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Udupi Bhavan in Nashua?

Igree! Still my fave altho had did have a good meal at Meena's earlier in the year.

Nashua, NH > Unum's: Take Three

I should have listened to whs when I read his first review because he is always right on the money. A couple years have gone by since that review and tonight we were desperate for a place we had not been. We were parked right near Unums so we hoped that maybe they had done better and maybe had the new chef by now, etc. Alas - such was not to be. Since it was 8 pm on a Thursday night, the place was practically empty except for a noisy bar crowd. And it is "decorated" just so bizarrely - I'm sure it's to someone's liking but not to mine. Inexplicably, our appetizers arrived 40 minutes after we ordered them. Mine was awful - a meat ball concoction that had sounded ok on the menu but it was to me inedible. My husband had the crab cake which I sampled and it was much better than mine but that was a low crossbar - we swapped. The manager came over to inquire about how we liked our apps and I told him the truth which was of course only my personal opinion, that there was some flavor(s) in there that I did not like - he said it was the Chinese 5-spice powder which I actually use at home and DO like on pork and steak. Also the consistency was murky/mushy and they were just not tasty - too many odd flavors in them. He thanked me for my honesty. I ordered the swordfish and husband ordered the filet mignon which he liked very much. My swordfish was on a bed of the most strongly flavored chopped black beans I have ever tasted - just way too strong a flavor for the delicate swordfish - kinda like vegemite or something - don't know but it was overpowering. I removed the fish from the bed of beans and it was much better by itself. None of the desserts looked interesting. For $130 with 3 drinks and before tip, it was too pricey for not enough to like about it. Plus the service was slooooooooooooow. Doubt we'll be back but possibly would have considered it had the manager taken the meatballs off the bill as a gesture of good will. Lisa the server was the bright spot about the meal.
oh whs - I got what I deserved!

49 E Pearl St, Nashua, NH 03060

Any good places in Bradley Beach?

We vacationed at the shore in 2004 and had a very good meal at Giamano's and again just last week (mid-July 2009). It was excellent both times. I had a beet salad that was huge and absolutely delicious and worth every cent. Their manicotti is also really good with fresh ingredients. True they are not cheap but they have next to no turnover in the kitchen and the food is therefore very consistent. The service was a bit uneven but not bad. Their outside dining area was very pleasant. We'd go back there any time we go to the shore. We had a downright unimpressive and very pricey meal at the Columns or whatever that restaurant is right on the ocean in front of the Atlantic View B&B in Avon.

Jul 25, 2009
tarbysmom in New Jersey

Red Rooster/Woodstock Inn, VT

I originally posted this review on Trip Advisor and cut & pasted in here:
We went to the Red Rooster after hearing Woodstock townspeople say it was nice. It was my birthday and we wanted to dine early and get back on the road as we'd heard there was snow arriving early the next morning. We arrived about 4:45 pm without a reservation and were the only ones in the restaurant. The service was great but almost overdone since there was no one else there yet. However , that is a very minor quibble - I'd rather it be oversolicitous than the alternative. We had appetizers which were perfect [oysters on the half shell and oysters Rockefeller], and I was asked what kind of wine I wanted. I said something white and not dry and the waitress brought me 3 different samples. I made my choice and I very much appreciated being given the opportunity to choose. I chose the swordfish for my entree and it was perfectly cooked and delicious. I would have chosen butter instead of olive oil to top it because I think the taste of butter is better than olive oil as a topping for fish. But that's just me. I LOVE the way they do vegetables/side dishes - you get to choose a few from at least 10 or 12 choices, served family style with your dinner. We chose the roasted mushrooms, the sauteed spinach, and the roasted beets - all absolutely delicious and a delightful change from the veg/side dish accompaniments you usually find in restaurants. My husband got the scallops and was very happy with them and the way they were served. He had also ordered a blue cheese and bacon-dressed salad and it was excellent - real homemade-tasting dressing and perfect Bibb / Boston lettuce. We had one of the dense chocolate desserts and it was just like the rest of the meal - perfect. People on Trip Advisor have complained about the layout of the restaurant and that it's cold and too modern looking but we loved it - spare and modern but not unattractive to us at all. We had a table by the window and we were warm and comfortable. The music was also very nice - not too loud, not too low, and a nice mix of soft classics. The manager stopped by our table and he and other waitstaff were personable and caring. I would make the 90-minute trip back there on a weekend night in a heartbeat. It was among the top five most pleasant restaurant experiences I have had in my life, and I have been lucky enough to have eaten in many fine restaurants all over the U.S. We both decided that the price of dinner for two ($150) with a mixed drink and a couple glasses of wine, appetizers, dessert, espresso, and tip, was well worth it. We could not think of anything which needed improvement. Even the ladies room was nice - attractive, well lighted, clean and shining with high-end toiletries. The lobby of the Woodstock Hotel was also lovely and inviting with a BIG real fire in a big fireplace - unusual. Also a nice library area off the lobby. A cute little hotel gift shop offers locally made stuff for tourists as well as stuff you might have forgotten to bring with you on vacation. Just overall a really nice place. Next time we might spend the night, or even choose it as a special-occasion destination for our anniversary or something. We walked there from downtown Woodstock so I don't know about their parking or reservations. It is NOT a dress-up place though we would have felt underdressed in jeans and boots.

