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Mother/Daughter long weekend food and fun

I also recommend going to How To Cook a Wolf - great food.

I agree with the suggestion to stroll Ballard instead of Queen Anne. I live in Queen Anne and I always go to Ballard for shopping. There are lots of cute little boutiques. On Sundays there is a great farmers market in Ballard til 3pm.

I recommend Fremont for shopping and eating - especially on Sunday. You can go to the Fremont Sunday Market, which is a little flea market on the street, and there are lots of good restaurants in that area. Plus, if you make a reservation, I highly recommend touring Theo Chocolate Factory. It's about $5 and you can eat as many samples as you wish. If you don't end up taking the tour, you can eat lots of samples in the lobby. As far as restaurants, Revel is very good and Paseo is amazing Cuban sandwiches.

If you want to stay downtown, Le Pichet is a good breakfast spot for something Frenchy.

I haven't been yet, but a newish place in Belltown/downtown that has caught my eye is Local 360 I went in for coffee and the brunch menu sounds yummy. Cool atmosphere too. Anyone tried this place yet?

Le Pichet
Seattle, WA, Seattle, WA

Jan 24, 2011
burritobelle in Greater Seattle

Revel opens tonight

I went to Revel last week and LOVED it. It's the best meal I've had in Seattle for a long time. We had the long bean salad with shrimp, the short rib dumplings and the rice bowl with seared tuna, escarole and fennel kimchee. The food tasted super fresh, interesting and flavorful without being showy and the portion sizes were good. I also thought the service was excellent and was excited to see Vino Verde on the wine list. I can't wait to go back and try the ramen at brunch.

Jan 24, 2011
burritobelle in Greater Seattle

Vegetarian/Vegan in Seattle

Both of the meals I've had at Cafe Flora were completely disappointing. I would never go back and can't see what any of the fuss is about. The menu descriptions sound amazing, but the actual food was insanely under seasoned and most of the vegetable severely undercooked. I also find the decor to be outdated and the servers were snarky and snobby on both occasions. Never again.

I have been really curious about Sutra as well.

Hillside Quickie has great sandwiches and I enjoy breakfast at Silence Heart Nest. It's not the *best*, but I can go there with my veggie friends and have a tasty brunch. I like the atmosphere too.

Cafe Flora
2901 E Madison St, Seattle, WA 98112

Silence Heart Nest
3508 Fremont Pl N, Seattle, WA 98103

Oct 09, 2010
burritobelle in Greater Seattle

Seattle for Japanese visitor

I agree with dagrassroots. You really can't generalize. Also, I'm a Seattle girl currently living in Japan, and most locals I hang out with eat their fair share of sweets and fried foods. It's just Japanese style. Tempura and daifuku etc...

Anyway, I think you should definitely take him to Lunchbox Lab. I love taking visitors there. It's so unique. Skillet would be cool too. There's not much more American than an airstream trailer. What about BBQ? That's pretty damn American.

I would also skip Crush but recommend How To Cook A Wolf, on upper Queen Anne, for a great New American meal.

Has he been to the states a bunch of times? I think a foreigner who loves food might just like to browse Whole Foods for the novelty of it.

Sep 27, 2010
burritobelle in Greater Seattle

Good ice cream sundae in Seattle?

It sounds like you are looking for a good old fashioned sundae, but in case you want a more fancy shmancy creative option Molly Moons does an interesting sundae. It's homemade chocolate ice cream with bergamot infused olive oil, sea salt and fresh whipped cream.

Aug 22, 2010
burritobelle in Greater Seattle

Kagawa Prefecture Noodle Museum - Still Open??

I'm planning a trip to Shikoku during Obon and in my Googling came across a mention of "Kagawa Prefecture Noodle Museum." But I can't find much about it, except for an expired link. Does anyone know if this place is still in existence? I wanna go! Details would be appreciated!

