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It's Strawberry Season Again! Anyone seen the local ones yet?

Additionally, the Verrill Farms strawberry festival is Saturday. Sure to be buzzing with kids, but there is a strawberry dessert contest so might be worth it even for the child-averse.

Freds Franks only open for 2hrs a day

Just saw on hiddenboston that things are getting worse for Fred's Franks. This is starting to look like targeted law making and enforcement. Pretty insane.

Freds Franks only open for 2hrs a day

I hope he just leaves Wakefield. There are tons of other surrounding towns that would support him. I understand why he likes his spot, but I'm sure there is another where petty laws won't get in this way.

Best dishes at Sarma?

I don't like soft shell crab. Just can't get over the crunch, but I get everything they pass at Sarma so I got it. Changed my entire outlook.

Best dishes at Sarma?

It's all so good it is hard to pick favorites but my top ones are:

ASPARAGUS egg katayifi, avgolemono, black truffles $11
OCTOPUS grilled avocado, grapefruit charmoula, Israeli couscous $15
LAMB SOUVLAKIA black eyed pea & eggplant roll, spicy feta sauce $16 (though this one has been amazing sometimes and so-so others)
HOT DATES goat cheese, pistachio, rhubarb-harissa $8

For the passed plates (I get everything that comes by but..):
If you see the tuna tartare get that it was slightly spicy and fantastic.
The chicken is good if this is your first time you should at least try it.
And the deviled eggs, oh my god yes get those.

For a cocktail I like the Admiral Nelson.

Pictures are of octopus, lamb and deviled eggs. I've got plenty more if anyone wants them.


Suckling pig

Pigs do eat grass, but a grass fed pig would be horribly unnatural. Wild pigs are omnivores.

Chopps American Bar and Grill Burlington

I like the remodel. I always thought Summer Winter was so-so. The new design is much nicer particularly the lounge. I've just eaten there once: I thought the steak was very good ad the bread is awesome. On the other hand the shrimp cocktail is served in a martini glass already filled with cocktail sauce and a ridiculous amount of lettuce. The blueberry cobbler was dry and bready. I would never get it again. Most importantly the dining room still smells like a swimming pool.

Birthday dinner- Ribelle, Sarma, or Alden & Harlowe?

I've never had more than a bite of the frozen yogurt. I get the banana pudding topping by itself for just two bucks. I really like it. It's tiny but usually I'm so full it's all I need. I haven't tried the donuts yet. One of these times I will save room.

Birthday dinner- Ribelle, Sarma, or Alden & Harlowe?

I'm voting Sarma on this one. I'm one of those people who thinks it is even better than Oleana. The food there just has so much flavor and the "mysterious" specials make for a fun night. I order one dish at a time so that I get exposed to as many passed dishes as possible. My strongest suggestion is to talk to Christian (he is one of the main special deliverers) and tell him not to miss you. He is super friendly and as long as you don't say no too much, he will make sure he gets to you before he runs out.

Crappy Wings Over Arlington...

Have you tried Karma in Westford? I have only had them once but their wings (Chinese style) are very good too.

Crappy Wings Over Arlington...

We are not a very good wing town. When I lived in Chicago there were 100 places that had great wings. I mostly make my own at home now because when I got out I'm usually disappointed. I do like Wing-It because their wings are pretty crispy, but it's more nostalgia from college days eating tons of them. I also like Ma Magoos in Fresh Pond, but I always get their tenders not wings. Those are probably the only places I go back to for wings at this point.

My perfect wing is on the smaller side and very crispy. Never breaded, that just ruins them for me. Sauce should be hot but not lose all taste hot. I have had some ok wings on accident before but nothing great around here. I just buy a bunch of naked wings at Whole Foods and make my own sauce. Keeps me happy.

May 2014 Openings and Closings

It is on opentable but their website remains nonexistent! Has anyone been yet?

North End Feast Schedule

Seems that my one and only encounter was pretty typical. Too bad. I would have liked for something called a feast to have good food.

Crappy Wings Over Arlington...

I love wings. I went to Wings Over Worcester once. Yup just once. Never went to any Wings Over again after that.

North End Feast Schedule

I stumbled upon one last year by accident. It just had regular fair food. (fried this and that) Is this the case with others? What is the best one to attend from a food perspective?

My first meal at Island Creek Oyster Bar -- not great

I have zero knowledge about this topic so I am admittedly talking out of my a$$, but it is entirely possible that it is both labor intensive and lucrative for management. Not saying that this is the case with ICOB, but I'm sure somewhere someone in in oysters for the money. That said I find charging 3-4 for one shrimp more troublesome than oyster prices.

Boston dishes so rich, they will send you to the boneyard.

I could not agree more. It is so rich!! I can drink it but my sips are really small. A mouthful of that hot chocolate is hard to swallow.

Awesome burgers: new thread

Yes that was on a beef burger. There were three burgers that night. The Tavern Road kitchen made a lamb burger with smoked feta. My favorite though was the bartender burger which had duck bacon and spicy tomato jam. The jam was actually sweet and gave it that nice savory-sweet blend. Absolutely incredible burger.

They haven't worked out the details for the June one just yet, but it looks like it will be at Commonwealth and probably on a Sunday instead of Tuesday this time.

Awesome burgers: new thread

Second the suggestion to try the burger bros pop ups. I liked the first one a little better because they also had boozy milkshakes, but the burgers were really good both nights.

its fiddlehead season yeah

I like mine boiled then sautéed. I add a little broth till it is mostly absorbed and then lemon zest. Serve with Parmesan cheese and it's my favorite vegetable.

Just to keep on topic though I know No 9 has them on the menu.

Good Asian for pre-graduation dinner?

I don't know if Myers & Chang can handle 11.


Restaurants with Parking

Yup that was kinda my point. It has parking, but it's only going to help if you get there early.

Soft Shell Crabs Tonight?

Sarma has them as one of their table-side specials right now. Don't know if it's nightly or how long it will last.

Tavern Road

Tavern Road is hosting the Super Burger Bros popup on Tuesday night. I've never been to TR before and I don't know how much of an impression about their regular menu Tuesday will provide. Their bar team and kitchen team are each adding a burger to the menu in case anyone is interested.

Restaurants with Parking

Highland Kitchen has free parking in the back but I don't know if I would call it not an issue. Can get filled up.

Restaurants with Parking

Really I had no idea Bergamot had free parking! Valet or lot?

Your Best New Restaurants of the past 12 months?

Maybe I need to go back to Bronwyn cause my meal was bad. I do like TW Food though so worth a second chance. I agree 100% with Moody's. It's one of my favorite places right now.

Your Best New Restaurants of the past 12 months?

There is so much hate for Bondir Concord on CH. I don't get it. How is it over-priced? You can get half portions which are plenty big for $15-18. Wine is reasonably priced. You could easily have a filling weekday dinner for $28 + TT. You want something bigger you can easily get away with a big meal at $75 pp. I have never seen a diner talking on their phone ever. I have only had one bad server and I don't see her in there anymore. The food is his style. If you don't like it fine but then I hope you didn't like Bondir Cambridge either.

All You Can Eat Sushi...Yay or Nay?

There is a John Pinette joke about all you can eat sushi....



Four days in Boston

I know every restaurant has a slip up now and then. I think what is important is the ability to respond well to concern and they certainly did that. Because of how they handled things, I will be back soon.