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Bakeries and sweets in Cairo

Husband and I will be in Cairo next week. Can anyone recommend great pastry/sweets shops in downtown, Old Cairo, or Islamic Cairo? Looking only for Egyptian sweets, nothing European as I live in London. Would also be helpful to know what interesting things I should be looking for? Am happy to take a car further out for something amazing....thank you!

Aug 06, 2014
EAH923 in Middle East & Africa

Fabulous foraged food in St Albans

I recently went on a short day trip to St Albans in Hertfordshire, about 30 mins from Central London via train. Had lunch in a great pub which sources all ingredients locally and forages for their herbs and some fruits and veg. Interesting cocktails and ales too. A great place to eat if you are in the area. The mixed grill of wild game was particularly memorable...

The Foragers at The Verulam Arms
41 Lower Dagnall Street
St Albans

Jun 16, 2014
EAH923 in U.K./Ireland

Where to eat on a Sunday in Gothenburg (Göteborg)?

My husband and I are visiting Gothenburg for a Saturday and Sunday in late June. Our Saturday plan is to graze in the Feskekerkan and Saluhallen, then eat lunch at Strömmingsluckan (the food truck famous for fried herrings) and then dinner at Restaurang Familjen. But it seems most restaurants are closed on Sundays...any insider tips on where to eat lunch and dinner? We eat absolutely everything and would prefer seafood given the area. Preference is for lower end given how high prices are in Sweden but willing to splurge if necessary. We are also very in to beer...perhaps one of the beer bars serves good food? All insights welcome!

Jun 05, 2014
EAH923 in Europe

Peloponnese in December

I thought I'd report back in case anyone decides to head out to the Peloponnese. We had such large breakfasts at our hotels each day that we skipped lunch- this has never happened to us before while traveling and speaks to how fabulous the breakfasts were!

In Nafplio:
Dinner the first night at Arapakos, a fish taverna on the waterfront. Mediocre Greek salad (tomatoes not in season and the salad was quite heavy on them) but very good fresh whole fish and squid. Inexpensive compared with seafood prices at home in London but a bit overpriced in our opinion, likely due to fab real estate on the sea. Good views, nice service.

Dinner the second night in Nafplio was at Alaloum- this was great, a very traditional taverna. We had the fish again even though meat seemed to be the main draw there, but it was the special of the day, and the waiter brought it out to us to looked too good to pass up. We were right! Cooked in a very hot oven so it came to us with salty charred skin, very fresh.

In Mystras: actually, we stayed in a tiny village just north of Mystras called Pikoulianika. Our hotel recommended a restaurant just up the road called Chromata. This was the highlight of our meals in Greece. More a restaurant than taverna. We opted to have all appetizers and skip the main- this was a great idea. Stand out items were the sizzling pork and tomatoes on pita, the Mani sausage, and the orange smoked pork. Really good rose wine too. Dessert was an orange and philo pastry concoction served with frozen greek yogurt, also to die for. Highly recommend, a great chance to try some local specialties. Must have reservations as it is tiny and very popular.

One final note is that restaurants in Greece, in our experience, seem to treat you to either a free after dinner drink or a small dessert, sometimes both. What a lovely and welcoming gesture!

Dec 30, 2013
EAH923 in Europe

Peloponnese in December

We are heading to Nafplio and Mystras this December. Does anyone have recommendations for meals in these two cities, or their general areas? We will have a car and are willing to drive up to an hour for a great meal or glass of wine (any tips for wineries also welcome!). We eat absolutely everything, though the meatier, the better. I've heard some reports of fabulous roast pork in the area....

Nov 17, 2013
EAH923 in Europe


The Dogs was great value for a very flavorful and hearty lunch. Oink also great value! Bow Bar, Cafe Royal, Brew Dog and Guilford Arms for interesting beer and ale selections. We had lunch at 21212; while the food was inventive and beautifully flavored/plated, we thought the portions were minuscule and needed a snack afterwards. Our favorite meal was at L'Escargot Bleu.

Nov 05, 2012
EAH923 in U.K./Ireland