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Chowdown @ Brother Seafood 10-22-13 [San Francisco-Irving & 19th]

About 16 of us met up at Brothers on 19th & Irving for lunch today. We took over two tables & I was at the smaller table.

Off the Dim Sum menu:

(S-04) Steamed Chicken Feet w/Black Bean Sauce
-This was a nice, fresh rendition of classic paws, good texture-cooked nicely. No claws.
(S-10) Deep Fried Meat Turnover
(S-12) Crispy Taro Turnover

(M-01) Stuffed Green Peppers
(M-02) Stuffed Eggplant
(M-03) Shrimp with Parley Dumpling
(M-04) Shrimp with Spinach Dumpling
(M-05) Chiu-Chow Style Dumpling
(M-06) Bamboo Shoot with Oyster Sauce Roll

(L-01) Har Gow
(L-04) Vegetarian Crepe Roll
(L-10) Fried Shrimp Dumpling

(X-07) Beef Shank with Five Spices
(X-09) Sweet Rice
(X-15) Fried Stuffed Jalapenos w/Salt & Pepper
- This was by far the most delicious dish on the table. Almost a Maldon salt texture on top with more bright green, sauteed, jalapenos and green onion on top. Stuffed with shrimp paste and barely fried, no breading. I'd have ordered two of these, had I known their magic.
(X-16) Satay Squids with Pork Rind
- Sounds great, right? Yawn. So bland and the textures were too close between the squids & rind.
(X-21) Tofu Skin Ginko with Pea Tendrils
- Mmm-mmm. This dish was delicate and cleanly prepared. Every taste was unique but it all worked nicely together. Ginko nuts and whole garlic cloves! I got the leftovers on this. Whoop.
(X-24) Pumpkin with Salted Egg York

Not on the Dim Sum menu
Lobster Lo Mein
- Lobster was well prepared. Too much noodle, not enough taste. Really bland.

Would I go back? Maybe. I didn't try everything. I wouldn't bother with the dumplings, rolls or noodles on a next visit, average at best.

Shai Lai Chowdown Report - Sept. 17th, 2013 [San Francisco]


Shai Lai Chowdown Report - Sept. 17th, 2013 [San Francisco]

Shai Lai is in the old Mayflower resto on Geary @ 27th with the
"Chinese-ified" facade, across from the coming soon Grocery Outlet(yay!).

There are four menus. One is the big dinner menu, one is a small specials dinner menu, one is a Jook/Noodle menu and lastly the Dim Sum menu that you tick off for yourself. No carts.

Starting from the cheap side of the dim sum menu. we had:
Black Mushroom Shumai
Taro Bun
Baked BBQ Pork Turnover
Deep Fried Taro Dumpling
Shanghai Dumpling
Bean Curd Skin Roll
Har Gao
Bitter Melon Chicken Noodle Roll
Baked Durian Turnover
Steamed Beef Tripe
Pan Fried Duck Chin w/MAGIC Sauce
BBQ Pork
Roast Duck
Fried Pumpkin w/Salt Egg Yolk
Shrimp Stuffed Eggplant

Off the Jook/Noodle Menu
Fried Oyster Pancake
Mixed Mushroom Noodle

I didn't love anything. My highlights were the noodles which were those fun, rolled-up, stir fried type with lots of varieties of mushrooms, almost roast beef like slices, green beans & green onion.

I also, surprisingly, liked the Taro Bun-Im not a huge Taro fan but this was delicate and sweet almost with a vanilla hint.

The Tripe was good too. I wish it would have had more green onion/chili heat.

BBQ pork was nice. The fat was really yummy on it.

Durian turnover was pretty tasty too. i wish I had eaten it last.

The rest was forgettable, if not criminal. Oyster Pancake was dry & gross, Shanghai Dumplings were mushy & I got the no-soup-dud-dumpling. The Fried Pumpkin had no yolk flavor and was super greasy. I couldn't even eat a small piece, it was a sad waste of food.

Walking through the resto, to feed the meter, I noticed a lot of lobster dishes, both noodles & stir fries. I'd do a lobster dish next time.

At the end it was $16.50pp for a table of nine. The consensus at the table seemed to be that Shai Lai Seafood is more of a dinner place and not for dim sum.

Van BC Hound planning return siege on Pdx in March

Where did you go? I'm heading up Tuesday for a much needed visit! O

Mar 19, 2013
mmerino in Metro Portland

Foie Gras countdown...

Don't do Ame's Foie Ramen! its not good. Save your money for some better foie dish somewhere else.

Foie Gras countdown...

Damn. bad ass.

Foie Gras Ramen at Ame Restaurant in San Francisco

I would rank the Ame lower.
Friday night's (6/15) Foie Ramen is a joke. I fished the foie out of the dishwater they were trying to pass off as 'broth." Just a waste of foie. The broth had zero depth of flavor ( hokkiado or not) and didn't play to any of the foies strengths. The dumpling was ok. Dumpling skin was a bit flabby for my taste but the filling was ok. We had some other forgettable appetizer that I want to say was scallop and shrimp in some "crudo" preparation. Just a yawn. I told the server that the Ramen was bland and she brought chives and Shichimi Togarashi. haha. They apologized but weren't particularly interested in making it right. I cant remember if they comped us anything. Either way I wont make the mistake of coming back.