Also - I would love to take a cooking class in Shikoku if anyone knows of any. Or learn to make udon. Not sure of all my stops yet, so info about a cooking/udon class anywhere on the island is welcome.

Jun 26, 2010
burritobelle in Japan

How to eat at Folklife? (--- no car)

I happen to think Roti is a great Indian place, if not my favorite in the city. Tup Tim Thai, on the other hand, was so bad the last time I was there (service and food) that I will never return.

I will also support the Signature for Happy Hour. They have a late night happy hour and everything is sooo cheap. Off the regular menu, they have decent pho. Not the best in the city, but good.

I will 2nd sandwiches at Met Market - they are really good if you want something to takeout into the sunshine.

If you want to climb the big Queen Anne hill for a meal, that will widen your finer dining options.

May 26, 2010
burritobelle in Greater Seattle

Teach me to cook in Tokyo?

Cooking classes in Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto:

May 17, 2010
burritobelle in Japan

Picnic Spots?

It's an obvious spot, but I really never tire of Greenlake. Also, there's a little park in Magnolia, on the left if you follow the curve for about 5 minutes after you get off over the bridge, is really lovely too. Really great view, never too crowded, swing set.

May 17, 2010
burritobelle in Greater Seattle

Jack's Tapas to close

Aw, this is sad. But I think the hand shaven noodles at 7 Stars Pepper are much much tastier.

May 17, 2010
burritobelle in Greater Seattle

What do you eat at home?

I also do a mix of both.

I make onigiri pretty much every day, so there's always a little Japanese food mixed into my daily menu. When I cook Japanese, it's usually home style dishes that I never knew about until moving to Japan. Dishes like oyakodon (chicken and egg over rice), nimono, yakiudon and nabe are so easy to prepare, can be made in big batches so I can have leftovers for lunch at work, and the ingredients are usually already in my fridge.

I don't have an oven, so that eliminates a lot of western food that I liked to make in The States. I desperately miss Mexican food, so I have experimented with tortilla making and sometimes whip up fajitas or burritos. I make homemade marinara sauce about twice a month, sometimes with meatballs using panko as breadcrumbs.

Sometimes I have rice and pickles for breakfast and sometimes I have yogurt, granola and a banana. It just depends on my mood.

Apr 19, 2010
burritobelle in Japan

twentyish kids on a budget driving to seattel

Yeah, pho is cheap and plentiful in Seattle. I happen to like Pho Cycle in Capitol Hill. There is lots of cheap Thai scattered around the city, my favorite being Kwanjai Thai in Fremont. You can get good pizza slices at Hot Mommas in Capitol Hill.

Kwanjai Thai
469 N 36th St Ste A, Seattle, WA 98103

Mar 28, 2010
burritobelle in Greater Seattle

Going to Nara this weekend: recommendations!

Thought I'd report back, in case anyone else wants future Nara food advice. First off, Falafel Garden is awesome. I tried both the falafel and the chicken shwarma (we went twice), both smeared with a side of hummus. Really really tasty. They do to-go so we grabbed some take out for the train ride home.

I used this website and found some great places:

Nara has a really great cafe culture, which is something I really miss living in Japan. We went to Third Place Cafe, which is completely adorable and you will want to hang out there reading magazines and chatting with friends. They have truly tasty, large, cake-like, fresh baked all day, muffins. I tried the matcha with black beans and a black sesame - both were great. My friend liked her raspberry muffin. They also had one with honey coated walnuts that looked delicious.

Went to Floresta for organic doughnuts. Got one to eat on the spot and one to go for the next morning. I don't recommend the to-go option. The next morning my early grey doughnut was insanely greasy and left a film in my mouth. Yuck. The one I ate fresh was good.

Cafe Wakakusa is also very cute and bright and lovely. We just had drinks, but they have crepes and pasta bowls. My green tea latte was tasty and my friend was raving over her hot chocolate.

