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Former Taco Bell Employees, Please Help!!!

I worked at Taco Bell in the 1980's as a fry cook. The taco shells were soft flat and were put into a metal form in the shape of a taco. It was a pain in the butt because the shells could break when you flipped the device over to get the shells out after you cooked them. The taco lights were the worst, about a quarter of them would break-but I wish they would bring them back. The biggest issue I had was when you flipped them over, you had to use the back of your hand to stop the tacos from flying out of the form. You would then slowly pull your hand out and let the tacos come out. I wore a big glove to protect from burns but the heat and the oil really made my hands dry and crack. The meat was prepared fresh back then- usually came in 10 pound bags and you cooked 20 pounds in each container. Add the liquid seasoning-smelled really good and then break up with a large fork hoe thing and then drain. The beans were made fresh in a pressure cooker-beans, lard, and water. Then when it was done we used a drill to turn them into refried beans.

Nov 27, 2012
yoshert in Home Cooking