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Making Montreal Smoked Meat at Home

Your recipe was fantastic! It tasted great! There were 2 things I did that I will fix next time though.

1. Because of space considerations in my fridge, I didn't weigh down the brisket with a 12 pack of beer. The result was, I think, that the cure didn't make it all the way down in the meat. A little spot of the meat was missing that nice red colour. I'll know better next time.

2. I think I cooked it too long. I took it out of the smoker at an internal temperature of 190F. I was intending to take it out at 180F but it got away on me. The result was that the meat was a little too crumbly, but still a great taste.

I'm in Ottawa, but I was born and raised in Montreal. No relation to BigGreenMatt, but I'm sure he's a nice guy.

As for my setup, I'm using a charcoal Vision Grill S Series from Canadian Tire ( I'm really enjoying it. For steaming, I used a turkey pan on the stove with a wire rack on some tin foil balls with water in the bottom and the lid snugly on top. Worked great!

Thanks for the great recipe. You rock!

Making Montreal Smoked Meat at Home

Mr. Porker,

Much respect - you are the only one I could find that had a recipe for MSM. Very much appreciated. I'm in the process of making MSM for the first time with your recipe.

Do you have internal meat temperature readings during the cooking? Instead of smoking for 3-4 hours, then 5 hours wrapped, then steaming for 3 hours; I was hoping to use internal temperature as a gauge instead of time.

Also, what do you think about cooking at 225F instead of 250F?

Any info would be appreciated.