Unums? has anyone been?

again whs - your review alone makes it not even worth a try as far as I'm concerned. I loathe loud music in a restaurant and singing that is spontaneously rendered to music that is so loud that it inspires / encourages patrons singing - yuck. One has to wonder - is it loud because it is covering up something suspect like yelling / swearing in the kitchen? On a par with the "extremely sweet sauce that partially concealed a crepe stuffed with…???" that you mention above? Food for thought. And why didn't the owners notice this?

Saffron Bistro-Nashua NH review

whs you truly missed your calling - you should be reviewing restaurants for a living. I'd try a place on your say-so alone and no I'm not being sarcastic (for a change).

A good Indian restaurant in Nashua, NH?

Their food is great - trust me - I have had absolutely inedible Indian restaurant food and this place makes everything fresh. Their Baingan Bhartha is fabulous - nice and eggplant-y, not tomato paste-y like some places make it. Their Chicken Saag is the best I've ever had, hands down. Also their Aloo Paratha bread is great. Their service is the best and I have never been disappointed there, and I eat there probably once a month. Maybe you just don't like the taste of Indian food in general - my husband doesn't either so I go by myself or with friends who like it.

Windham, NH - is there life beyond Applebees?

no one told you about the best Italian in Nashua - Cucina Toscana on Amherst Street in a very bland strip mall storefront but it's the best. My husband lived in Italy 7 years in several places and agrees it's the most authentic. Their marinara sauce is the greatest. I could drink a glass of it.

Also for Indian, just down Amherst Street is India Palace - compare it to the place you like in Salem next time you're over Nashua way. I've eaten Indian food all over the U.S. and it's the best I've ever had. Extremely high-quality ingredients. Forget about Pizzico - it stinks. Never had a good meal there. Villa Banca only slightly better - uneven. Cucina Toscana - we go there weekly and I've never had a bad meal.

Any experience with the Jura-Capresso Impressa E8 Super-Automatic Espresso Machine ?

Hi fotoose - AT WHAT WILLIAMS SONOMA DID YOU GO TO SAMPLE THE JURA CAPRESSOS? Please say it was in the Boston area! Thanks.


Apr 27, 2007
tarbysmom in Cookware

Cucina Toscana in Nashua NH

So - is everyone who likes Cucina Toscana (and Italian food in general) called a "ciaohound" ???

Cucina Toscana in Nashua NH

I don't miss the singing waiter - he never met my eyes. Quite unlike Davide who is as sociable as they come, and an excellent host/waiter. We have never had bad service there, and we have been going there at least twice a month since they opened. I went to Pizzico a couple weeks ago with the girls and it stunk. I had chicken and broccoli and I couldnt even get 1/4 of it down. Smelled funny and didn't taste good. Wasn't spoiled, just wasn't tasty. I had been there years ago with my husband who lived in Italy 7 years. We didn't care much for it then, and now will never go back. Cucina Toscana rules.

Newport and Providence - Jan. 19-21?

Asterix and Obelix was pricey but awesome when I lived there. So was Cheeky Monkey. You can't go wrong with the Black Pearl either, if it is not resting on its considerable laurels - suuuuuuuuper nice atmostphere. A place that's a bit out of the way (on Broadway not right downtown) called Tucker's Bistro was good too. Mama Luisa's was my ex-husband's favorite.

India Palace Nashua NH--excellent food

You're doing great - keep up the good work! Your customers are loving it.

India Palace Nashua NH--excellent food

Isn't it awesome!? I absolutely love it - I eat there as often as I can. If you like eggplant, try the baingan bharta, it's incredible - better there than any place else I have ever been. The chicken saag is to die for but I've tasted many things there and they are ALL good. Please continue to support this fine place so that they don't ever move!

India Palace Nashua NH--excellent food

I know Trader Joe's is near Mehmaan but if I were you, I would take the extra 15 minutes and go over to India Palace on Amherst Street - it's the far better choice - you absolutely will not be disappointed, whereas you might be at Mehmaan. I can't believe my good fortune at living only 10 or 15 minutes from India Palace!

India Palace Nashua NH--excellent food

Don't even bother with Mehmann or whatever it's called - it's nowhere near as good as India Palace. I go to the one in Nashua on Amherst Street as often as I can - it's absolutely awesome - bengain bartha is the best I've ever had - just wonderful. I've eaten there several times with friends and tasted many different dishes and they are all good. They use the finest white meat chicken I have encountered in an Indian restaurant. Go see for yourself!


GOOD waterside restaurants Hampton Beach NH area

I love this type of place if the food is really worth it - one of my faves is in Cape Neddick, or used to be - havent been there in years. I will get on clamlove and check them all out.

GOOD waterside restaurants Hampton Beach NH area

yes it does - the website shows just the view I'm looking for. Thanks!

GOOD waterside restaurants Hampton Beach NH area

I used to live in Maine and kinda have "been there done that" but it certainly is not out of the question, and you are totally right about lobster being lobster. Thanks for your hint about the cafe at Wentworth - that too is on the short list.

GOOD waterside restaurants Hampton Beach NH area

Hi thanks for writing - I checked out BG's website - it looks like the right setting - not sure I want FRIED seafood but the setting looks perfect! Portsmouth is not out of the question - it's really not that far away. I just want some food that is kinda out of the ordinary but I may have to settle for it at a place that is not on the water, like any good chowhound should be able to do.

thanks again

GOOD waterside restaurants Hampton Beach NH area

Hi - thanks for your recommendation. I guess I can forgo the water for good food! like any good chowhound should. I wil check it out - I'm staying on the beach there in Aug for a few days. I ate lobster at a place overlooking the waterway right in downtown Portsmouth last summer and it was okay - nothing spectacular though.