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Advice: Wisdom Tooth Extraction, what to eat?

I going to share my story , I had my 4 wisdom teeth 3 erupted and one partial erupted. Before I did the surgery I was freaked out from hearing horrible stories.

Day 1: After I woke up from the surgery I didn't feel anything until I got home I started with shakes from McDonalds then went to sleep.

Day 2: The sleeping was bad but no pain at all,however, the bleeding was bad ! I survived on yogurt and just had antibiotics.

Day 3: Got more sleep, still no pain , and less bleeding. Ate smoothies and yogurt.

Day 4: Normal sleep, no pain, more less bleeding. Ate some soup , yogurt(sick of it !), noddles.

Day 5: Normal sleep,no pain, almost stop bleeding. Ate Mc and cheese , noddles, pinkberry :)

Overall it wasn't a horrible experience at all at least for my case! I didn't eat any prescribed painkillers.

Tea bags helped a lot for the bleeding , salt and water rinse(after day 1).

Conclusion, it all depend on your case.

Nov 20, 2012
sultanaa in General Topics