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Summer in Boothbay Harbor area

Which city/area has the best july 4th fireworks and best restaurants in ME, at least in close enough proximity for both? We are thinking Boothbay Harbor?

Apr 29, 2014
Meijie in Northern New England

Suggestions for best Chinese food in Southern New England?

Typos--yes! What can be done? A chance to edit would be nice. Only much later did I notice an "m" where an "n" should be so "notion" became "motion." Too late, but it made a funny picture for me. One must read with a thought to what other nearby keys might've been hit if something doesn't quite make sense.

Oct 04, 2013
Meijie in Southern New England

Suggestions for best Chinese food in Southern New England?

Try Oriental Flavors in Amherst. They have some pretty "authentic" Chinese food, of uneven execution. I've been only twice. Their chicken chow fun (broad rice noodles) was very good in that it was not too greasy and had pretty good "wok hay" flavor--my complaint is that the few slivers of chicken were flavorless and there were only a few scallion shreds as vegetables. I would try the vegetable chow fun next time. The vegetable rice porridge was tasty, but the rice should have been much softer, and the fried dough cruller was really good with it. (That's pretty authentic stuff, I must say.) Their dim sum was pretty good, if more expensive than NYC or Boston chinatown, with smaller selection. I am not a xiao lung bao connoisseur, but I thought theirs were pretty good, even compared to some I had recently in a Flushing NY restaurant.
Regarding, authenticity--that's a slippery motion, particularly of Chinese food which has such great regional variation, For instance, this year I tried lamb with cumin seeds--a northern dish I didn't know existed. My Cantonese mother didn't particularly like it, and I don't know how authentic it was. It was a bit too greasy for me--the lamb was not of great quality--and I would have preferred fewer cumin seeds. But I was glad I tried it, and now I think of trying to cook my own version. So you should be adventurous and always let your own taste guide you in your search for good food!

Oct 02, 2013
Meijie in Southern New England

Easthampton, MA - a destination for food?

We tried a burrito and a tacos from El Comalito. The tacos were very good, burrito mediocre. It's a bit out of the way so won't be rushing back.

Re: Oriental Flavors--that would be the xiao lung bao, or soup dumplings. There is a cult surrounding xlb on the internet and now you too can try them. I think the best ones I've had are somewhere in northern Jersey, but I am not really a connoisseur. I was very hungry and I liked the OF xlbs well enough! I like also that they have the rice porridge and the fried dough cruller (very good and something I crave once in a long while) and it's available all the time. It's traditional, basic breakfast food. You break little pieces and throw it on the porridge and it is half soft and half crispy as you spoon it up together. You have to insist that they bring both together if you want to try this; the kitchen tends to bring out whatever is ready. I must say the (vegetarian) porridge is not as mushy as it ought to be, but pretty tasty, if it is true that there is no MSG.
It's more expensive and selection is smaller than dim sum in NYC but you can get it at night!!!

Oct 01, 2013
Meijie in Southern New England

Flavorless, flaccid pizza at The Hungry Ghost Bakery, Northampton, MA

Thought maybe they'ed worked the kinks out, so we tried HG pizza for second time a couple of weeks ago and was disappointed again! We had the margherita. Dough was great, but something in the topping, whether cheese or sauce, had a funny, hard to describe, off taste. Maybe metallic? We've always thought they deserved the accolades for their bread. The double chocolate mocha cookie was awesome but has been deleted since remodeling. But the pizza is really underwhelming. I am wondering if they might sell their pizza dough!?!

Dec 02, 2012
Meijie in Southern New England

Indian Restaurant Coming to Easthampton!

Nice to find someone who also knew the restaurant so long ago! It was the first Indian restaurant that I really liked! Maybe made more special by the friends I went with--that's what I mean by imprecise memories. I do remember that the buffet lunches were spicier and saltier than their regular menu dishes. Was sad when I visited back in the 90's and they were gone. Restaurants definitely have a shelf life. Maybe it's as it should be--you must maintain, adapt or die among the stiff competition and/or changing tastes.

Nov 29, 2012
Meijie in Southern New England

Indian Restaurant Coming to Easthampton!

We tried India Palace one time several years ago because we love Indian food. We were 2 of 4 people the entire time we were there. We didn't linger and it was empty when we left. It was so bad that we never went back. ( Tough in truth, the samosas were decent.) There are wonderful smells coming from India House in the afternoon, and that has made us want to give them another try. But we've been there 3 or even 4 times, and each time--ordering different things--we are struck by its mediocrity. Not awful, just really disappointingly mediocre, and certainly not worth the money. The sauces are one note, with no depths of flavor that all the different spices should bring together.
It's certainly true that tastes are different. And maybe our memories are imperfect and when we try to find the tastes that we think we remember, we will always be disappointed.
In my youth, I loved a midtown Indian restaurant in NYC called Tandoor that is long gone, while my husband swore by the ones on 6th St. But as a couple, we both agreed on the good taste of the the last Indian/Nepalese restaurant we thought highly of--Katmandu Kitchen in Davis CA. Before that, our favorite was in downtown Wiesbaden in Germany. Sad to say we have not found anything equivalent in MA.
I suppose I might be willing to give India Palace another try, given the more recent testimonial above.
Has anyone actually tried Glory of India?

Nov 28, 2012
Meijie in Southern New England