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Top Chef Seattle - Ep. #2 - 11/14/12 (Spoilers)

Does anyone think that adding these veterans will make for a better 'tv chemistry' among certain existing contestants in the show? like how momjamin pointed it out, with Stefan and Tesar. I liked the way they included the old contestants... I thought John Tesar was going to prove to be a tough personality to handle, his being older, and labelled "Hated Chef in Dallas", + in hindsight, Carla (coming from something as big as Rao's in her resume, and her loud disposition) and Micah (with his feisty attitude) as well. There seemed no way any one of the other existing contestants would be able to handle them if those three started acting up. The season's barely begun, and Tesar, Carla and Micah already have taken a lot of the screen time with their reputations and 'antics'. I thought including the three veterans in the mix would balance John, Micah and Carla's strong personalities out, both in and off screen. Stefan was actually the perfect choice - he's somewhat abrasive to match the others, Tesar and Carla in particular. Josie and CJ looked like strong, steady personalities. Not sure if the veterans would win, but I think they could stabilize the whole crew and make for an interesting Top Chef Season (assuming they don't get axed early in the show, anyway)

It was too bad Jeffrey had to go. I thought he had a lot of potential for interesting flavor combinations, given his background.

Nov 15, 2012
silvercord in Food Media & News