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Critique My List (Researched)

Hi Everyone!

This is a bit overdue but I wanted to make sure the experience completely settled in.

Here are my reviews:

Toro Bravo - Wow! Mind blown. The winning dishes were the squid ink pasta and chantrelle toast.

Ox (for a light dinner) - Okay light dinner was impossible but overall a great meal for any meat lover. Skirt Steak was pretty amazing and I would order this again in a heart beat.

Le Pigeon (dinner) - I loved sitting at the counter to watch food being prepared. My favorite dish was the Gnocci. I could eat this all day and the next.

Screen Door (brunch) - I had read that the Fried Chicken and waffles were huge but it was HUGE. It was actually more than enough food for 2 people. Overall it was good but the massive portions make it hard to enjoy every bite. BTW, the sausage gravy is insane especially when combined with the chicken. Word to the wise. Its a heavy meal so don't plan on eating anything else for a few hours.

Country Cat (brunch) - This is fried chicken I can fall in love with. In this case I wish the portions were larger but every bite was delicious. We also ordered a side of bacon. Now I've had my share of bacon but this was unworldly. We got a thick pieces of bacon that belonged on a barbizon runway.

Salt & Straw (snack) - It was okay but I think I was still full from previous meals to really savor the flavors of my salted caramel ice cream.

Cacao (snack) - That coco tasting was no joke. I can't even say I was drinking it because it was so thick and super rich. Its like trying to drink straight melted chocolate.

Stumptown - Loved the lattes. The one in the ACE hotel is a cool spot just to relax and unwind.

Nong's - Went on a whim. Ended up going back for a 2nd lunch within the same hour. I think beauty of the meal is its simplicity and oh yeah the sauce. I wish I had a Nong's where I worked.

There were so many more restaurants I wanted to check out but unfortunately due to time and stomach space I was unable to fully indulge myself. That just means a return visit very soon.

Thank you Portland!

Dec 12, 2012
bc_dude in Metro Portland

Critique My List (Researched)

I'm totally excited for my trip. Thanks again for all the feedback and tips. Ill be sure to post my trip report here.

Nov 01, 2012
bc_dude in Metro Portland

Critique My List (Researched)

Thanks so much!!!

Oct 31, 2012
bc_dude in Metro Portland

Critique My List (Researched)

Thanks for the tips! Will Country Cat have a long wait as well?

Oct 31, 2012
bc_dude in Metro Portland

Critique My List (Researched)

Hello there!

Ill be visiting Portland from LA for just a few days. I've narrowed down the list of places i'd like to try:

Toro Bravo (dinner)
Ox (for a light dinner)
Le Pigeon (dinner)
Screen Door (brunch)
Pine State Biscuits (brunch)
Tasty and Sons (brunch)
Andina (lunch)
Sugar Cube (snack)
Salt & Straw (snack)
Cacao (snack)
Spella (coffee)
Coureir (coffee)

Anyone see any glaring omissions? I didn't include any asian/mexican fare since we've got pretty good coverage in LA. I wanted to also include Country Cat but I couldn't fit it into the list. Should I include it and knock someone else of the list?

Also any tips on visiting any of these restaurants?

Thanks in advance!

Oct 31, 2012
bc_dude in Metro Portland