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Need help - Goose for Thanksgiving

So I'm picking up a goose from The Organic Butcher in McLean, and will be transporting it on ice to SC to cook at my family's home for Thanksgiving. I plan to do a citrus zest (lemon & lime) and Chinese 5 spice rub, and then will put it in the oven. The goose is expected to be between 8-12lbs. Does anyone have any advice on cook temps and time? The only thing I have heard even remotely helpful was to start it off breast side down for 3/4 of the cook time, then flip it. I've never done goose and just did my first turkey last year. I hear they are nothing alike, as a goose is all dark meat.

Any guidance is much appreciated!!

Thanks! Jamie

Nov 18, 2012
minibadger in Home Cooking