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Kind of a strange question given the city you're asking about. Jerusalem is absolutely full of kosher restaurants. Most cafes are dairy and kosher and serve fish.

Three nights at a zimmer in Had Nes, southern Golan, Israel - will we starve at dinner?

We just came back from that area. There is a very decent place in Moshav Ramot, not far from where you'll be.
Also, if you travel to the northern Golan you should check out the very quirky but yummy restaurant called the Witch and the Milkman. I think this is the place in Nimrod you mentioned. We went for a late lunch directly after hiking nearby in the morning. I wouldn't recommend driving there in the dark anyway, the roads in that area are dark, windy and steep.
Check out Hula Agamon, amazing birding at this time of year. We saw hundreds of heron and egrets and storks and even a few bright blue kingfishers.