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update on The Kitchen in Sacramento

First, I'm talking about the Selland restaurant with 1 sitting, set 6 course menu (I think there are some casual places with similar names). Has anyone been to The Kitchen lately. I heard they have a new chef and was wondering if it is still as amazing as I remember. Was there a few yrs ago and had the most memorable meal of my life, have been drooling for a chance to return since. I will be in the San Francisco area soon and wondered if it is worth the drive. Thanks

Jul 17, 2013
TheARtraveler in California

Great food AND service at R'evolution

Enjoyed Thanksgiving dinner here. Food was fantastic as I expected from the reviews. Just as impressive was the service (a pleasant surprise after some reviews). The staff went above and beyond and did it with a smile, saying how happy they were to be there (even though I'm sure they were exhausted after spending the entire holiday working). a couple examples of the extra touches: I walked by the about 3 hours before my reservation and noticed a very limited holiday menu. I told Misty how disappointed I was not to be able to try the famous death by gumbo that I had heard about. She arranged to have one ready for us (thanks Misty, it was as great as it's rep). Even though limited, still plenty of good things to choose from. The duck was great but huge portion, couldn't come close to finishing it after a couple appetizers and we were staying at the hotel without a fridge. our waitress arranged room service to hold it for us. Would have enjoyed the meal even with average service but what we got made it a really special evening. If they had service problems when first opening, they seemed to have them worked out that night.

Nov 25, 2012
TheARtraveler in New Orleans