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SF Chowhound Asking for Review of Itinerary

I'd check out Untitled for lunch while at the Whitney. Your itinerary had me thinking how extraordinary museum restaurants are here in NYC right now. You have Saul (Brooklyn Museum), The Modern (MoMA), Cafe Sabarsky (Neue), M Wells (PS MoMA), Caffe Storico (NYHS). I love museums and food so I do feel a bit spoiled!

Aug 14, 2015
jomuelle in Manhattan

SF Chowhound Asking for Review of Itinerary

So true. I just moved back from SF to Brooklyn and I find the Mexican food in and around Sunset Park tastier and much more authentic.

Aug 14, 2015
jomuelle in Manhattan

SF: What's Left to Do?

Hi. I though I'd check back in. I did make it HOPR. I took the suggestion of eating at the bar. I very much enjoyed my meal even if I didn't get the full spectacle of the travelling meat cart. It was tasty and I enjoyed the classic cocktails available to accompany the old school meal. I did though have an ambiance issue (and this could maybe be the result of said bar visit)- the number of people waiting to be seated from the main door, through the bar and waiting areas can be very distracting. At one point a (not so) gentleman started shouting out loud obscenities upon learning there was a waiting list for the bar. Folks like him and some of the lesser dressed parties really took a lot away from the nostalgic vibe of the place.

SF: What's Left to Do?

I tried to get into HoPR twice over the weekend. It was a bit of a sh*tsh*w. Those with reservation were waiting 45 mins to be seated and employees were generally rude to folks. I left the first time and rode the bus down to Rich Table where I managed to walk-in. Second time I gave up. Will give Swan's line a shot next weekend.

SF: What's Left to Do?

I'm moving back to NYC where I expect all the restaurants have turned over in the two years I've been gone, haha.

SF: What's Left to Do?

Thanks! Totally agree on Cotogna. It's not the first place you think of for pizza but it is really good. They along with NOPA were the most consistent restaurants over multiple visits. Pauline's and Tommaso's have popped up a few times. I will certainly look into them.

SF: What's Left to Do?

I think the only place I haven't eaten at the Ferry Building is Hog Island (they had been under construction) but I'll check it out if the line at Swan's proves overwhelming. Thanks!

SF: What's Left to Do?

I'm gonna miss the 'chocolate thingy' at Arizmendi, Clover milk, how affordable the produce is and Señor Sisig burritos (siloged). Also, more SF restaurants were accommodating of solo dining than I had experienced living in NYC.

I didn't make out of the City too much as I don't drive. I did take the BART out to Easy Creole a few times- I'm not sure why that spot isn't more popular. Speaking of underrated- Prubechu should be destination dining (it is unique, a very personal interpretation of the cuisine of Guam - the pre fixe is an incredible bargain).

SF: What's Left to Do?

Thanks Oliver- tons of useful info here to help me make the hard decisions!

SF: What's Left to Do?

Hi! I'm moving back East after two years in SF. I've had the opportunity to sample a lot of good (and bad) restaurants while here but want to make sure I didn't miss anything exciting. I've got two weeks left and a few places left on what was a running 'to do' list (below). Would love to hear some feedback as to if should prioritize any of these or head's up on something I missed. Thank you!

