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My Singapore list

Did I mention a thank you to Kyleoh and Lau :)...didn;t realised my appreciation came through twice

Aug 20, 2014
Idaud in China & Southeast Asia

My Singapore list

Thanks specifically to Klyeoh and Lau for helping me with my queries – really useful input from them both.

I’ve come up with the following food itinerary for my 3 day stay in Singapore. Not wuite the local hainanese influence I would like to have seen but that's because of my requirement for halal food I guess. Please feel free to comment and maybe even suggest an order in which I might tackle this eg is it better to go to Geylang Serai at night etc…

Thanks specifically to Kyleoh and Lau for their invaluable input.

Straits Kitchen - Any specific specialities I should be trying there?
Nasi Lemak at the Changi Village Food Centre near the airport at International Nasi Lemak
Nasi Pedang at Hajjah Mona at Geylang
Biryani – Bismillah, Islamic biryani on Arab St and Hamid’s biryani at Geylang. All three on the list but I’ll probably only manage to taste two of them
Prata at Jalan Kayu - Thasevi and Thohira are on the list (curried chicken and lamb meatball curry at Thasevi I hear). Also have noted Also Niqqi’s cheese prata shop in Clementi. Is there a prata champion I am missing?
Chicken Murtubak at Zamzam
Satay at or near Lau Pa Sat – I hear stall numbers 3 & 4 are good but not sure if halal
786 Azmi stall inside “Thye Chong Restaurant” at the junction of Serangoon Rd and Norris Road for mutton keema and chappati

If anyone else has any comments on this list or any feedback I'd love to hear from you

Aug 20, 2014
Idaud in China & Southeast Asia

Singapore top burger and dessert joints

Not sure if this specific topic has been covered before but apart from authentic street food eats which I've posted on separately for my upcoming Singapore trip, I'm also keen to try out the best burgers. Whilst I have a halal requirement and so any place I go to will have to either be certified or be a place where I can get the necessary assurances I suspect that many of you won't instinctively know whether a burger is halal or not. SO..right now I'd be grateful for your votes on the best burgers in town in your order of preference and leave me to sort out my own dietary requirements.

Also I am keen on desserts and by that I'm talking about western desserts rather than authentic local specialities. When it comes to my sweet tooth my tastes aren't really eclectic - I just want to satisfy my post meal craving for all conventional sweet things including pastry,chocolatey, nutty, lemony etc...I hear there is a growing choice for this in Singapore - again I would like your recommendations/top 3's. I'm staying in bugis near the mall but I don't mind travelling ...


Aug 14, 2014
Idaud in China & Southeast Asia

Singapore halal....

Thanks both for your comments - really useful start.

So to validate things a little further I'm a little surprised/disappointed that I might miss out on an authentic chicken rice dish because I hear so much about it and also because I don't think any of the ingredients/sauces/oils used to cook should be non halal meat source but you guys will know better. Similar story on the Oyster omelette.

- Straits kitchen is generally considered a good standard or have you pointed it out because it's halal? Let me know if there are specific items that are particularly good there that I should try

- I'm going to try and do my homework on the Katong Laksa and see if I can get something halal compliant even if not certified - can you name a couple of top places for Laksa in terms of taste rather than popularity

- At Geylang Serai - which halal stalls shouldn't I miss?

- Can you name a couple of the best if not in your opinion THE BEST places for Nasi Lemak (is the place I named at Changi Village particularly well regarded? For Nasi Pedang you mentioned Hajjah Maimunah so I'll stick with that).

- The biryani showdown - Islamic vs Hamid's @ Geylang(according ieatishootipost)vs Bismillah vs Taj. Have I got the taste test covered between those 4 and which one would your vote go to?

- Any htoughts on the best Prata or top 2/3 in your order of preference.

- Any murtubak better than zam zam?

- Is lau Pau Satworth a trip for me or worth factoring in?

Lastly I personally am not the biggest fan of South Indian food and also have ready to access to a decent pool of that in London - want to try new stuff (apart from biryani)...

Also I think I read somewhere about a peanut based dessert that's popular - not sure if it;s a chocolate based dish or pancake etc - does anyone know?

To put things in context, I'm going to be outting together a fod itinerary when I get sufficient comments back and plan to eat my way through Singapore accordingly and do some tourinst stuff in between. I look forward to more updates and thanks again.

Aug 14, 2014
Idaud in China & Southeast Asia

Singapore halal....

