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Costco or BJ's membership?

I like BJ's, they accept mfg coupons and their hours are better...

Jan 25, 2015
DanksGd in Chains

Ben's Scarsdale/Ben's NY Kosher-Greenburg UPDATE: Opening is now in sight.

Heard a review on WCBS radio yesterday, and at the end, it was mentioned that BEN's would like to expand into the DC & Boston areas this or next year...


Try kosher database Phoenix Their info is pretty much up to date...

Oct 30, 2014
DanksGd in Kosher

need quick cedarhurst recom for dairy tablecloth rest for girlfriends b-day dinner tonight

I have'nt been yet, but look into Fish Plate

Jun 26, 2014
DanksGd in Kosher

Did I make a faux pas?

If that person was so worried about the Kashrus, than they could have checked it out before attending the function

Mar 31, 2014
DanksGd in Kosher

wedding lunch old westbury

Take a look at Milleredge Inn...

Long Island Kosher Bakery

Try Steinbergs in Oceanside, cakes are delicious and almost positive JCC approves them, but double check

Oct 10, 2013
DanksGd in Kosher

Name a restaurant/pizza store/deli where you will still find an owner or worker that was there in the 80's.

Norman, the owner at Woodro in Hewlett

Feb 18, 2013
DanksGd in Kosher

Long Island/Queens diners?

A nice large, up to date with parking, I recommend the East Bay on Merrick in Seaford, between Seaford-Oyster Bay and the Wantagh Pkwy... check Yelp for recommendations

Empire Turkeys

Trader Joes has them listed in their flyer as limited supply. We went one night and they were out, asked the guy if he had any more, and he said new batch coming in the morning, which they did. Suggest you call 1st. btw, this was the Hewlwtt location...

Nov 18, 2012
DanksGd in Kosher

Kosher Ramen Noodles

Gefen also makes a line of Ramen Noodles in a couple of different flavors...We get ours from Arons in Flushing, Usually about 2/$1.00

Nov 12, 2012
DanksGd in Kosher