SF Restaurant To-Do List

1. House of Prime Rib

2. La Ciccia

3. Rich Table

4. Coqueta

5. Helmand Palace

6. Firefly

7. R&G Lounge

8. Ichi Sushi

9. Bix

10. Dosa On Fillmore

11. Thanh Long

12. Percabbo

13. Swan Oyster Depot

14. Shalimar

15. Lolinda

16. Tosca

17. Trick Dog

18. Smuggler’s Cove



01. State Bird Provisions

02. Bar Tartine

03. SPQR

04. Aziza

05. tbd

06. Cotogna

07. NOPA

08. Prubechu

09. Izakaya Sozai

10. Quince

11. Namu Gaji

12. The Slanted Door


14. Hard Water

15. Cavalier

16. Tadich Grill

17. Gitane

18. B Star Bar

19. Koo

20. Burma Superstar

21. Easy Creole

22. Rickybobby

23. The Corner Store

24. Waiheke Island Yacht Club

25. Refuge

26. Suppenkuche

27. Café Bunn Mi

28. Outerlands

29. Serpentine

30. Zuni Cafe

31. Cajun Pacific

32. Leopold's

33. The House

34. Valencia Pizza & Pasta

35. Old Port Lobster Shack

36. Hard Knox Cafe

37. Hops and Hominy

38. Barbacco

39. Good Luck Dim Sum

40. Woodhouse Fish Co.

41. Pad Thai

42. Lavash

43. Maven

44. Marlowe

45. PPQ Dungeness Island

46. Ler Ros Thai

47. Delizie Cucina & Vino

48. E&O Trading Co.

49. Brenda's French Soul Food

50. Restaurant Ducroix

51. Wayfare Tavern

52. Foreign Cinema

53. Shanghai Dumpling King

54. Wise Sons Deli

55. Kronnerburger

56. Le Colonial

57. Saffron Grill

58. Aux Delices

59. Yank Sing

60. Boxing Room

61. Frances

Ice Cream

01. Humphry Slocombe

02. Mr. & Mrs. Miscellaneous

03. Bi Rite Creamery

04. Ice Cream Bar

05. Mitchell’s Ice Cream

06. Polly Anne Ice Cream

07. Swensen’s Ice Cream

08. Holy Gelato!

09. Three Twins

10. Joe’s Ice Cream


01. Emelia's Pizzeria

02. PizzaHacker

03. Tony’s Pizza Napoletana

04. Pizzeria Delfina

05. Long Bridge Pizza Co.

06. Pizza Napoletana

07. Pizzetta 211

08. Pizza Place on Noriega

09. Patxi’s Pizza

10. Gioia

Other (Food Trucks, Bakeries, Sandwich Shops. Etc.)

12. Arizmendi Bakery

13. Ike's Place

14. Chocolate Lab

15. The Codmother

16. Señor Sisig

17. Tartine Bakery

18. Cholita Linda

19. El Farolito

20. 4505 Burgers & BBQ

21. Sunrise Deli

22. Little Chihuahua

23. Three Babes Bakeshop

24. b. patisserie

25. Naked Lunch

26. John’s Snack & Deli

27. Doc’s Of the Bay

28. The Chairman Truck

29. Heartbaker

30. La Taqueria

31. Rosamunde

32. Curry Up Now

33. Wooly Pig Café

34. 4505 Meats

35. Super Duper Burgers

36. El Tonayense Taco Truck

37. Sanguchón Peruvian Food Truck

38. Taqueria Cancun

39. Taqueria San Jose

40. Casey’s Pizza

41. An the Go

42. Éire Trea

43. Fins of the Hoof


01. The Beer Hall

02. Taco Shop @ Underdogs

03. Fat Angel

04. The Monk’s Kettle

05. Toronado

06. Two Sisters Bar & Book

07. Press Club

08. Local Edition

09. Comstock Saloon

10. Social Kitchen & Brewery

11. The Alembic

12. Magnolia Dogpatch & Smokestack

13. Mikkeller Bar

14. Elixir

15. Public House

16. City Beer Store

17. Heaven’s Dog (RIP)

18. Magnolia Brewery

19. Jasper’s Tap & Kitchen

Private Group Dining Showdown (Mastros, Aquaknox or Other?)

Thank you so much Janet! That was exactly the kind of response I was hoping for. I had been going back and forth for weeks and we are going forward with Mastro's for an 80 person group. This gives me less cause for worry the next couple of weeks before our event. I'll certainly check after our event with some additional feedback.

Nov 30, 2012
jomuelle in Las Vegas

Private Group Dining Showdown (Mastros, Aquaknox or Other?)

Thanks Eric. I saw that earlier and it is in fact very helpful. Their choice of S&W was on my shortlist as well (there are very few venues that accommodate 80 I've learned). I'm hoping more than anything that someone in the CW community might be able to give the stamp of approval on either of the two venues I whittled down to after considering many of those details.

So sad that many of my favorites (Sage, Barrymore, Jaleo) don't have private rooms so large.

Nov 14, 2012
jomuelle in Las Vegas

Private Group Dining Showdown (Mastros, Aquaknox or Other?)

Hello All,

I'm organizing a large (80 people) group dinner in Las Vegas. It needs to be impressive, it needs to be private and it needs to come in on budget (125/head). I've done a lot of searching and come down to Mastro's Ocean Club and Aquaknox. Does anyone have any opinion regarding either for a group situation? I really like the "Nest" at Mastro's but it appears that their private dining room is more of a function space overlooking that marvel. Aquaknox has a nice albeit dark space but is a bit costly.

Are there other options I should be exploring for a group this large?

Nov 14, 2012
jomuelle in Las Vegas