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Fancy Franks On College

The concept is 'gourmet' hot dog, so if you go that way then the bun to dog ratio works since the bun is slightly large and can hold onto the tones of condiments you can slap on the dogs. The hot dog I had was the traditional and had good flavor. The dogs are grilled. Since I prefer my dogs with very little condiments the bun felt a tad large. They offer sausages as well, but I didn't try one. There's some interesting offerings to explore, but at a price.

Fancy Franks On College

Hold on a second.... 4 bucks for a pogo? 4 bucks for a hot dog? This is one thing I can't understand. Being from Montreal, I may be biased, but the prices are steep. The fries are good. Location is nice. Even though I'm not HOLY FSCK YEAH! WOO! about it, I prefer it to that other place down on College. Really though, I'm more likely to spend my 4 bucks on a 12 pack of dogs at Metro. But if I'm in that part of town and need a hot dog, I'll likely stop in again.