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Top 3 Meals of 2008?

1. Chef tasting with wine pairings at Clio
2. Steak Fretes at 51 Lincoln in Newton
3. Roasted chicken as part of neighborhood menu at Craigge ($38 three course)

Jan 23, 2009
robang in Greater Boston Area

Green Street, Hungry Mother or Central Kitchen?

I would take Central Kitchen over Green Street hands-down. While the menu has fewer items, the execution and consistency at Central Kitchen are superior. Also, I really enjoy the music. It gives the place a much cooler vibe. Either way, you will not have a bad meal at either. I think Craigie is great, but much more expensive.

Jan 14, 2009
robang in Greater Boston Area

Best Burger in town for a NY Hound

Central Kitchen, in Central Square (on Mass. Ave) Cambridge, recently started serving lunch and added a burger that is great and available for both lunch and dinner.

Jan 13, 2009
robang in Greater Boston Area