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liquore di/al latte (milk liquor)

You are probably not around any longer, but found this recipe and wanted you to know I made this liquor every year for about 10 years...have not made it in about 15 years. The recipe I use is the strongest of Everclear, and it sets for about 14 days. The trick is getting the filtering process done fairly quickly. Fairly quickly is anywhere from 1 to 2 weeks. The BEST part of the recipe which you do not mention is the collateral benefit. The orange (rather than lemon) pieces may be picked out with a toothpick and served as tasty morsels in between sips of the liquor. ALSO, the paste produced as a result of the filtering process can be used to ice a chocolate cake or brownies. Be careful, the brandy (that is what I call it) will knock you on your butt if you "taste" too much of it at one time. It is potent.
I have experimented with addition of Vanilla Extract..really is good...and Almond Extract...so so. My batch planned for this coming Christmas will be made with the LEMONS!!

Nov 04, 2012
KristmasKid in Spirits