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Georgetown Bakery in St. John's Newfoundland

Anyone had a chance to check this place out? Apparently, the baker/owner hails from Brittany, France. Any reviews or comments would be greatly appreciated.

Jan 28, 2009
doughboy77 in Atlantic Canada

New Handmade Food Shop/Market in Guelph?

Ouderkirk & Taylor is located at
3 Wyndham Street in the heart of downtown Guelph. It's located two doors north of the Cornerstone between Carden and McDonnell. New cheeses arrive weekly. Breads now include baguettes, pain rustique (similar to Ciabatta), 100-mile Red Fife Whole Wheat, Walnut, Cheese (type of cheese varies), Black Olive, and Foccacia.

Breads now feature a french-style "high-extraction" organic flour from Meunrie Milanaise, a flour mill located near Montreal.

They also do a lunch counter Mon-Fri, 11am - 2 pm that features sandwich with roasted veggies, cheese on in-house bread.

New Handmade Food Shop/Market in Guelph?

Thanks for the info foodieexpat... So what's the name? What varieties of bread are they making? Any pastry? Hopefully they are busy enough during the busy holiday period to carry them through the crawl of January and February.
Some of the best bread in S. Ontario? That's high praise! How does it match up to With the Grain? I'm assuming there is no comparison. Personally, I find the breads and sweets at WTG to be bland and uninspired. Any thoughts?

Bonjour Brioche - insanity!

I can't imagine why anyone craves their baguettes, I haven't been to BB for two or three years since I now no longer live in the city. For the record, I can bake superior baguettes in my home oven. Why put up with lousy service!

New Handmade Food Shop/Market in Guelph?

I've heard rumours of a new handmade food shop in downtown Guelph (3 Wyndham Street) beside the Cornerstone Cafe. It is either already opened or is still under wraps. Haven't made the trip into town to check it out yet. Curious to know if anyone else can verify this rumour or has checked it out.