So, just a few recommendations if you want a little break from Japanese food. I did also get some good okinomiyaki and ate plenty of conbenie onigiri and mochi sweets, so I didn't abandon Japanese food completely.

Mar 28, 2010
burritobelle in Japan

Deli sandwich in Seattle?

I Heart New York Deli is awesome. You cant leave without trying the matzo ball soup. I also love Baguette Box (although I don't understand the popularity of the Drunken Chicken sandwich - all the pork sandwiches are wayyyy better in my opinion).

There are good sandwiches at Louisa's on Eastlake. Not exactly deli style but they make their own (super soft and delicious) bread and the sandwiches are very tasty and pretty big.

Baguette Box
1203 Pine St, Seattle, WA 98101

Mar 19, 2010
burritobelle in Greater Seattle

Former Seattle Resident Makes Her Return - One Week Only!

Definitely check out Marination Mobile and Skillet. The food is great, but it's also an experience.

Mar 19, 2010
burritobelle in Greater Seattle

Going to Nara this weekend: recommendations!

Actually, Falafel Garden is the one place I'm definitely planning to go to! Yeah, I went to El Pancho in Osaka a few weeks back. Pretty good for Japanese Mexican. Thanks for the tips.

Mar 18, 2010
burritobelle in Japan

Going to Nara this weekend: recommendations!

I am so surprised how little came up when I searched Nara!

Can anyone recommend some inexpensive restaurants in Nara? It doesn't have to be cheap, but just nothing super fancy please.

I will be traveling with a vegetarian who doesn't eat fish (I know, I know) so places with veggie options, or completely vegetarian restaurants, are extra appreciated.

Also, I've been living in Japan for 6 months, and my friend for 3 years, so we are totally up for finding good foreign restaurants of any kind. I can get excellent seafood and traditional Japanese food here in Kanazawa, but there is very little foreign food. I'm having some pretty strong cravings! Anything from Indian to Greek, and especially good Mexican, would be appreciated!


Mar 18, 2010
burritobelle in Japan

2 week foodie trip to Japan in April (Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, and Fukuoka)

I am a food lover who has been living in Japan for the past 6 months & here is my 2 cents:

I would skip Nagoya completely. It's just not that exciting a city. There isn't really much interesting sightseeing and you can get great food in other cities. Seriously, you'll never miss it. I would advise you to go to Yokohama instead, and it's only about an hour outside Tokyo. I loved the city: excellent modern art museum, beautiful harbor and there is lots of good food: namely ramen. You can also visit the Ramen Museum while you are here: Yokohama is also famous for it's Chinatown, which is far more touristy than practical (it's not like Chinatown in SF/NYC) which means lots of restaurants and souvenir shops. I liked it nonetheless.

When you're in Osaka and if you like kitchy foodie tourism then definitely visit the Instant Ramen Museum - it's awesome.

In Kyoto, I recommend you take a cooking class. I did this one and it was great: She speaks fluent English and in it's in her home. Also make sure and visit Nishiki Market. Really amazing food market. Stop at the oyster stand for sure.

I do agree with the advice to spread your trip out a little. 3 days in Osaka and 4 in Kyoto is a bit long. I would recommend exploring the Fukuoka area a little more. Or you might want to take a side trip out of Tokyo to Nikko or Kamakura. They will give you a bit of nature after all that city.

Mar 18, 2010
burritobelle in Japan

Looking for fun, un-stuffy, Italian style Trattoria in SEA

I'm surprised no one has mentioned Serafina in Eastlake. It might be a tad pricier than you want, but I don't find it to be stuffy in any form. I love the food here, and the atmosphere is almost better. It's loud, the staff is amazing and on Saturday nights they usually have live music. I've never had a bad meal here.

I also like Bizarro for a more laid back, quirky atmosphere. Simple, but not Spaghetti Factory in any form, Italian food.

Feb 09, 2010
burritobelle in Greater Seattle

good indian in Seattle?

