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Glass food storage: Luminarc vs Pyrex vs GlassLock?

You are confusing the notion of whether it is safe to freeze the glass vs. whether it is safe to freeze food inside of the glass: these are actually different, as the glass may handle the extreme temperature change without issue, but if it is filled with water that water will expand in volume as it turns to ice and destroy the glass that is trying to constrict it. This is why that FAQ specifically said "do not fill to the container to maximum capacity" and why the info page would have discussed expansion in volume of the stored food. (edit: I will point out that while mlou72 answered somewhat similarly, I wanted to specifically point out why this is unrelated to the glass's ability to withstand temperature change: it isn't a case of "either they are freezer safe or they are not".)

Nov 22, 2012
saurik in Cookware