place, with great food and somewhat reasonable prices

Parameters are:
- No steakhouses
- Nice ambience
- Great food
- somewhat accessible by TTC, in the downtownish corridor (lets say no further north than Dupont)

Any suggestions are welcome

Sushi Sky and Sushi BBQ - I can't complain.

I wasn't that impressed by Daio. The fish was nice but I didn't find it cut that well and thought their sushi rice was less than great.

I did enjoy Daily Sushi across the street a bit more, and a bit cheaper too I think.

Help me pick dishes for a 10-person dinner at Asian Legend


My family and I reserved a private room at Asian Legend (Dundas Location) for Friday.

I have been twice and there are a cpl of dishes i really like (spicy green beans, soup dumplings, etc) but I really want to wow the rest of my family.

Can any regulars give me some wow-able menu items?

Good Houseware Stores (good deals)

Although not the tops for quality, I've found some real houseware bargains at Honest Ed's. I got my friend a small salton ricecooker and a mortar and pestel set for 25 bucks total.

New(?) Bul Dalk restaurant at yonge and welleley

Was walking up yonge north of wellesley today and noticed a sign for a Bul Dalk restaurant.

Has anyone tried this? Can you compare it with Ajuker on Bloor?

ISO - a good chicken shawarma - anywhere on Yonge between Front & Bloor

I like Red & White, Yonge and Gerard.

Chinese Food Gallery?

its not that new, has been around for at least 5 years. The food matches your description of canadian-chinese cusine

Lunch Catering for College Park

Looking for something beyond the normal sandwich platter/pizza combos for lunch catering in the office. Am willing to consider any kind of food.

-20ish people
- diverse tastes
- one (fairly minor) nut allergy
- not too expensive.


Fat Phil's Marlee no more-R.I.P

AHHH.. I live a cpl of blocks away and have been going there since I was 5. I guess I saw it coming as it was getting less populated and the Asian dude that has owned it for the last 10 or so years started closing it down earlier.

Who here remebers the trivia game that would win you a small coke if you got it right?

Good pre basketball game restaurant (ttc accessible)

unfortunately my dad is a "teriyaki chicken" kind of guy at japanese restos, so I think we would probably avoid sushi.