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one night in frenchtown?

I know this thread is pretty old but I live in Frenchtown too and have to agree with littlecmad.. Not a fan of Frenchtown Inn..

My husband and I went to dinner with our two little boys in the grill room a few months ago and there was a "gentleman" there that dropped the f-bomb and every other curse word I didn't want my kids to learn very loudly and was telling inappropriate stories with inappropriate language with tables of families with little kids all around him... After he said the C-word in front of my kids I'd had enough.. They moved us outside and the owner came over and said she was sorry, she'd ask him to watch his language but there was really nothing she could do to stop him from saying what he was going to say because that was the kind of guy he was.. We were really disappointed that apparently the owners thought it was ok to overcharge people for mediocre food and then allow that language in the grill room. We paid about $90 for two drinks, two appetizers and a kids plate that night. Atmosphere just stinks, will never go back.

Better options are drinks at The National (food is ok, atmosphere friendlier then the Inn), if you want something fancy that is guaranteed to be event free as far as service and food go to Golden Pheasant or head over to Black Bass on the PA side, both pricey but worth it. More casual would be dinner at Lovin Oven (byob) or MOH.. Ship Inn is really awful and Indian Rock isn't very good either. Breakfast at Eat Cake if you just want pastries or Lovin Oven or Frenchtown Cafe for sit down.. Bridge Cafe is good too but the chairs are really uncomfortable... The Spinach Cakes are wonderful for lunch! thats my two cents.. some nice restaurants in the area but I wouldn't recommend the Inn.

Never heard of Bobolink will have to check it out for sure!

Nov 21, 2012
icraft in New Jersey