24$ seems high v.taste of the bowl. I cant fault the foie but for a few errant veins, that I dont mind. Hard to fault foie-Easy to fault the vehicle...broth

Im doing fifth floor next weds.

Worth the Hunt: Raw Sea Scallops with Roe

In Cornwall you only get scallops with roe. YAY. Amazing that almost no chefs are using the roe in CA. I see roe sacks in Japanese restaurants, on occasion, but not like you see in Southern England.

May 05, 2012
mmerino in Features

Funniest frozen turkey memories

heheheh-my mom and I do a a sort of macabre turkey hustle dance and then pull the neck out for additional gross value. John Waters Style.

Mar 28, 2012
mmerino in General Topics

Slow Food's $5 challenge - Why exactly is this pissing people off?

Thats Joni Mitchell. Not Baez.

Dec 17, 2011
mmerino in Food Media & News

Cooking Papa (Foster City)

I can attest to the tastiness of the Peking Duck. Just had it yesterday and I cant remember loving this dish as much as I did at FC CP. The buns were lovely not too super sweet, the duck skin itself was perfect crunchy fatty goodness. The BBQ pork was nice too, good color, fat content to meat, tender.

One dish was a bit of a letdown because it seemed soggy, Ong Choy with Black bean sauce.

The dried string beans were a hit too. I like them with the dried shrimp v. pork bits.

I want to try a bunch more on the menu. Definitely worth a few trips to investigate all the goodies.

Unique to Sacramento/only in Sacramento Dinner?

hahaha! awesome!

Sep 01, 2011
mmerino in California

Unique to Sacramento/only in Sacramento Dinner?

That pretty much sounds like lots of Bay Area Viet I can easily get. Thanks for the reply.

Aug 31, 2011
mmerino in California

Unique to Sacramento/only in Sacramento Dinner?


Aug 31, 2011
mmerino in California

Unique to Sacramento/only in Sacramento Dinner?

Thanks-maybe I can do Squeeze inn and Jimbos on a junk food chowdown.

451 Herndon Ave, Clovis, CA 93612

Aug 31, 2011
mmerino in California

Unique to Sacramento/only in Sacramento Dinner?

I'm really for great food as well as Sacramentoiness.

Aug 31, 2011
mmerino in California

Unique to Sacramento/only in Sacramento Dinner?

Thanks-I saw the Squeeze Inns menu. Looks fun!

Squeeze Inn
5301 Power Inn Rd., Sacramento, CA 95820

Aug 31, 2011
mmerino in California

Unique to Sacramento/only in Sacramento Dinner?

Thanks for thinking on it at all...

Aug 25, 2011
mmerino in California

Unique to Sacramento/only in Sacramento Dinner?

that sounds pretty fun :)

Aug 25, 2011
mmerino in California

looking for hip cafe for morning coffee in Oakland
commonwealth opens at 9. very oaklandish.

Unique to Sacramento/only in Sacramento Dinner?

Looking for a dinner that is special because you can only find it in Sacramanto. What do you have?
Any type of place as long as its tasty.

Ethnic Strip Mall to High End Dining. All will work but I really want it to be totally Sacramanto. Coming from SF have spent some time in Folsom but never had a meal in Sacramento.

Aug 24, 2011
mmerino in California

New Resto Potrero

Walked by after having not been in this area(Connecticut & 20th) for a few months and saw what looks sorta like it might be a wine bar under construction/prepping.

Any info out there?

uses for sriracha??

Add to mayo and use it as a dip for fries or in place of regular mayo on a steak sandwich.mmm.

Aug 16, 2011
mmerino in Home Cooking


I think Magic also has Takoyaki...if you need to satisfy that fried fever.

Bangkok and Siem Riep Recommendations, Please

I just left BKK-wish I'd have gotten here. Darn!

Bangkok and Siem Riep Recommendations, Please

I know this is late but two restos I liked in Siam Reap-Khmer Family on Pub and a whole calf place on Highschool. See:

Angkor Grill review (Alameda)

I just got back from Cambodia and the food was delicious and not at all bland. I never saw condiments on a table while eating in Cambodia. In fact it was difficult to get condiments, for the plain things like rice and eggs, and much easier to stumble through the Khmer with "hul"-not sure how to spell it- but I was taught thats how to get spicy!
First two images are from a whole veal resto in Siam Reap on Highschool St and second is excellent brushed garlic oil fresh rolls from Khmer Family on Pub Street. Note the fresh Chilis-Hul Hul!! Happy Happy.

Izakaya/stick meat like Kingyo or Zakkushi Charcoal Grill, like in Vancouver?

I just got back from a phenomenal eating weekend in Vancouver. On top were Zakkush
(Robata, 1.95, CA a stick) and, higher end, Kingyo (Uni Biminbap 9.95 CA & at table stone Kobe! $21 CA for like 15 nice pieces


Where are the closest to this, here in the Bay? I can't think of one place like either of these places here.

2G Japanese Brasserie in San Francisco

I guess were going to have to try it and report back since no-one has chimed in yet :)

Bay Area Banh Mi Google Map

I walked past a tiny spot near Potrero by the hospital. Uni's Deli. They have a sign in the window for Banh Mi.
1200 Vermont Street
Mixed comments on yelp.

Does anyone know a place close to Dogpatch for a fix?