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Where to have our corporate holiday party?

I've been to parties at the big Museum of Fine Arts Restaurant, quite wonderful, and I was recently informed about a Brazilian all you can eat buffet at the Westin near Copley place. If I remember correctly the Westin is between $30 and $60/plate.

What about the Colonial Inn in Concord?

Old Time Chinese Restaurant Sweet

I regret I have a small piece of news. Jin Mi, which was on Walnut Street in Newtonville closed in the spring of 2012. There are Asian markets on Moody street and near Main street in Waltham.
A big loss.

newbie. In search of... Vachon pastries for a dear friend's birthday present.

Hi, I here am new. (Yes, I'm also a Star Trek fan.)

I got intrigued by this board because it came up in the list of hits that I got when I was trying to find grocery stores that [hopefully] brought Canadian products to the united states.

I saw these two threads:

And I'm wondering if anyone knows of a store/place/website within the US, and maybe even within the Boston area that would carry these items.


Ah, Caramel:

Jos Louis.

I've found some Canadian sites that will ship to the US but the shipping is crazy, and international.
I guess I can't dodge that, but, if someone sees it in a store, could they please let me know where and how much?

I'd be willing to pay shipping from a gourmet shop in another part of the US.

Thanks so much in advance.