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Week in East / Central Florida

Bouy 12A or On the Edge in Ft. Pierce are both interesting.

Mar 16, 2013
Doest2 in Florida

Stuart's latest addition to the Treasure Coast dining and drinking experience

Sometimes you just want a funky gourmet experience without the drive to West Palm or beyond, and wonder if the sleepy town of Stuart can deliver!...

With the opening of B. Merry Gastro Pub, I feel it is safe to say, absolutely!

The pub is off a one-way side street from the quaint Stuart downtown, with quarky decor and seating options. A small bar, window and side tables across the way, and finally back room with tables make up the establishment. There is music some evenings and we will have to return to get a taste of that another time.

We dined early one night on the California Cob--nice portion, presentation, and flavor--and the amazing Candied Pork Belly with fries. The belly was a combo of melt-in-your-mouth fat and crunchy pork. The serving size was almost too much for one person, and at $20 was an excellent value.

The beer and cider selection of the evening were fun. We were given tastes of our top 4 choices and settled on the Woodchuck Winter Cider. It went down easy, and complimented the meals.

Nov 23, 2012
Doest2 in Florida