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Le Creuset enamel never cleans! PLEASE HELP!

I wasn't sure if the satin enamel needed seasoning, must just be for matte enamel- thanks for confirming.

On Le Creuset's website in Care Info for Cast Iron it says:
'Black enamel cooking surfaces will, over time, produce a patina (a brownish film). Do not attempt to clean this off...'

Could this be patina? I've had the pan for 3 years.

Nov 06, 2012
palski in Cookware

Le Creuset enamel never cleans! PLEASE HELP!

I can't get my enamelled layer clean on my Le Creuset frying pan!

I searched so many articles about seasoning and cleaning that I'm unsure if my pan actually has just got layers of seasoning (in patches) or if it is in fact just burnt reside from food.

I thought it was supposed to be a smooth surface each time you cook and not rough and bumpy. I believe the rough surface makes it harder to cook which makes more food stick to it. I don't want to scrub it too hard though or the enamel will be ruined right?

For reference this is Le Creuset pan:

Nov 05, 2012
palski in Cookware