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tough pot roast - overcooked or not cooked long enough?

Thanks all! Your advice was extremely helpful as I now am more comfy in knowing the difference between overcooked and barely cooked. And more importantly, I was still able to salvage the roast!

Nov 06, 2012
l2cook in Home Cooking

tough pot roast - overcooked or not cooked long enough?

so i cooked a roast in a slow cooker (along with pearl onions, red bliss potatoes, and baby carrots) under low heat for close to 10 hours. when i checked on it later, the roast was tough. how can i tell if this was a result of overcooking versus not cooking the roast long enough?

the only reason i'm thinking i may not have cooked it long enough was because the vegetables themselves were not necessarily soft even after 10 hours. i'm thinking, was this particular slow cooker at low temperature setting cooking even lower than it should be?

at this point, i don't know what to do. do i just set the slow cooker at high setting and cook the roast for a couple hours more? or did i already overcook the roast so that there's nothing i can do at this point?

your recommendations appreciated!

Nov 05, 2012
l2cook in Home Cooking