I'm sure tips for Singapore have been done to death here but my requirement that my Singapore odyssey be based on halal food might be a little more testing for some of you regular posters...

I have a 3 day stay coming up next week and was going to do a food tour except I haven't been able to find anyone suitable hence my plea to you all. These are the foods I want to try whilst in Singapore (most of which I have never tried before). I am keen for you all to point out though if it is simply not possible to replicate some of these dishes authentically as a halal version - I'd rather get an authentic taste than a compliant but sanitised version which is a waste of time. Given my short stay and the fact that I'll be hauling my family around Singapore based on food spots rather than actual things to see, I really do want to make sure that every bite packs a satisfactory punch. Here goes:

Where should I be headed for the best halal versions of the following dishes:

-Chicken rice (obviously)
-Oyster Omelette
-Nasi Lemak (I hear that international Nasi Lemak @ the Changi Village Food Centre is particularly good but correct me if not (also I don;t know if that's halal).
-Biryani (I keep hearing Bismillah but is that just because it's so famous or because it warrants it? Any word on Taj on South Bridge Rd as a possible contender?)
- Nasi Pedang. The following any good?

The following might be trickier for halal but I'm intrigued:

- Hokkien Mee
- Char Kway Teow
- Bak Chor Mee
- Beef Kway Teow

The following link details some halal food places but please let me know if there are any specific ones mentioned here that I really shouldn't miss:

Random tips and hints I've picked up which I would also be grateful if they could be validated are as follows:

- That I must try/shouldn't miss the chicken murtubak at Zamzam
- To try and get hold of the CEO's Hawker guide if possible
- That Geylang Serai market is great for halal food (which is fine but I'd like to know if it would be a worthwhile trip because it's good and not just because it is halal). Also is the Geylang Hawker Centre the same thing or do they just have similar names?
- That Tiong Bahru is a very good hawker centre (again not sure about halal vendors there or which specific hawkers within this place are good
)- To try Lau Pau Sat now that it has reopened and that satay stalls 3/4 of the old Satay street are worth trying.

Sorry - lots for you to read and digest here and I'm sure there will be repeat questions here but I'd be grateful for as much detail in responses as possible so that I can really plan my trip. If it's any help I'm about to book at the Intercon hotel in Bugis primarily because I hear it is well located...

Also worth noting that I will be visiting KL later in this trip and that I hear it trumps Singapore for authenticity. I plan to post separately in relation to KL but let me know if that impacts what food I should try in Singapore in any way.

Thanks all in advance....

Aug 12, 2014
Idaud in China & Southeast Asia

Bombay food itinerary - please critique

Calling on MumbaiCentral, Osho, Skinnylizard et al - need your help/suggestions/advice on eating in Mumbai between Wednesday and Saturday this week. I've posted a separate topic - any chance you could respond?

Nov 12, 2012
Idaud in India & South Asia

Mumbai emergency!

Title a little dramatic but my trip to India has been a last minute affair and so far I've been making do in Delhi, Agra, Jaipur etc. There's no way I want to miss out on all the amazing eats that Mumbai is bound to possess and somI am turning to you all here formsome (hopefully) last minute advice.

Ordinarily I would ask for the bestnjointsnfor the following foods:

Best burger (sorry if a little insensitive seeing as this is the India board)
Best sandwiches (toasted and other - I hear Mumbai is a must try for these)
Best pizza
Best kebabs (London hasnsome great seek kebab joints but there's no way that they are the best in the world - surely Mumbai can deliver on this? Delhi disappointed a little on this - I ate at Karim's but the highlight there was the Karahi Ghosht rather then e kebabs)
Best Karahi Ghosht (or similar curries which need to be accompanied by great roti/naan piping hot and buttery

To this list I would add anything that you can suggest that I should simply not miss out on whilst in Mumbai. I have taken note of the fairly recent posting of the Bombay foodnitinerary and what look like excellent suggestions there. I am also reading the Mumbai Boss blog for some info but don't know-how reliable they are on food. I would add that I am the biggest fan of cheap eats and street food because to me they exemplify e best of food. I'll be staying in Colaba at the Taj so if I want expensive, watered down bland food there's probably plenty of it right there.

Oh and to make my lack of preparedness worse, I arrivemin Mumbai late tomorrow night and leave on Saturday 17 November so not much time.

I will be planning my Mumbai itinerary around food rather than sightseeing priorities so please, look forward to any help/posts that you can all provide.

Nov 12, 2012
Idaud in India & South Asia