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Biryani Park - Sri Lankan in Malden

Me and my partner took Chow's suggestion. Went to biryani park for dinner with my parents.The first thing we noticed was the very homely decor.

I am vegan. I had one of the best meal ever. Not only yummy and flavorful, but fresh and not oily!! The Veg Thali (Sri Lankan Rice and Curry) was excellent. Also, their juice selection is pretty fantastic. Papaya drink was yummy.

My parents were visiting from Malaysia. They loved the lumrise, vegetarian kottu rotti, rava dosa, gobi manchurian, samosa chat, sri lankan rice flake porridge and the hot black ginger tea.

We look forward to attend the deewali festival banquet dinner on November 12th/13th with my friends. I was told there will be plenty of food including many vegan dishes to try on...

This is definitely a restaurant to book mark.

Nov 09, 2012
raveen in Greater Boston Area