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Changes at Debu?

hmmm. we wanted to love them - we really did. best parts first - the meat in the chicken tikka masala was so insanely tender i literally do not understand how it got that way. totally fantastic. also, the sauce had a really nice texture to it, but in pockets it was a bit sweet (for me). we also got aloo gohbi (which was super sweet - ugh), basmati rice (beautiful texture!), veg pakora (pretty nice) & lastly, butter chicken - which was kind of sad - i'm sure the chicken itself was spectacular, but we couldn't get past the very sweet, thin sauce. as i write this i realize how anti-sweet i seem to be, so that might be a selling-point for some!

all the mains seem like enough for 2, maybe even 3-4 if you're getting a couple of other things. total was about $50, all in.

next time, i think i'm going to ask them to give us whatever they think are their best menu items, and give it one more go.

Changes at Debu?

they are open!

a kind person came out and gave me a menu while i stared at the one outside. chicken/ lamb/ beef/ fish/ prawns/ veg/ rice/ appetizers & lassi - looks like everything i would need from Indian takeout. admittedly, i am not wildly imaginative and i am easily pleased with solid standards that are fresh, flavourful and non-ketchup-y.

i will report back when we have a takeout night!