I really like Roti in Queen Anne for solid, delicious Indian food - no fusion though. I was also underwhelmed by Vij's. It was fine - but I actually prefer the food I've had at Roti. Maybe I prefer a more homestyle Indian meal.

Jan 04, 2010
burritobelle in Greater Seattle

Seeking perfect burger joint combo in Seattle

I love Lunchbox Lab for their burgers and milkshakes - but I agree the fries are just OK. I have never had a veggie burger there, but my friend really likes their bean burger. I'm not sure if it was a special of the day or on the regular menu. The burgers are unreal: best toppings and amazing meat. I recommend the dork burger: a hybrid duck & pork patty. I love the fries at the Mecca, btw.

Jan 04, 2010
burritobelle in Greater Seattle

Oyster Events

I've gone to the Elliott's Oyster New Year a couple times - and it's pretty great. Local oysters as far as the eye can see, freshly shucked, and you'll eat until you hate oysters. Wine and beer are flowing - and the only thing that isn't great is some of the hot foods. Some is good, some is just OK. Admittedly, I have never paid to go - I have gotten comp tickets, so it's hard to say if its worth the price tag. The atmosphere is a little cold, but if you're going to gorge on all-you-can-eat oysters - worth it!

Seattle delicacies

I have to agree with the oyster/crab recommendation. Elliott's Oyster House, on the waterfront, has an awesome oyster happy hour every day. I think its from 3-6p. Oysters start off super cheap, like 25/50cents?, and go up a quarter every half hour.

If you don't have much Vietnamese food where you live, Seattle is packed with Pho joints. It is a tasty meal on a cold, Seattle day. I like Pho Cyclo in Capitol Hill, but there are a million places to pick from.

Oct 01, 2009
burritobelle in Greater Seattle

Best Thai in Seattle

Kwanjai has been my absolute favorite for the 4 years I've been in Seattle. The food is fresh, comes out in literally a few minutes, and the chef noodle dish is addicting. I have out fo town guests who request Kwanjai on each visit.

I only went once, but I really liked Kritika in Greenlake.

I don't see the point in paying Racha prices. It's just ok food, and Thai should be cheap. May has tasty food, but I have this hang up about Thai food being inexpensive.

Tup Tim Thai has gone WAY down hill. I went a few weeks ago and will never go back. The food was borderline gross, and the service was obnoxious. The waiter constantly interrupted our obvious engaged conversation to make juvenile jokes - not even to ask about the food. He also made fun of a friend's food allergy. I am a gregarious jokey person & I coulda killed this guy!

Aug 12, 2009
burritobelle in Greater Seattle

Light Rail!

Jasmine has some super cheap lunch specials - and the food is tasty and the portions are big. I liked it!

Relatively new must-try SEA

I say steer clear of Zayda Buddy's: I found the food to be pretty disgusting. But I am not a fan of frozen tater tots atop gray beef, covered in a stiff layer of Velveeta.

I also love How to Cook a Wolf and have you tried Tavolata in Belltown? I haven't tried it yet, but my food loving friends are raving about Spur.

Seattle Breakfast

I think Seattle breakfast spots are mediocre and dull - Portland brunch is where its at.

But I will say that Geraldine's Counter is a good spot! One of the very few I actually get a little excited about.

Romantic Seattle/Eastside 25th Anniversary Dinner???

It's not nearly as fancy as Canlis and Herbfarm, but I always like to recommend Stumbling Goat in Greenwood for a romantic dinner. The food is great, and a lot of it local, and the atmosphere is very intimate and romantic. I love it there.

Help me impress my husband with Seattle...

Any of Ethan Stowell's restaurants: How to Cook a Wolf, Union and I tasted a bit at Anchovy and Olive and it was great too.

Take him to Paseo for a drippy, delicious, cuban sammich.

I havent been - but people are freaking out about Spur.

Molasses Substitute?

My friend made it and it is really tasty:

Apr 02, 2009
burritobelle in Home Cooking