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Le Carre' - NEW & FABULOUS [St. Barts]

Do not miss this new restaurant from chef/owner Franck Mathevet (formerly Wall House). It is fantastic! Located right next to Cartier in a hip open space with indoor/outdoor seating. The menu is stimulating and inviting. The food is sublime. Great cocktail menu (love creative and yummy concoctions). Fresh, uncomplicated, delicious. Perfect pairings of flavors and textures. You will dine with all 5 senses. Don't miss dessert. Lovely wine list and good coffee. Open breakfast, lunch and dinner and you'll be asking yourself how many meals can you eat here. We're going to be here a lot.

Saint Bart's dining

Don't miss Le Carre' d'Or - right next to Cartier. It's new. Chef/owner Franck Mathevet (remember when the Wall House used to be good? That was him.). Open breakfast, lunch and dinner. Really, really great food. Very pleasant indoor/outdoor seating. Don't miss dessert. Lovely cocktail list. Not only some of the best food on the island but a dining experience that will be memorable compared to many fine restaurants. Don't miss Andy's Hideaway - still consistently good. Skip Nikki Beach (ugh!).