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Suggestions Please for mini-Honeymoon, Early December

The wife had some kind of turnip ravioli as her first course, and then Sauteed Veal scaloppine, Flying Pig Ham, Mushrooms, and Lavender. Hers were both quite good. There was a surprisingly large amount of veal, I had to finish it for her, which worked out well given how disappointing my meal was.

I went in planning on adding a course, but nothing looked terribly appetizing. My first course was butternut squash soup, which was very good but was just a butternut squash soup. I didn't expect much, but I just can't pass up one of my favorite soups.

The real disappointment was I splurged and got the Carmelized Waygu Beef Tenderloin, delicate squash confit, Mole with Sherry vinegar. It was teeny tiny, which I know isn't really the point but it was almost comical. It was not cooked as I ordered, the outside was pretty well done and the middle was almost bloody. I would have sent it back but I didn't know if they could do any better. The mole was good but didn't really mesh with the meat. Too strong. The squash was okay. It was disappointing, especially as it was a 15 dollar additional charge. That's almost an entire other course.

We also split (I was full after all the veal) the Holiday dessert tasting. It had some highs and lows.

The high points of the meal were probably the extra little dishes, especially the dessert one.

We went to EMP for lunch on our last trip, before they started serving their dinner menu and before they seemingly had some kind of ascendancy (sorry, I only check in on the NYC scene when I go there, and they weren't getting the same kind of love as they are now). EMP blew them away. The food, the service, everything. The service at Jean-Georges was kind of odd and neither of us was a fan of our waiter.

Anyway, I may try them again next time. I am sure we did not get their best.

Dec 08, 2012
jufison in Manhattan

Suggestions Please for mini-Honeymoon, Early December

Just got back a few days ago.

Thank you so much for all of your input!

Started off the trip with dinner Sunday night at Szechuan Gourmet as we could walk to it from the hotel. The chinese suggestion was a good one.

Monday - Breakfast at Ess-A. Lunch at Jean-Georges, which was a little disappointing. Dinner at Momofuku Ko, which was outstanding.

Tuesday - Russ and Daughters to try Salmon on a bagel for the first time. Donut Plant. Skipped lunch for more donuts. Had some snacks at the union square Christmasmarket, then Motorino for dinner, which was damn good.

Hit Ma Peche for lunch (close by, kind of on way to LGA, and took reservations as we had a tight time frame) on the way out of town.

We really hope to get back soon and try more. Would have done Ssam if Ko hadn't of panned out. Did have drinks at Booker and Dax after Ko. Next time maybe we'll ease up on Momofuku and try to get to Babbo or Del Posto.

Thanks again!

Dec 08, 2012
jufison in Manhattan

Suggestions Please for mini-Honeymoon, Early December

Milwaukee. Get to Chicago occasionally.

Lot of good Italian around me. While I am sure there is better in NYC, it isn't a priority.

We do love all those cuisines and really I am just looking for great experiences. Willing to open the wallet, just not at Per Se levels, unfortunately. Great Thai and Chinese always welcome, and I did make note of some of the Italian places mentioned in other threads. A native told me once that all the really good ethnic food was outside Manhattan so I never considered it much, even knowing it was likely false.

Unfortunately, we only have 3 dinners and 2 lunches so we are limited. Already planning on something like a heavy snack at WD-50 in the bar and then a late dinner just to fit in more places.

Thank you for all of your help, and would love to hear more. Ssam bar or Ma Peche? Our last trip pre-dated Peche and Ssam bar wasn't an option for some reason I have forgotten. Frankly, we may do both. She really loved the Noodle Bar.

Maybe I just need to visit more.....or get a job and move.

Nov 18, 2012
jufison in Manhattan

Suggestions Please for mini-Honeymoon, Early December

Thank you all and please keep the advice coming.

Sorry for being all over the place in my original post, I shortly after found many of the specifics. Wedding details and all have my head spinning.

Have a reservation at Jeam-Georges for lunch Monday.

Nov 18, 2012
jufison in Manhattan

Suggestions Please for mini-Honeymoon, Early December

Wow. That post was scatterbrained. Sorry.

A rough itinerary, would appreciate thoughts.

Sunday supper at Public OR Blue Hill (Thoughts?)

Lunches at Jean-Georges and Aquavit. Tocqueville in mix, or a Japanese place.

Dinner at one Momofuku, the other is open. A somewhat relaxed Japanese could be nice.

Any places have a great weekday breakfast? Else we will confine ourselves to the bagels and bialys y'all so selfishly keep to yourselves.


Nov 18, 2012
jufison in Manhattan

Suggestions Please for mini-Honeymoon, Early December

Thanks for checking this out.

My fiancee and I are taking a quick honeymoon, early December, Sun-Wed. We are staying somewhere in midtown, but are willing to travel for great food. This is our second trip as a couple, and these boards helped immensely on our last trip.

I am hoping to have another special food trip. Last time we had lunch at EMP, dinner at Momofuku Noodle bar, and plenty of great bagels. Hoping for better pizza this time around (we went to the famous touristy place in Little Italy, also a Michelin listed place in the Village). Also went to Rogue Tomate, which was okay.

I am hoping for at least one ultra-special meal. I will take a shot at Ko (for dinner) when it comes around. We are not rich, so I just can't see dropping the kind of money necessary for Per Se or Masa. Any other suggestions? We are very willing to try some of these top end places for lunch. About how much should I expect at Jean-Georges for lunch? It seems Daniel does not do lunch. Bernandin is too fish focused for us. Is Ko worth it over Jean-Georges or Daniel?

Is Blue Hill of the same caliber as the above? Any others to consider? Atera?

How much should I expect at 15 East? Any other sushi/japanese considerations (Kyo Ya)?Is it a spot where lunch is advisable? My fiancee is part Japanese and one exceptional Japanese meal would be nice, but would be nice to have an option a bit cheaper than 15 east.

We loved Momofuku Noodle Bar, hoping to try Ssam this time, but will likely also go back to the Noodle bar. Or is Ma Peche the way to go over Ssam?

She has never been to Brooklyn, so we may head over there. Any suggestions there would be great as well.

Thank you for any advice. I will keep poking around the boards. We aren't concerned with particular cuisine, we are just looking for great experiences that aren't going to destroy our bank account.

Nov 17, 2012
jufison in Manhattan