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Salad ideas for the Fourth of July

This is my very favorite slaw recipe for summer.

So good and a little spicy; very easy too.

Jun 29, 2014
jimbo1126 in Home Cooking

Gin: Bombay Sapphire, Tanqueray and Beefeater?

I'm a relatively new gin drinker and I do like Hendrick's quite a bit. The cucumber notes are very refreshing. Bombay Sapphire also is excellent.

I'll add that I recently tried Bulldog and it had just slightly more flavor than tap water. Not great at all.

Jun 29, 2014
jimbo1126 in Spirits

Trader Joe's YAY/MEH/NAY - June 2014 [OLD]

There is no better bacon for sale anywhere!

Jun 21, 2014
jimbo1126 in Chains

Looking to buy a pepper mill . [moved from Home Cooking]

I've never found a good one. So now I just put the corns in a ziploc and hammer them a la Nigella.

May 30, 2014
jimbo1126 in Cookware

Outback downhill slide?

I finally used a gift card I got two Christmases ago today at a Houston Outback. I haven't been in many years but today's meal was awful. The NY Strip was cooked to the requested medium rare, but the meat itself was of no better quality than what I can get at Kroger on sale for $2.99 a pound. And it was tough.

The garlic mashed potatoes were instant, watery, and had no discernible garlic flavor. The wedge salad was largely inedible core, and the blue cheese dressing had little cheese and was SWEET. I mean sweeter than coleslaw dressing!

Service was fine and my Blue Moon was ice cold, but I'm glad the gift card covered most of the cost of this misadventure.

May 18, 2014
jimbo1126 in Chains

What cookbooks have you bought recently, or are you lusting after? [Through April 30, 2014]

A few years old but I just bought My Bread by Jim Lahey on a twitter recommendation from Alex Guarnaschelli. Like the idea of no-knead bread but it takes two days!

Apr 02, 2014
jimbo1126 in Home Cooking

Your Top 5 Trader Joe's Products? - 2014

My top five in no particular order:

- Hollandaise Sauce in the tub
- Mushroom & Truffle Flatbread
- Frozen Leeks
- Grass fed burgers (NZ)
- Pomegranate Blueberry Sherbet

Mar 26, 2014
jimbo1126 in Chains

What cookbooks have you bought recently, or are you lusting after? April 2013 edition [old]

I don't always buy cookbooks to cook from. I enjoy the stories and the photography, and I'm fine with that. My recent purchases:

I found a publisher closeout copy of At Elizabeth David's Table which I can't wait to read through.

I LOVE Yvette Van Boven's Home Made and will surely buy her summer and winter followups as soon as budget allows.

The Lee Bros. Charleston Kitchen - again, the stories are phenomenal.

Tyler Florence's Fresh. The recipes are too advanced for me but there are a lot of sauces, sides, etc, within those recipes that sound quite good.

From My Beverly Hills Kitchen by Alex Hitz. He kind of hits you over the head with stories of his (extremely) privileged life but his recipes are absolutely solid.

Apr 13, 2013
jimbo1126 in Home Cooking