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Grass-fed meat source

Oh, and no, they are NOT hippies... I'm just trying to impose my values on them through a wedding gift :)

Grass-fed meat source

I'm not a troll, I'm a hippie! :) Thanks so much for your help.

Grass-fed meat source

My nephew and niece live in Fort Worth. They were recently married and I'd like to give them some money to spend at a great butcher shop near where they live. By a "great" butcher shop I mean an actual butcher who can talk to them about the meat, preferably locally owned, and carrying meat with a bunch of hippie adjectives attached. The adjectives I'm specifically thinking of ideally include but may not be limited to: organic; local; grass-fed; humanely raised; sustainably raised; small family farm.

I'm from out of state and I don't know the area at all. They are living 5 miles from TCU on S. Hulen Street. I'm pretty sure they have a car.

So does anyone know of a great butcher shop near them?