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Lafayette,La. Oct. 10-13

We are making our first trip to Cajun country. This is the weekend of the Cajunfest. Any recommendations of must visit places? Plan to go to a nice place once or twice but mainly looking for good food. Also want to buy meats and boudin to take back to Tn.

about 17 hours ago
andy43 in Central South

What Food Do You Leave to the Experts?

I learned to debone chicken from Pepin. When they went on sale I bought some to practice on. Even if you mess them up you can still bake or boil them.

Jan 28, 2014
andy43 in Home Cooking

Turkey Day 2013: Lessons Learned

Wasn't too bad. Used a chef's knife and poultry shears to cut down both sides of the spine.

Nov 30, 2013
andy43 in Home Cooking

Turkey Day 2013: Lessons Learned

This was my first year to cook Thanksgiving dinner. Always went to mom's or another relative's home. Anyway, my family are not turkey fans. Usually do a large baking hen. Haven't had a turkey in years. My fiancé is a traditionalist, so as this is our first turkey day together I told her I would relent.
I bought a Butterball fresh bird that weighed 20lbs. I have done some research on cooking one and decided to go with spatchcocking it and roasting at 450.
The bird had ice in it when I cut into Thursday morning. The info I had said roast for 75 to 80 min. uncovered. Since it was icy I tented with foil for the first hour then uncovered. Checked temps at 90 min. 138 in the thigh. Thought maybe 30 more minutes and I will recheck. Glad I didn't wait any longer because it was past done. The thigh checked 178 and the breast was 183.
I said well this is my first turkey and I'm sorry but it will be dry. I was shocked when I cut the breast, it was tender and moist. so was the leg and thigh. It was great. When I tried to cut it up to put the leftovers if the fridge it just fell apart like a slow roasted chicken. This will be the way I do it every time unless something changes.

Nov 29, 2013
andy43 in Home Cooking

Help Identifying Mystery Pepper

This is called the bishop's hat. http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_CAbxtOKD8Tc...

Jul 05, 2013
andy43 in Gardening

What's for Dinner #175 - Dark Days of Winter Edition [OLD]

Made shrimp etouffee. Nice dark roux and served over rice with a cold beer. Comfort food.

Dec 06, 2012
andy43 in Home Cooking

pulled pork problems

We usually smoke it on smoker. After a few hours of smoke we double wrap in foil and finish in oven if pushed for time. Usually at 300'F to 350'F. As long as it is a shoulder or butt you will be fine because enough fat and collagen to keep it moist.

Nov 26, 2012
andy43 in Home Cooking

pulled pork problems

I usually go 195F to 200F. For pulled pork. If it's a butt the bone should pull out easily. Mash on it if wrapped in foil and should be soft. If so should be ready.

Nov 25, 2012
andy43 in Home Cooking