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Bug: Chrome unable to reply to discussions

using incognito browser clicking reply sends me to

This reply posted via firefox :-(

Nov 13, 2012
TwinHerder in Site Talk

Bug: Chrome unable to reply to discussions

When using google chrome I am unable to use the reply or reply to original post. The browser autoscrolls to the base of the page, but no reply dialogue or other javascript AJAXy stuff happens. It works as I would expect in IE and Firefox.

Chrome Version 23.0.1271.64 m
no javascript blocking is enabled

Nov 13, 2012
TwinHerder in Site Talk

Knife suitable for Children

I stumbled on this looking for a real chefs knife that has a reasonably sized blade and handle that is comfortable in their grip. My twin 5 year olds have hit the point where their cutting, though inelegant, is helpful, and they do not worry me. They are not interested in learning how to dice the last inch, they just set them aside because that is "daddies work."
This all started with them being interested in everything I do, so I quickly had to teach them all the "parts that bite." While playing with their toy kitchen (16mo - 30mo) I would treat their knives as if they were sharp, and their stove as if it was hot, they were all ready watching me in the kitchen. When a plastic knife was doing the job, we used those, butter knife, sure, steak knife as they proved able, yep. We have hit the point where a duller knife requires to much force, and thus is too dangerous.
I plan on teaching them better technique across the next year, so tools that are sized properly would be ideal. I have also ordered cut resistant xs gloves. Just like with the power tools we will cover what the safety equipment can and can't do, and as always we will continue to talk about the dangers and severity. Carrots make for great circular saw demos!

As with all parenting, don't feel the need to extend or restrict yourself based on the parents around you. You know your skills, tolerance, and most of all your kids.

Nov 11, 2012
TwinHerder in Cookware